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    Thanks for the recs, Sif_Shepard, HellYeah and Anek. Interesting that the ladies recommended a cardio program while the gentleman named a strength-focused one. I started Total Burn once and liked the change between easy and harder days, although it still seemed a bit on the easier side. Never looked at 30 Days of Strength. I'll think about it, right now I lean more towards strength, but Total Burn wasn't bad either...

    Anyways, today was a quiet day, got nothing done besides the stepper and finishing the Last Unicorn. Beautiful book, I think I have the soundtrack of the movie somewhere. Next on my list is The Stars My Destination. Probably.

    Unrelated: Found ourselves today with two confused and slightly anxious teenagers who have a hard time dealing with the current world. Their parents weren't exactly helpful in that regard, according to them. I was a bit irritated by the thoughts running through today's kids' heads. Aside from 9/11, I rarely took interest in current affairs at their age. But it was a different time back then, I think. So, we had to deal with the precarious question of what to tell two young people without killing the conversation outright. Technically, I have a lot to say, but none of that was suitable. We mostly stuck to general things, like developing principles and sticking to them, getting educated on both sides of an argument and looking for sources before coming to a conclusion, focusing on the community you live in and the people you care for, and not following the news too much. In general, imo, the really important news reach you one way or another. There also was some education on how the internet works, bots, algorithms and the like. Learnt a lot myself, too. All in all, I think we did well. Hopefully.

    Now we're looking at a week of temperatures above 30°C. And I thought the mid twenties already were hot.

    Good thing: Spend some time with the violin today. It is a beautiful instrument, after all.


      That'll be the day that HellYeah recommends a cardio programme! But I'd opt for a strength programme given you already do a fair bit of cardio what with your cycling and swimming.


        I have to admit, I do a fair amount of real life cardio these days, but an @home cardio programme? I am definitely not the one, anyone should ask for a recommendation!


          TopNotch I was thinking about 30 Days of Strength, too, especially considering the temperatures announced for next week Will probably do Total Burn after, so both recommendations will be heeded.

          With that being said, I only worked out with the dumbbells today and found the squats oddly hard. The stepper got abused for only 15 minutes. The rest was moving around outside.

          The jelly spree has begun anew. Today was coffee milk/amaretto jelly. Very good. I still call everything jelly. It's made with gelatine and I have no idea how to call it otherwise.

          Good thing: We have lots of clover and lots of bees in the garden.


            lol I feel you, normally my favorite workouts involve dumbbells but since you said you were already using those I figured you didn't want something strength-specific. Ironborn was my favorite for a long time, but I'm really excited for Ironheart and I think it looks even better. 30 Days of Strength has intrigued me in the past but I don't have a pull up bar nor do I really have a good place in my house for one so I haven't gotten to try it, but hopefully one day.

            For total burn, I recommend it as a person who normally either doesn't care for or actively doesn't like a lot of forms of cardio exercise. Take that for what you will


              Sif_Shepard someone who doesn't like cardio recommending a cardio program sounds like an excellent recommendation
              I think Ironborn is the best dumbbell program on Darebee, although I have a few gripes with it, but that's mostly me. I wasn't all too fond of Ironheart, but I still hope you'll enjoy it a lot.

              I wanted to get started on 30 Days of Strength, but the first day was leg day and that made me postpone it for now until tomorrow, or the day after. Instead, it was abusing the stepper again and reading Two Hearts, kind of a sequel to the Last Unicorn that was in the back of the book. And... I rode a lot today. My little trusty work buddy from last winter. The reason why I wasn't in the mood for leg day. But it was great. Never would have thought how much I would like sitting in the saddle.

              Good thing: Pony riding. Yep.


                Only the stepper today and finishing Two Hearts.

                Bit busy, because family issues.

                Good thing: I got to meet my cousin today.


                  Regarding your jelly making? It sorta sounds like what we would call “pudding.”


                    DorothyMH yeah, I know the milky jellies aren't technically jellies, but coming from my language(s) they aren't technically puddings either, because puddings are made with starch and not gelatine... eh. I always thought you lovely English speaking people call other things puddings, like bread and butter pudding. Or is that an exclusively British thing? Or liver and oyster pudding, still undecided if that's good food or not.
                    Maybe I should call them jelly pudding. Or just milk wobbles. But, yes, they're more like pudding than jelly, you're right. This will probably occupy me for the rest of the night.

                    Did the WotD today (Moxie), some proper Stepper and reading action, and tortured myself with the pull-up bar. Didn't manage more than four, but that at least three times with ample breaks between the sets. As in, two hour breaks.

                    I also walked a lot today, showing my cousin the lay of the land and went swimming. He's going to stay with us for some time now. Because you help family when they need it. Even if you've only known said family for a day.

                    Good thing: I saw a huge amount of bumblebees today while being outside. I absolutely love bumblebees. They're one of the best things in the world.


                      Hi, I couldn’t locate the subscribe button so I think I’m automatically subscribed by commenting on your thread. You replied something nice to me some months ago and you seem like a nice person.


                        If you marketed "Milk Wobbles", I think they would sell. Both the name and your description of what they are sound amazing!


                          glad to read you are doing well

                          milk wobbles lets go with that lol
                          Interesting and curious family stuff you must have going on, I hope everything goes well!
                          Awesome show of willpower not getting the pup you wanted! IDK if i couldve done the same me some doggies


                            Hekewika thanks for your nice words and glad to read that subscribing seemed to have worked for you somehow

                            Ninshubur then Milk Wobbles it is I should try and turn it up side down on a plate or something, for extra wobbliness. Until now, I just poured the mix into cups and ate it with a spoon.

                            Trbrat75 thanks for stopping by again, hope you're doing well, too. I'm still thinking of the little pup sometimes, she really was adorable, but it's better that way.

                            We got hit pretty hard by high temperatures today. Hime's heaving a hard time, so we were mostly at the lake after I closed shop. I took my bow with me and trained a bit with that. No organised workout. I need to get back into it.

                            And I need to get back into jelly making. Pardon, milk wobble making. Especially now, with the high temperatures.

                            Got a new old monitor today and the colours all feel wrong. This irks me to no end and I've been fiddling with the settings since I've started the computer. I'm a bit peculiar with colours. p

                            Good thing: My other half helped me in the shop today. That never happened. I'm still confused.


                              I can't get the colours right and it's driving me up the wall.

                              Still hot today. I wanted to do a random workout, but it seems the random workout button in the filter is gone? Shame. I chose God of War then. Was a good one, but I used weights for the Split Squats. No stepper today.

                              The days are a bit weird at the moment, with the heat and getting used to the presence of a third person in the house we don't really know. It's not uncomfortable or something, just a bit weird. I went into town to get some good beer for tonight. Nevertheless, I like my cousin. He's got a good head on his shoulders.

                              Good thing: We finished the puzzle today. Time to get another one out of the basement.

                              Have a nice week, everyone.


                                It's dangerous to go alone. Here, take this! :