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    Sif_Shepard I've heard of Twitch before, but I'm not sure if streams are the right kind of media, although it sounds fun. What I'm currently trying to do is listening without having somethign to look at and I don't know how interesting gaming streams are without visuals. Simple, conversational audio seems like the best method atm, although I still struggle a lot. Thank you for the suggestion, I'll keep it in mind
    And I was surprised to see that four years ago we had a longer stretch of >40°C temperatures. I actually thought it is more unusual to have these ups and downs. I thought I remembered long and hot summers in my childhood, but I could be wrong.

    Today I only did Combat HIIT Day 17 and another part of the mobility routine.

    I've been unusually lethargic and unmotivated today. No idea why, but I hope tomorrow will be better.

    Good thing: Might sound weird, but I diced an extremely good onion today for dinner. I think it's very satisfying if onions are firm, taste great, and are easy to cut.


      Combat HIIT Day 18 and Chest and Back Light. My shoulder belt/girdle (?) is quite tight today and I felt off because of that. But still, stuff got done.

      Finished "A Spell for Chameleon", the first Xanth novel last night. Good and entertaining read, a bit lewd at times, but appreciated. Sadly, the ending was a bit rushed. Took me 26 days, according to Storygraph. Not decided what to read next.

      Good thing: Reading Danish is coming along nicely.


        Ah yes, the Xanth novels. Fun reads. If you like that genre check out Raymond E. Feist's Magician series. Great characters and world building.


          Goodness, A Spell for Chameleon. Ages since I've read that - or any Piers Anthony for that matter. Quite enjoyed it. Perhaps I was a bit young (and innocent) when I read it - it was lewd?


            Lady Celerity thanks for the recommendation, I'll have a look. At the moment, I'm reading mostly fantasy and now and then something completely different without, choosing something on a whim that's not too long. I'd like to read more books set in Xanth, but so far, every series I've started I stopped after the first and wandered off. I still want to continue the Phule's Company books because I liked the first book a lot. As for the Magician series, is the first book this one here: ?

            TopNotch I thought it was a bit lewd. The way he described the naked upper body of Cherie the Centaur, or the behind of Wynne... Anthony doesn't really shy away from that. Maybe "lewd" isn't really the right word, but I couldn't find an accurate translation of what I really had in mind. Ribald? No, probably not. Raunchy isn't the right word, either. I don't know. Maybe lewd, after all.

            Despite scratching the 40°C mark again today, I also had an itch for movement I had to scratch. Combat HIIT Day 19 and 20 was done. And sometimes I just like to do a couple of days of the easy programs, just for the fun of it, so I also did Vitality 1 - 5 in a row. The rest was spent being outside.

            In the heat, only Fitz the Dachshund really wants to tun outside. Hime mostly lazes around in the basement and only goes out at night. Now and then I can convince her to trudge to the lake. Not today, though.

            We also had a long session of cleaning the house.

            Good thing: Everything's nice and tidy again. I wouldn't call it sparkly clean, but it certainly feels good to pick up a cable or whatever without a mass of dust and hairs, mostly hairs, clinging to it.

            Have a nice weekend, everyone.


              lofivelcro yes, that's the first book.


                Lady Celerity thanks for confirming, now the book goes on the list

                Combat HIIT Day 21 and 22, did the Daily Dare (2 mins tree pose) and... that's it.

                And with that, I'll conclude today's report, because it was a very boring day, otherwise. Not bad, just boring.

                Good thing: Life's good


                  Good thing: Life's good


                    Sif_Shepard it's a precious thing, to realise that. Hope you are doing well, too. I've started reading a novel yesterday tagged "urban fantasy" that got my interest because of what you're writing. So far, it's very entertaining and had me laughing a lot.

                    Combat HIIT Day 23 today. That's it.

                    Trying to get around LibreCAD, but it's a bit complex and probably will take some time to figure it out. Listening practice still going strong, mostly due to my own stubbornness, after the first motivation did already leave me. Dialled it down to 15 minutes a day, because I was struggling too much with focus. Small steps, I suppose.

                    Good thing: My shoulders are fine again.


                      Very true. I'm doing alright, I'll update my post soon but it's been an intense couple days.
                      That's so cool, what book are you reading? I'm always looking for new recs...


                        Sif_Shepard I'm reading Three Mages and a Margarita and I'm already halfway through. Got this recommended on a forum and I'm not very discriminating towards novels or genres at the moment so I'm basically reading everything that vaguely sounds interesting. Well, the spin-off series was recommended because it has a male protagonist while this one has a female one, but I thought it would be better to start with the main series. I like it so far.

                        Combat HIIT Day 24 today and some running, followed by a swim.

                        Good thing: We also had rain today and seized the opportunity to have a long walk until we were completely drenched. Perfect.


                          Oh I like it, the description sounds really good. Reminds me a little of the Sookie Stackhouse/trueblood books mixed with the Dresden Files, both of which I liked a lot so I'll definitely put it on my list!


                            Sif_Shepard I'm almost done with the book, will probably finish it tonight. It's fast-paced and entertaining. But also kind of girly, I think, the way it's describing how most characters dress, how hot and athletic the guys are, and just the overall feeling. Not that I mind, but I wonder if that's common for Urban Fantasy. From what I've gathered, the genre seems to attract authoresses a lot and to have a good amount of sexual interactions. I'm almost inclined to start the second book after this. Not sure yet.

                            Combat HIIT Day 25, 26 and 27 done today. I want to get it over with. While it's different for me, I'm not wholly convinced of the whole combat and HIIT thing.

                            The temperatures dropped to 20°C today. That's almost halved. Hime seems confused but approving. She already moves a lot more

                            Good thing: Someone brought us tomatoes today. I love tomates. I've already ate a bunch of them with salt and there are still a lot left.


                              Lol I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but the opposite is certainly applicable to male authored books with male protagonists. I find it refreshing that there are so many women writing in popular fantasy nowadays.

                              I’m so jealous of your temperature today! Ours is dropping too but its so humid it doesn’t make much of a difference.

                              Wife is picking up bakery bread and tomatoes, I love them too especially this time of year!


                                Oh, the thought of home-grown (and therefore tasty) tomatoes and salt... Reminds me, need to get some seeds started!