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      Congrats on Cardio Go!

      Happy BADGE Day!




          Happy badge day!


            Congrats on Cardio go


              Congratulations on completing Cardio Go! Well done!
              How are the bunnies doing?


                Thanks, Fremen, CaptainCanuck, TheLibrarian, FirstAgeDragonWolf, Trbrat75, DorothyMH, huma, Anek and mavie Took a long time to complete something again.

                Day 351
                40 Lunges (DD w/ EC 12)
                Upper Body Challenge Day 17
                Easy Abs Challenge Day 10
                50 Squats aDay Challenge Day 3

                That's it. Bit of a hectic day that didn't leave much time for a longer lifting session. Well, I only did the Daily Dare so far, the rest will be done in the next three hours. Promised.

                Good thing: I forgot my gloves yesterday at the doctor and got them returned today


                  Thanks, Lady Celerity!
                  The bunnies are doing fine, I've made a makeshift enclosure to let them run inside and Blini the cat and Fitz the dog seem to be friendly. Blini's mostly uninterested, but Fitz stands outside and wags his tail. I keep a close eye on the bunnies, to look for signs that they get aggressive towards each other. They're both bucks, so I'm prepared to take necessary measures if it should come to that.


                    Day 352
                    Upperbody Challenge Day 18
                    60 secs Pacer Steps (DD w/ EC 13)
                    Easy Abs Challenge day 11
                    50 Squats a Day Challenge Day 4

                    Another day of me not being able to sit still or focus on anything for longer than a few minutes. I thought it got better with age, but days like these make me wonder if it just got rarer, but worse than when I was younger. Hoepfully, I can return to my longer workouts tomorrow.
                    Made a snow white tart with my mother-in-law today for tomorrow's birhtday and I guess it took thrice as long as it should've taken because of me having to pace around all the time.But it looks like it turned out well.

                    Good thing: Very understanding family


                      Day 353
                      Upperbody Challenge Day 19
                      50 Shoulder taps (DD w/ EC 14)
                      Easy Abs Challenge Day 12
                      50 Squats a Day Challenge Day 5

                      Still struggling with my ridiculous lack of focus and attention-hopping. We celebrated my other half's birthday today, although I botched the chocolate icing on the cake. Only visually, so it was okay. I can bake simple cakes, but I suck at doing icing and layers and decorations. Other half asked me to build a new desk for him for his birthday. The old one is fine, imo, but I guess it's more to feed my brain new things to think about, so I'm happy to try my hand at it. At least it helped in making me sit down and start planning and thinking about the materials, etc. Hope it helps.

                      Good thing: Lots of butter cream in the cake. I could probably eat butter cream solo, without anything else

                      Have a nice weekend, everyone.


                        Happy birthday to your other half!


                          Thank you, Anek, I passed your wishes on, pointing on the screen. Comment: "Cute bun". I think he warms up to bunnies in the house

                          Day 354
                          DB PPL Push
                          60 secs Calf Raises (DD w/ EC 15)
                          Upper Body Challenge Day 20
                          Easy Abs Challenge Day 13
                          50 Squats Challenge Day 6

                          I'm finally functioning again, so got some things done. Paperwork for example. More planning for the desk. That seemed to do the trick.
                          Tried to train Hime a few basic commands, because I sorely neglected that. Apparently, Huskies are unsuitable for anything that isn't pulling a sled. At least she walks and runs a lot now. She doesn't heed commands at all, but everytime I open the gate and say "Run" out the door she is. That's great progress. She's slimmed down a bit since I took her in and is still pretty cuddly when I let her into the house. But I'm afraid she won't be fit for work ever and "just" a companion.
                          Maybe one day I'll find someone who needs a sledge dog. Might be better for her in the long run.

                          Good thing: Lifts went up after nearly a week of not lifting and stalling beforehand.


                            Day 355
                            DB PPL Pull
                            Upperbody Challenge Day 21
                            Easy Abs Challenge Day 14
                            50 Squats Challenge Day 7

                            I love push day, pull day is okay although I enjoy rows, and I hate leg day.

                            Spent the whole day outside with Hime today, after complaining yesterday.

                            Good thing: I felt great today. A near perfect Sunday. More of those, please.


                              Huskies are very stubborn creatures and can be a bit hard to train. They need a lot of consistency.


                                Ah, I've read that too, Trbrat75, but I guess we're both a bit unmotivated. As harsh as it sounds, I really don't have a "use" for Hime, so I mostly keep her busy and moving. I'll need a dog I can train for hunting and I don't know if my other half would agree to another dog running around. But the more time passes, the harder it is to give her away, and so far, no one needs a sledge dog anyway. Idk about that whole dog situation, it probably was a bit too spontaneous on my side buying her. Ah, well...

                                Day 356
                                60 secs Elbow Strike (DD w/ EC 16)
                                Upper Body Challenge Day 22
                                Negative Pull-Ups Challenge Day 1 (another attempt at doing this one)
                                Easy Abs Challenge Day 15
                                50 Squats A Day Challenge Day 8

                                Longer workouts are always the first one that fall off the side if something comes up over the day. I can't get an organised day running until the clock strikes nine in the evening and I feel like the day finally starts for me personally. I try to workout around five in the afternoon, then something happens, I get frustrated and trash the whole thing, wondering how I should ever get a proper routine going. Challenges in the evenning/night are fine, but everything else... I need to cultivate a more flexible mindset, I guess.

                                And in the evening, I remembered a few pieces from my childhood and how much I liked watching the Moomin cartoons with my father. Made me surprisingly nostalgic. I downloaded a few episodes and watched one and was amazed how well they hold up almost thirty years later. I usually don't try to relive parts of my childhood, but that was pretty nice. I should read the books some time.

                                Good thing: I got a late Christmas card form a former co-worker. A bit late, but it made me smile.