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    Boosting My Base Stats

    Starting a new tidy thread, as the other one was a bit of a mess of restarts, and me just not updating. Sometimes you just need a fresh slate, ya know?

    Munchie just turned 18 months old and we did a photoshoot in the same outfits as a year ago. While the change in her is drastic, there isn’t much of a change in me. In fact, if I hadn’t been taking my measurements I would have thought nothing had changed.

    I know slow and steady is the way to go, I’d just like to see a bit faster than glacier pace…

    In other news, I hit 50 Dares… didn’t do them daily, but I think that tracker is open to interpretation.

    Current Stats:

    Weight: 180 lbs (guessing as I haven’t had a weight check in over a year)

    Overbust: 39.75”
    Underbust: 35.5”
    Waist: 35”
    Hip Bone: 41”
    Full Hip: 46.75”
    Thigh: 27”
    Bicep: 13.5”

    Current Program:

    Daily Dare
    Monthly Challenge
    Arms of Steel
    Back and Core

    Various playing and walking with a 25 ish lb 18 month old.

    Diet Upgrades:

    I’m not really going on a diet, I’ve never been successful with them. The biggest thing I’m trying to do is have salad every day. Get some romaine and cabbage cut up so I can easily grab it, along with a bunch of cut up veggies in containers to take away the work of cutting it all up each time.

    Just trying to increase my veggies and eat things with more vitamins and good stuff like that.

    We would like to try for another child, so I want to make sure I’m healthy so that I don’t have the complications I did with Munchie.

    So here’s to boosting my stats for the next level of adventure!!
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    Hi! Strenght to you for your new journey, stay safe and have fun


      July 6, 2021

      Daily Dare with EC
      Arms of Steel Day 3
      Back and Core Day 3
      Monthly Challenge Day 6
      Last Life Workout of the Day


        July 7, 2021

        Daily Dare w EC
        Arms of Steel Day 4
        Monthly Challenge day 7
        Lower Back daily workout

        skipping Back and Core day 4 today, did the Lower Back workout instead and I’m beat.


          Toddlers take a lot out of you... While I have been maintaining an exercise schedule, logging it here takes a back burner.

          Mostly I've been doing Daily Dares, and I found some Ballet Barre classes on YouTube that I've been following. After a decade of not practicing, I forgot how hard it was just to stand in proper position. You don't do a lot of high intensity stuff with barre, but you sure do sweat a lot!

          The other day I had someone mention that it looked like I lost weight. Now I was wearing the dress I just made in my new avatar, and it's made to show off all the best parts of me, but I decided to check my 3 main measurements to see what was up.

          Full Bust: Was 42, Is 41.75
          Waist: Was 35, Is 34.5
          Full Hip: Was 46.75, Is 46.25

          Gold Stars all around

          And since I haven't weighed myself in over a year because I don't own a scale and haven't gone to any of the normal locations I go to that DOES have a scale, I have purchased one and should be receiving it any minute now! Looking forward to having an accurate weight as I have been saying I'm 180 lbs which was what my weight was 5 months post partum... and it's..... a 15 months later than that as Munchie hit 20 months yesterday!

          All progress is good progress... I didn't put on the weight overnight and I won't lose it overnight.... it just really is hard when friends are crash dieting and getting compliments, but I'm losing sustainably so that I can actually keep it off so it's not noticed as much... I'm trying very hard to keep positive, and use what I have as help... mainly my very active daughter who keeps me running, literally.


            Sustainability in food and exercise is king- you do things you can do forever and you reap the benfits all along the way! Any journey of lifestyle change is long term, so be grateful of every bit of progerss- you have achieved it, you deserve it So keep crushing it, you are doing great!


              Thank you!




                  I currently have all 5 survivors for Pathfinder and we have shelter... apparently today I need to get water, which requires a 20 minute walk, so I know what I'm doing on my lunch

                  Forgot to say that I'm also doing the monthly squat challenge... buns of steel here I come!


                    Exercise of the day and monthly challenge squats done.

                    In the world of pathfinder I have happily watered all my survivors. Can’t wait to see what trials await tomorrow. They will ALL survive… so help me!!!


                      Got my tribe across the mountains and was a nice person and cleared the fallen rocks.

                      Got my squat challenge and daily dare done too.


                        Continued saving my Pathfinder tribe, got my squats challenge done.

                        Attempted the exercise of the day but couldn’t even really get myself into a safe enough feeling side plank to even try the crunch… so we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

                        I did spend a good portion of the day chasing and lifting my daughter around our new backyard playground so I’m sure that counts for something.


                          It definitely counts for something!


                            All my tribes people still survive and I was gracious enough to allow the two tagalongs who pretended to pull a gun on me. I fell a day behind so I still have to get photos of locations to hopefully get the settlement people moving. Got my squats done today too.

                            Also... my jeans don't fit my waist and I need to invest in a belt.

                            Also, can I say, cleaning up a toddler's mess in her playroom feels like a full Darebee workout in itself.