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    Lady Celerity your post made me laugh more than it should and I don't know why. I should get a cowboy hat, but I'm only doing the job until Christmas. Maybe I should buy a pony myself.

    Day 273
    Ironborn 4

    Not much else. It was a weird day and I felt like I needed a small break. I slept exceptionally well this night. So well, my body fought claws and teeth against getting out of bed. Even more so than usual. I felt tired throughout the day. tbh, I fell asleep during work. I leant against a tree, and almost an hour later I woke up sitting at the base, head on my knees. Thankfully, it was warm today. But still it was weird. I don't feel bad or anything, just tired.


      I'm glad I could make you laugh, it's good for the immune system. It sounds like maybe your body is fighting something off? Are you eating well? Do you get enough Vitamin D? I think we really need to just listen to our bodies. If we're extra tired, get some sleep. Sometimes kicking it down a notch helps me; going for a brisk walk instead of my Darebee workouts. I still haven't made that cake yet.....

      Are you involved in that silly notion of a time change where you are? That could be why you're tired. See my rant post today.



          Lady Celerity I think I get enough Vitamin D, I'm usually not tired. I had a night of really good sleep and I suspect I got dragged out of a deep dream or such. In the middle of an REM-phase or something, idk. Today I felt fine again. And yes, I read your rant and even posted my own thoughts already. So far, the time change has never bothered me. Thanks for your concern and thoughts.

          Trbrat75 yeehaw!

          Day 274
          Ironborn 5
          Floof to Run 16
          1 Minute HIIT Day 12/Lvl 3 (How do you do bridges in a HIIT context and don't look weird? I did them on the floor next to the couch and got the weirdest looks)

          I got a parcel from my father today. Highly unusual. Found out it's not actually for me but it had a short letter for me and a gift for my mother-in-law, even wrapped in fancy paper. wtf? There was a letter to her, too, which he wanted me to translate for her. For the record: They don't know each other.
          He sent her a DVD of Ocean's Eleven. And a photo of him, with a rose and a box of pralinés. There was a card in it, as well, inviting her to watch the movie together. In very bad English. He never bothered learning it. It took me an hour to translate the letter and I felt very awkward handing it to her. My father divorced my mother a year ago. My mother-in-law's husband died five months ago. He had asked her in the letter to "get back on the horse".
          My father tries courting my mother-in-law whom he'd never met.
          She's kind of flattered.
          For the first time in over sixteen years I've seen a picture of my father. He doesn't look that much older than me despite having 20 years more on his shoulders. My other half and his mother commented that we looked very similar (aside from the height).
          I don't know how to feel.


            oh wow, that story. I don't know what to think. It's the weirdest story. just speechless


              That is indeed a weird thing to do!!


                Maybe the letter and gifts to your mother in law are your father's way of wanting to be connected to you again? idk. I always try to think the best of people. But I can understand why you'd feel uncomfortable. Reminds me of when my former father in law tried to hit on me. ugh


                  huma, Anek and Lady Celerity I think my father actually was very genuine with his letter and parcel. He doesn't have any experience with romance so that might be his idea of courting/flirting? Idk. I guess he kind of wants to cheer her up and probably thinks it would be a good idea with her being a bit homeless at the moment and all. He certainly didn't mean bad and I can imagine he has no idea how meeting a woman actually works. I'm going to call him tomorrow, see what's on his mind.
                  My mother-in-law has allowed me to keep the photo of him.

                  Originally posted by Lady Celerity View Post
                  Reminds me of when my former father in law tried to hit on me. ugh
                  Now that's what I would call weird.

                  Day 275
                  Ironborn 6
                  Floof to Run 18 (yesterday was 17. My bad)
                  20 mins Rowing

                  No HIIT today.

                  The daughter of my employee usually keeps me company when I get ready to head out and has provided me with something to eat every day since Monday this week. She's even shorter than me, big novelty for me. Today, she told me that she has to work from home for the next weeks or so, instead of in the office in the city. At first I didn't know why she told me that, but then she said she was positive for Covid. One of her co-workers, who ironically was one of the few vaccinated, got ill and now everyone in the office got tested. Now that she has to stay at home and has almost nothing to do, she asked me if she could join me tomorrow. I'm tempted to say yes, but I wonder if she would hinder me. But the company would be nice. She's nice to talk to and on some days, I long for someone to talk to who isn't my other half/my mother-in-law.
                  She also speaks very clearly, which is a plus.


                    The letter and flowers seem odd to me, but you know your family best. I am glad that you ended up with a photo of your father.
                    Also, wouldn't spending time with someone positive for COVID expose you to COVID and. in turn, expose your family? Perhaps I am misunderstanding.


                      Ninshubur I hope this doesn't sound too controversial, but I'm not all that worried. We distinguish a bit between "tested positive for Covid" and "having Covid". She has no symptoms whatsoever and no one in her family doesn't seem to care, either. I've talked to my family and they shrugged it off. I think my mother-in-law was more exposed when she was still working in a hospital in her home country.
                      Not that it matters, because the daughter didn't join me today, because it was cold, and wet, and rainy. But at least she gave me some food, so I don't complain.

                      Day 276
                      Ironborn 7

                      I forwent the other workouts today in favour of music. I felt like I neglected my instruments a bit and just needed the time today. My fingers were itching to feel the strings again.

                      Had a quick phone call with my father, too. He admitted that he yearns for some loving female company but has no idea how to tackle it. He liked what I've told him about my mother-in-law and thought it would be a nice idea, with both of them being 'single' again, and she looking for a new home if she ever gets tired of us. And they even had something connecting them! His words, not mine. I think he means me and my other half. Not that he recognises our relationship. Because, in his opinion, only man and woman can share that bond. To him, we're just good friends living with each other. He asked for a three-way phone call on the weekend, with him talking to my mother-in-law and me translating. She thinks about it. It seems interesting, but with my non-existent skills in listening, speaking and translating at the same time it's going to be a long affair.

                      Have a nice weekend, everyone.


                        Originally posted by lofivelcro View Post
                        I hope this doesn't sound too controversial, but I'm not all that worried. We distinguish a bit between "tested positive for Covid" and "having Covid".
                        To me this does not sound controversial but irrational. Do you distinguish in a similar way if someone is "tested HIV positive" and "having AIDS"?.
                        Both viruses are highly transmissable, only in different ways. Good luck though with the laissez faire approach.


                          Hehe, so your Dad WAS on the prowl! It really is amazing, all the peculiar situations life seems to throw at you.


                            Originally posted by Ninshubur View Post
                            Hehe, so your Dad WAS on the prowl! It really is amazing, all the peculiar situations life seems to throw at you.
                            I laughed a lot at your wording. We had a long phone call yesterday with me translating, and I think they at least got along. There will be another call next weekend when I've recovered. Maybe they become something like friends or such, idk. Would be nice. I can't see romance happening in a long while, though.

                            Day 277
                            Ironborn 8
                            Floof to Run 19
                            20 Mins Rowing

                            Day 278
                            Ironborn 9
                            Floof to Run 20
                            20 Mins Running

                            I forget about HIIT all the time after two days not doing it. Have to remember tomorrow.

                            Gained 300gr, now I'm at 51.5kg

                            And finally...
                            After a three hour long phone call that mostly involved me by listening and translating, I felt completely mentally whacked. I've logged off after reading your post mavie, because emotions are already running high regarding that topic and I didn't feel fit enough to reply properly. I don't want to drag this out, but at least want to briefly elaborate on my stance. This isn't my opinion born from reading momscience or something, but an official recommendation from the local government. I labelled it as controversial because I know it's handled differently in other countries. Considering the high error margin of the tests and the high number of false positives, calls are getting louder to only count and properly test symptomatic cases. I agree with that. In the same vein, I wouldn't want to isolate a HIV-positive person, either. Judging from your response, I presume you had some bad cases of Covid in your environment or yourself, and I'm sorry for that.
                            I don't want this to bring bad blood between us, because I like and respect you. I've thought about writing you a PM, but decided on putting my reasoning out in the open. I wouldn't mind talking more about this, if you want to or feel it to be necessary, via PM.


                              lofivelcro I'm glad you replied, thank you. I was a bit worried i came off too harsh and you may take it as personal affront. It is not. I had the urge to put some facts straight because the way you presented the story sounds like you believe the virus gets contracted only when one shows symptoms. That's not the case and the majority of people does not show symptoms but they still are able to contract the virus. Hence the need for quarantine/keeping distance.
                              Everybody is tired from the pandemic and from the more or less chaotic approach governments take on handling the situation. It's deeply frustrating and it caused and causes anxiety in everybody and anxiety fuels irrationality and i'm confronted with a lot of irrationality recently. I do not want to drag this discussions into here either but i could not leave your comment without reaction and by no means it changes anything about me liking and respecting you as well. Thank you for that.

                              The comparison with the HIV-Virus was meant in that way, that one would not have unprotected sex or mix blood with an infected person because that's how the virus gets contracted. The corona virus gets contracted via aerosoles and needs the different approach of not breathing the same air/isolation. I consider it rational to deal with known facts and brought up the HIV example because i think the facts about that virus are well established by now.

                              I hope this clears the air. We can still elaborate further via pm if you like.


                                mavie you'd have to do a lot more to offend me, no worries there. Glad to read that we're on the same page, except maybe for the covid business. I'll write you a PM tomorrow, when I have a bit more time. Thanks for replying, I can now continue my thread in good conscience. Hopefully.

                                Day 279
                                3 AM Workout

                                That's not much, I know. I think somewhere in this thread I talked about life going in waves/curves. With some days/weeks being boring and some not. Seems like I've entered a non-boring one.
                                In short, I did something retarded today and my horse threw me off. Thankfully, only I was hurt because of my stupidity. The pony came away with a scare and Fitz took it in stride.
                                Myself, I fell on my shoulder, bruised it and injured my nose. It doesn't seem broken, but hurts like a b$§%@. The bridge and the left side beneath my eye is a bit swollen. In a fashion, I was lucky.
                                So, no real workout today. Maybe tomorrow.