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    S&C tonight (done) and I finally got to Inazuma in Genshin

    So I redid my finances and I did make a few changes (quite a few). I now have my essentials: keeps, gym & car as well as travel & personal.

    Now in the plan I had locked personal but I might switch to "play by ear" and "lock" travel because I really want to travel (so far I have only Japan in mind) but I might take whatever is left over from the Japan trip and start getting serious about my adventurer idea with kit like a 🎒, boots and clothing for the outdoors as well as bag meals and the like.

    We are planning to got to Japan for new year 2026 so I aiming for £7k as I will also need a passport also.

    Another project dad and I are working on is "self sufficiency" basically growing at least 15% of the food we'd usually buy.


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      Aw yeah, it begins
      Thanks for telling me about this lofivelcro I had a look at the TOC and it looks really interesting.
      Also I subscribed to TA Outdoors on YouTube and followed him on Instagram. The I followed an account called "survival.life.skills" (I think that's right) and got some cracking stuff of their page THEN a page called "survival... "something or other" requested to follow me.

      In fitness news
      Today, tomorrow and Sunday are rest days and I plan to do a fuqk ton of grinding on Genshin to reach as far into Inazuma before September 1 when V2.1 comes out.


        Interesting format the book has nowadays. Hope it will help you, the language is kind of weird sometimes (or maybe it's because I'm not a native speaker), but there's a lot of useful stuff in there.
        And good luck to you and your dad with the self sufficiency, that's something I've been dreaming of for a long time, too, but never started. So far, I've been too busy with prepping. Let me know how hit goes.


          lofivelcro you're a prepper? Not blasting, I actually originally developed my interest in survival from a TV series called "doomsday preppers" back in the day and eventually Bear Grylls and Ed Stafford (Ed Stafford is a legend).


            I wouldn't really call myself a prepper, but at one point I just started accumulating lots of stuff for a SHTF scenario. I have the basement full of food that lasts years, if not decades, lots of ammo stashed away, petrol, necessities for everyday life when all else fails, etc etc. I probably could last a few months, but it didn't happen out of a serious effort. It just sort of... happened.
            Is Ed Stafford the guy who trekked through the wilderness all by himself, setting up the camera himself and all? I think I watched a few episodes when I still had a TV, but I'm not sure if I remember the right one.
            Thinking about buying a few goats for that self-sufficiency, by the way.


              lofivelcro yeah Ed Stafford trekked the amazon by himself, survived alone on a tropical island for 2 months with nothing (not on TV anymore), did a series where he tests his own skills against other expert survivalist (military and civilian) and I personally enjoyed where his whole family spent a month on a tropical island.

              I don't own a gun (I live in Northern Ireland so they're heavily controlled) and wouldn't want to either tbh. There's a saying, I can't remember where I heard it but it goes "a knife never runs out of bullets" so if I could, I'd get a sword.
              I personally wouldn't have the skill to own farm animals but good luck.
              I'm thinking that because I live 20 minutes from the coast, I might specialise in coastal survival but as an adventurer I'd be proficient in both inland and coastal survival.


                A good blade is a "must" but if you ask me you dont wanna go close quarters ever


                  Tomorrow is pay day 🙌

                  Got into work today and I was not in the mood, the only reason I made it was because I have stuff I want to keep doing like the gym and travelling.

                  Been reading my survival book, it's so interesting and informative. I'm looking into building a survival tin.


                    Originally posted by TheGrayLynx View Post
                    A good blade is a "must" but if you ask me you dont wanna go close quarters ever
                    Ooh, so much this. A gun always trumps a knife. If you ever get into a fight with someone who has a gun, don't draw your knife, try to de-escalate or run. And even if your enemy only has a knife himself, follow TheGrayLynx's advice. Running is always the better option.
                    Btw, no shame in not wanting to have a gun, if you don't have the need for it and don't like them, that's fine.

                    And I'm happy that you like the book. Rereading it at the moment, too. Have fun building the tin, I carry mine around with me still.


                      lofivelcro I'm actually non confrontation, I don't like violence (except the kind in my head where I'm whatever superhero I am into that month).

                      I'm probably going to just copy the tin in the book to start out and eventually I'll try making one that is adapted to my current location and usual travel spots (which are mostly coastal or close to the coast).

                      While my other reading option is on a break I'm reading the survival handbook (but only like 3 sections at a time) and this Sunday I'm sending away for the urban survival handbook.


                        That's cool, violence is only fun on paper, but not in real life. You got that right.


                          I'm so 😠 rn.
                          I just got paid with a £5 deduction for the second week in a row so I asked why, you'll never guess the response...
                          I take too long in the toilet and always go when it gets busy .
                          So at first I was half stunned half embarrassed but it slowly turned to annoyance and now I am really pissed. The bastard has the nerve when he knows nothing about me or why I take a bit longer.

                          I suppose I should explain the situation 🤔...

                          So him first: he's the owner and he does the least amount of work in the place. As a cadet I was brought up with the mottos "lead by example" "lead from the front" and "the commander should work as hard if not harder than the grunts" but he is lazy as fuck.

                          Me: I get stage freight, even at home and also I urinate longer than anyone in my family (apparently), my brother has referred to me as a camel because it just keeps going but I drink a lot as well.

                          So I'm giving him 3 weeks and if he deducts me in those 3 weeks I'm quiting, I was walked over all through school, I will not be walked over as an adult.


                            It's Monday but it's a Bank Holiday so no gym tonight.
                            I also opted to not buy the urban survival handbook because I am saving for travelling, that reminds me I was going to do one of those road maps they made us do in school, the "where do you want to be in X years" as a means of keeping focused on why I am working and to not blow all my money on books.

                            No other exercise today, just going to sit and read my SAS Survival handbook for a hour and then watch Edens Zero on Netflix with my brother


                              Originally posted by Aether View Post
                              So I'm giving him 3 weeks and if he deducts me in those 3 weeks I'm quiting, I was walked over all through school, I will not be walked over as an adult.
                              Good plan. Working in gastronomy can be tough (I remember right that you're working in gastronomy, right?), no need to have it even harder. If you're not absolutely dependent on the money, don't let them treat you like this. There's better places to be.


                                lofivelcro gastronomy means the food business right? Then yeah I'm a dish washer and I am dependent on the money but I value the quality of my life over the money. I haven't had a job since I was 16 (I'm 29), this is my 2nd job in 2021 (so I've had 3 total and 1 was not even a real job I was just used).
                                I spoke with my PT and he's agreed to teach me to do PT, he can't pay but that'll come, if there's one thing I have learned in my life, it's patience, I can have the patience of a Saint or the desire of a devil when I need it.