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    Amazing! Great job on the completions!


      Montserrat yeah, Darebee is great to get started with fitness. I wish you a long, successful and fun journey working out. And the rest of your post resonates almost too well. I have a couple of things I like doing, but every now and then I get bored by them and want to try something new. That rarely happens and I return to my old pastimes. And the cycle continues

      Trbrat75 Thank you!

      Today's activities: DB PPL, yoga (Unwind) and the WotD (Arms of Steel)

      Aside from exercise, not much. I started reading again and work my way very slowly through Das Boot. I love how detailed it's written, the crude language of the seamen and the language used in general. But I can't read more than 10 pages or so before it gets a bit too much. At this rate, I'll take weeks to finish it. Well, better than nothing.

      Good thing: I visited Snufkin the little Terrier today. He's doing pretty well, still wears the collar I made for him. Also, had a lengthy exchange of insults with my friend's father and a glass of plum brandy afterwards. Good day.


        LMAO i love how a lengthy exchange of insults is a good thing
        So glad to read the pup is doing well!


          Trbrat75 insulting can actually be a lot of fun, if you're on the same page and on good terms. At least in my opinion

          Continued with my DB PPL today, and also did another Yoga workout (Insomnia Yoga). Pose 4 made me sweat a little. Didn't do much else, mostly was outside due to hot weather.

          I like how quiet and boring the days at the moment are, tbh.

          Good thing: I started playing Mahjong online. I have no idea what I'm doing despite having read the rules. But somehow, it's fun.


            I love playing mahjong! I haven't played it in a while tho


              I used to play mahjong, back in the 90’s. Was in a Sat night weekly group. Fun times


                Trbrat75 and DorothyMH I play Mahjong online, but only against AI players at the moment until I actually understand what's going on. Sometimes I win, and I have no idea why

                Lazy day today, only did Yoga (Self-Care) and the WotD (Dragon Reborn). I felt oddly exhausted and tired so skipped the weights.

                It also gets uncomfortably warm inside the house. As soon as I can, I go outside and stay there as long as I can. I dread the summer months, tbh. I don't have problems in the heat, but I don't like it.

                Good thing: Went fishing today


                  And another day of DB PPL and Yoga (Glow). Skipped the WotD, did nothing else.

                  I feel a bit weird today, with a slight tremor in my body when I hold still. Probably has something to do with the weather, I guess. We all aren't getting younger.

                  Also, I can't help but think moving the Hive to the bottom of the page into the list, where nobody really looks, and putting a donate button in its old place feels kind of sneaky. It doesn't sit well with me, because it gives the impression that change was made to shock people clicking there,making them think that Darebee's in dire need of money and if you don't donate the Hive will be gone for good. Not very well implemented, imo. Or maybe that's just me.

                  Good thing: Another round of me making Gnocchi from scratch. This time with sauce!


                    No dumbbells today, but the WotD (Friday) with extra weights for the squats and calf raises, and that's it. Spend most of the day outside, so I still got plenty of action in.

                    And now for a slow night with some noodling around. I forgo the guitars in favour of the bass these days. Feel a bit more at home on the thicker strings.

                    Good thing: Had a nice chat about fishing today.


                      Today was Dumbbells and the WotD (Eye of the Tiger).

                      Spent the day teaching Vina some basic carpentry, as far as I was able to. Mostly because she's unsure what to do after school and asked me to make a small bed stand with her. Something simple, without drawers. I wouldn't say she's a natural, but she seems to understand quickly. Was fun.

                      Good thing: I got a huge jar of homemade Sauerkraut as a gift.


                        I worked out today and got everything done.

                        Tbh, I feel a bit stupid logging everything I do every day. I track it already in my notebook, and I guess it's not so terribly exciting to other people that I have to go into details here. I also don't really feel like typing them out holds me accountable or something. Either I do everything, or not, in which case only I am to blame. Or maybe it's because my logging process lacks structure. I might log again for real should I start a program or such.

                        Good thing: Had a weird streak today and managed to do three full pull-ups in a row. Next goal: five.


                          You are free to put or not put anything you want to, here, since it’s your thread. If you’re not seeing it as helpful, then don’t do it. We will read or not read, as anything is posted.
                          Good job with the pull-ups!


                            Nice job on the pull ups. I like reading your posts, regardless of what you put in them, btw.


                              Yes, I enjoy reading everything, you have a knack for writing, so just write whatever you like


                                I echo the others, I always enjoy reading your log! You seem to lead such an interesting and fun life, it's nice to read.