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    scramJam thanks, I had no idea this existed!


      Today was the Super Strength workout and the Core Conditioning workout. Reminded me that I don't like Core training a lot. Also spent a lot of time on the stepper, trying to read The Stars my Destination. Didn't click three chapters in, so I switched over to Master and Commander. Did a couple of very slow sets of one chin-up over the course of the day.

      Great day otherwise. Tried a light coconut milk wobble with self-made coconut milk. Maybe it was a bit too much on the lighter side. Have to experiment more with that.
      Felt the need for something new, so dipped my toes into the Danish language a bit.

      Good thing: Had an amazing sense of achievement in the shop today. Fantastic day. I'm very satisfied.


        Jeg også lærer det danske sprog.


          TopNotch I'm only two days in with 40 words under my belt, but at least I understood you If I'll stick with it, maybe I'll actually try to learn constructing sentences on my own. How are you going about it?

          I did some exercise. Not all that much, but I did something. More like, I forgot about it most of the day.

          As I did with almost everything. It's late in the evening, and I've done close to nothing until now aside from playing bass and going through a Danish lesson. It's something. Otherwise, extremely lazy Sunday. Eh, I made cherry jelly. Really jelly this time, with the remaining fluid from a glass of cherries. Was a bit too firm for my tastes, but still good.

          Good thing: Well, if nothing exciting is happening, that also means nothing bad happens. I call that a win.


            lofivelcro I just use Duolingo. I still feel very much at beginner level, and I wonder at some of the grammar sometimes. I keep meaning to ask my cousin but since I haven't contacted him in about 8 years, it's a bit awkward.


              TopNotch ah, the infamous Duolingo. Always gave up in frustration whenever I tried it. I like using Memrise for vocabulary, because it has native speakers. As for your cousin... I'd say just do it and contact him, but I'm in no position to give that advice. Maybe if I'll stick with it and am a bit more advanced, we can exchange some pointers about grammar. Any particular reasons for Danish?

              Workout was done today. The WotD, the stepper and back to The Stars My Destination and still not wholly convinced, and the bicycle.

              There also was the big surprise that my cousin was in a calisthenics club and can perform the Human Flag. I've seen videos and photos of it, but seeing it in reality and being able to touch the engaged muscles is a completely different experience. That level of control is incredible and very inspiring. He's thirteen years younger than me and I wonder if it would be possible for me to reach that level. Probably with a lot of dedication and discipline. Two things I currently lack. But, man, it would be nice...

              Good thing: Finished another puzzle today. This one was only 500 pieces. There are six others in the basement, still. Guess I'll bring up the one picturing Van Gogh's Starry Sky next. I think that's the title. Sitting on the floor around the puzzle now and then, trying out pieces and talking sure is nice.


                lofivelcro Min far.

                Jigsaws are wonderfully meditative when done alone, and when done with others can facilitate conversation because you don't have to look at anyone - just the puzzle.


                  TopNotch sounds like a good reason to learn Danish. Probably. And yes, puzzles are nice, when done in peace. And when you puzzle with someone who doesn't mind me staring at one piece for a couple of minutes before deciding that I don't want to use it at that moment after all

                  It was hellishly hot today. In the higher 30s. Didn't feel like doing anything, I was already sweating just by existing. So, swimming it was. And the stepper. Which only made me sweat more. Ah, well.

                  Good thing: Pancakes.


                    Got even hotter today. At least managed the WotD and was glad that today's chapter was on the shorter side. I feel like I used to deal better with the heat the last time it was so hot. Not getting younger, it seems.

                    Good thing: At least it's cooling down outside. So I will go there now.


                      Another hot day. There was the WotD, swimming, and another chapter on the stepper. That thing really helps me keeping my reading habit going. Life saver.

                      I've got a bit lazy over the past weeks when it comes to organised training. There's this vague notion in my head that tomorrow's the 1st of July. Maybe that would be a good day to start again... Not that this approach ever worked for me, but taking crapshots all the time might yield a hit once in a while, eh.

                      I talked to my cousin about this and how he found the discipline to build up to his physique and level of skill in calisthenics. Obviously, the answer seemed to be that it wasn't discipline, but fun, at least most of the time. And if I don't have fun exercising?

                      Took me a couple of minutes to think about my answer. No, most of the time, I don't have fun. There are a few days, workouts, or types of exercises, but most of the time I do it out of a sense of obligation towards myself. My workout-related goals are hazy at best. Not existing at worst. I'm content with the way I look. Especially compared to two years ago.

                      It was a similar conversation to the ones I had with my other half in that regard, although the results were slightly different. Never considered the fun aspect, tbh. That's weird. Because I usually don't do things I don't consider being fun or at least satisfying. Going from there, exercising is kind of special. But not in the good way.

                      I'll have to think more about this and see if I can work with that. Try another approach or something. We'll see.

                      Good thing: From tomorrow on, I'll have an apprentice and it seems like I've done all the paperwork and am prepared as much as I can be.


                        Fun is very important in any sort of training, in my view. If I'm not having fun, and I don't have to do it, then I'll simply not do it. Sure, I know that there are some thing that I have to do that are not fun, but I endeavour to incorporate some things that are fun to try to balance out the other. Sometimes I think too many of us see exercising as some sort of chore crossed with penance - punishment for having mistreated our bodies, or something to use to (quite literally) whip ourselves into shape. I find that the word "fun" crops up an awful lot on my thread. I have, over the last couple of years, learnt how to drop something that just isn't doing it for me; I tend not to do anything more than at level 1, because too many sets of the same thing is boring to me, not at all fun; I'll repeat something simply because I enjoyed it. I, though, also have goals. They change, refine, refocus from time to time, and this ensures that I don't get bored - and being bored is no fun!
                        I think that not having goals can provide the freedom to do whatever you enjoy, whatever is fun at that particular moment, but paradoxically, not having goals can be paralysing because you don't know where to go or what to do or why to do it and so you don't do much, or you just stick with a few things, not thinking about branching out.
                        Is there something you'd like to be able to do some day? Like a human flag, for example. Or a handstand push-up, or running 5k, or doing a kip up, or 50 burpees (though question - why??! )? If there is, then you could work towards achieving that goal, choosing the funnest way to get there.
                        Have fun with your apprentice - hope things work out well for you both.


                          TopNotch insightful post, as always. Thanks a lot for typing out all of that. I have a bit of an all-or-nothing mentality. And it often results in nothing. I guess I have to learn how to drop something that isn't doing it for me, too. Yeah, definitely. I'll add that valuable tidbit to my things to think about. Could be helpful.

                          At least, I started the 30 Days of Strength program today. It's still hot, but you have to start somewhere. I might add some challenges or whatever over the next couple of days/weeks. Try around a bit, see what sticks, try to be more relaxed about all of this.
                          Oh, and there was the stepper again, too. That has really become a habit.

                          The first day with having Jules as an apprentice was quiet and used to getting used to the situation and to show him how I work. Thankfully, I have my own old master at hand for all the questions that will pop up. We're going to have a long chat tomorrow over the internet.

                          Good thing: After closing the shop, we had a barbeque to celebrate Jules' first day. On the grill I made. Felt slightly proud.

                          Have a nice weekend, everyone.


                            Grill builder


                              Have you made a new account or...?


                                HellYeah thanks. It's not as fancy as bought grills with lids and all of that, but still nice. Feels good.

                                Mianevem ha ha, no, I still have my old account. I guess this happens sometimes, for whatever reason. At least I've seen one post accounts posting like that in other check-in threads or completely unrelated threads. No idea. I'll probably ask for it to be deleted, or moved.

                                Took me a bit of debating with myself, but I finally did 30 Days of Strength Day 2. Go me. The stepper had to rest for today, because my knee feels a bit odd. Isn't that bad, though, I get plenty of momevent in, anyway. For today, it was cycling.

                                And that van Gogh puzzle is killing me. Starry Night over the Rhone, it's called. Beautiful painting, but hell of a puzzle. In hour today, I only managed to place eight pieces. Eight!

                                Good thing: Halfway through with my Danish textbook.

                                Edit: Now I know why that weird post above seemed so familiar. It was something I've written myself last year. Very weird. Will flag and get it deleted.