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    A crochet bee sounds lovely! I hope you enjoy it!


      Thanks, Anek! Haven't started yet, maybe on the weekend.

      I was a bit lazy today and only did the WotD (Superhero in Training).

      I have to revisit my fitness goals and maybe learn how to set them and plan out my way to reach them. Actually, I have to do that with a lot of things. Guitar playing, for example. While I have fun playing around, it seems like I don't get any where and have no real idea how to practise. At one point, I don't want to hide behind a couple of effect chains any more
      My pick guard isn't even shipped out yet...

      Good thing: Getting the crochet set and thinking about my father I looked around for the gloves he knit for me when I still a kid. Found them, they're beautiful, they still fit, benefits of not growing any more after age 14. It's the small things.


        Why is it raining all the time when I want to go out and build something? I like the rain, but it's been a week now and I'm getting bonkers over here. If the rain won't let up in the next two days, I'll go out and dig over the garden again or something.

        On the exercise side of things, I'm spinning my wheels with laziness and indecision and only did the WotD (Supernova) today. Somehow, Fireheart doesn't seem to appeal to me atm.

        And speaking about indecision, I haven't found a book in days I read for more than a few pages. I want to read something, but don't know exactly what, and have no idea how to go about finding something.

        My pick guard was shipped out today. That's a good thing.

        I've crocheted half a ball today and am fascinated by what you can achieve with a bit of string and a single hook.

        Good thing: I made rice porridge today with vegetables and cream and it was very delicious.

        I forgot to wish a nice weekend yesterday. I hope everyone had a nice weekend so far and will continue to do so tomorrow.


          Have a nice weekend


            Originally posted by TheLibrarian View Post
            Have a nice weekend
            Thank you, it seems you have a nice one over there, as well


              Quiet day on Darebee, it seems...

              No "official" workout today. I was planning on doing the WotD but after seeing it, I thought it would be more fun to do something similar outside. Track & Field in the woods, or something. With that in mind, I went for a run involving climbing over a couple of fallen tree logs, wading through a stream, and climbing a tree for good measure. It was fun, might do that again.

              The weather also had mercy on me and graced us with sunshine today. So, I did what I wanted to do for a week now and started building a brick grill. Sanity restored.

              Good thing: Sunshine! I think that is more than good enough.


                Sounds like a fun workout to me! (except the running lol)


                  Trbrat75 it was surprisingly fun, even though I don't like running myself. Maybe it was different because it was much more like cross-country running, if that's a thing.

                  Today I did Ironborn Day 1 -obviously trying again-, Cardio Blast Day1 -also trying again- and the WotD (Shh, The Universe is Listening).

                  I've mentioned some times, or very often, that I'm not all too fond of the Darebee dumbbell programs. But now that I try building and tracking habits on my own, I thought it would be more feasible to have some dumbbell thing going that's daily, instead of every two days, or four days a week, or whatever. Hence, Ironborn. I need daily things atm, otherwise I would forget about them.
                  Currently, I'm tracking the following daily, posted here for the record, in case I lose my papers and claim I've never hashed out the list in the first place.
                  -Eating three meals a day
                  -Working out at least once a day -"umbrella" habit-
                  --Cardio Blast
                  -doing my Anki decks -actually do this already daily, but added for motivation, as in "hey, I did something" despite it being a no-brainer-
                  -reading something for at least 2 minutes in Chinese
                  -practising the guitar for real for at least 2 minutes -chord changes atm, because I hate chord changes-
                  -practising one skill I haven't learnt so far -because of a present, that's crocheting atm-

                  I try to stick to the rule of doing something for at least 2 minutes and not feeling bad to stop then, the rule of showing up and doing at least something, even if I don't want to, and the rule of getting back in the saddle the next day if I miss one. Let's see how that goes.

                  Good thing: I got a parcel with 10 boxes of Belgian chocolate pralinés today. Those shaped like shellfish. That's 2kg. I love them, but can't get them here anywhere. Those will last a long time.


                    Those 2kg of chocolate: wouldn’t survive very long here


                      I like your plan...especially your 'try something for 2 minutes' rule


                        TheLibrarian I'm lucky that if I put the chocolates away, I forget about them

                        Trbrat75 thanks. I actually read about that 2 minute rule in the book "Atomic Habits" and it was one of the very few pieces of advice I wanted to try out. Has been working pretty well for two days now

                        Today I did Ironborn Day 2, Cardio Blast Day 2 and then called it a day. Didn't like the look of the WotD, but spent a minute or so wondering about that red strand in the lady's black hair...

                        Good thing: Lots of bunny watching today. My other half was musing aloud about his long-cherished dream of having an aquarium in a way that hinted at "did you hear?". I wonder if our house will turn into a zoo at one point..


                          Quick check in today:

                          Did Ironborn Day 3, Cardio Blast Day 3, the WotD (2 Min Abs)

                          Good thing: My pickguard has arrived in my country. Now it's only a matter of... quantum mechanics, probably.


                            It's going pretty well:
                            Ironborn Day 4, Cardio Blast Day 4, WotD (Adventurer), swimming in the lake because it was very, very warm

                            Very warm. Time to roll in the furs and stow them away, hoping that it won't get too cold again. Like cavemen.

                            Good thing: Got a dozen of second-hand Hawaiian shirts today from someone in town, coupled with a batch of home brewed rye beer, of which we'll have one tonight. Never had rye beer, so I'm very intrigued.


                              How did the rye beer taste? So, did I understand it correctly that "you" brewed the beer? Or did you get "home brewed beer"? That´s not totally clear. Just curious since I also brew from time to time.