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    Good luck with the new job, and good luck to Floof's outside night!


      f1shtacular Floof got told that you love her, I think she liked it. I'm still looking for that Laika or Setter, though. At one point, I'll probably have three dogs...

      Anek thank you!

      Actually, I hardly slept during the night from Sunday to Monday because I worried about Floof. Stupid me. She did good, probably didn't care for inside or outside. Me, on the other side, almost fell asleep during my first day at work. Was totally wasted in the evening and went to bed at around ten. Today was much better. Work is pretty nice atm. Me and my Dackel walk around and get a feel for the lay of the land. So far, I don't need the horse, but will use her when the distances get longer. She's more of a pony (ha ha...) but seems to be of decent temperament. Did some riding on the first day, checked how Fitz (my dog) felt sitting on the saddle. I think it'll work.

      Day 265
      Only did 20 mins of rowing, at least

      Day 266
      PPL Pull W5D21
      From Floof to Run Day 10 (in the darkness!)
      1 Minute HIIT Day 5 on Level 3
      20 Mins rowing


        All caught up on the last couple of months of your adventures. You probably saved Floof's life and hearing about his progress warms my heart! How are Floof and Fitz getting along these days? I heard somewhere that huskies are not territorial at all.

        Is Jules no longer around much cuz he's busy with his lady?


          lofivelcro Thank you for the cake recipe! It sounds soooo good. I may try it this weekend and let you know.


            Floof is doing pretty well, Ninshubur, she and Fitz get along better now that she's become more active. Starting this week she's been outside more than inside, where she belongs, and Fitz doesn't seem to be wary of her size any more. Now that it's getting cold I think he's appreciating her warm and thick fur (his is short and he freezes easily). Jules still is here every weekend, now accompanied with his girlfriend who gets along great with my mother-in-law, teaching her the local language. I don't remember ever having such social and nice weekends in my life. It's great. I don''t really get why too teenager like to spend their weekend with us, but I like to think it's because Jules picks up a few skills and the town gets boring after some years. Idk.

            Lady Celerity no problem, it's a bit on the sugary side, but I hope you like it when you try it. Like I said, it's best from the second day on.

            Day 267
            PPL Legs W5D22
            From Floof to Run Day 11 (Floof struggled a bit, but could be coaxed with lots of fake enthusiasm on my side)
            1 Minute HIIT Day 6
            30 Mins of Rowing (Got me a blister on my hand and one of the handles fell off. I need to get a new screw for that)

            On the sad side: I had my eyes on a nice used guitar that has been on offer since September. For stupid reasons I vowed to make an offer for it in November, because I really wanted it. Someone else bought it yesterday. I have no idea why I decided to wait. I've even dreamt of this scenario in my sleep back in the middle of October and didn't act on it. I could punch myself.
            Ah, well, another will come along one day.


              Of course I will stumble over a better one, , and maybe I even buy it, ha! I have a weird relationship with money and at times am very hesitant to spend it. But it was such a beautiful instrument... ah, well.

              Day 268
              Floof to run Day 12 (did more of a light jog for 15 minutes than just walk)
              1 Minute HIIT Day 7 on Level 3
              30 Mins of Rowing

              It's Thursday, and I forgot to add my weight on Sunday f$%&ing AGAIN. It was 50.6kg, plus 200gr.
              Now with doing HIIT, rowing and being on my feet for most of the day, I get fed even more than before. Good for me that I don't have to think much about what to eat and when. I just get stuff handed and eat that, no questions asked. Otherwise I'd probably have stalled at 45 kilos or something.


                What a bummer with the guitar

                I must say that you're doing wonders with the weight since I first stumbled on your thread


                  Thank you, huma, I was just looking at my first post because of your words, and you're right. Not only that, I also realised that I didn't post only twice so far, and both not because I forgot. This is great. I always find myself logging in at the same time, plus minus one or two minutes. Seems like Darebee has become a part of my daily routine now.

                  Day 269
                  Floof to Run Day 13
                  1 Minute HIIT Day 8 on Level 3
                  15 Mins Rowing (I got graciously told today that I was rowing on the lowest level and that I can just add more resistance when it gets too easy. The machine has 12 resistance levels. Thanks for telling me so late, now I feel stupid)

                  A bit of a break from the PPL for now, maybe I try Ironborn again for some variation, maybe not, no idea rn.
                  First week of the side job done, have forgotten how much time working basically eight to nine hours eats out of the day. This week, I had manned the counter of my shop up to noon and went for the side job in the afternoon, but now that it's getting darker I should switch around, otherwise I'd need night-vision goggles or something (..I actually have some...). I spent a good amount of time on horseback today and couldn't help but wonder if I'd look cool or stupid on my feisty pony. Probably the latter. I mean, I have a Dackel wearing a jacket sitting in front in the saddle...
                  Weekend tomorrow and I'm glad for it. Only a tough and fickle customer I have to take care of and then I'll do whatever I like to do for the next two days.

                  Wish you all a relaxing weekend.


                    lofivelcro I think anybody who sits a horse well looks cool. Have a great weekend!


                      Thank you, Lady Celerity and I'm just going to pretend I sit a horse well for the free ego boost . I'm also trying to use some smileys from the first row from now on, because I feel like having trouble getting my point across.
                      Feels weird.

                      Day 270
                      Ironborn Day 1
                      Floof to Run Day 14
                      1 Minute HIIT Day 9 on Level 3
                      15 Mins Rowing (on Level 2!)

                      Started Ironborn again. I think it's a weird program in terms of dumbbell routines, with a weird progression. I'm used to "take a weight, do three or so sets of 10-12 reps, if you can do more, add weights the next time". Ironborn with its fixed sets and progression of higher numbers works differently. For example, I can do the shoulder presses with my selected weight and would use a higher weight next time. But next time (eight days later!) , the numbers rise and I don't know if that's feasible. It confuses me and when I try to discuss it with my other half (who's a PT) he shrugs and says "Do a real program instead". Yeah, might be correct, but I want that stupid badge at some point...


                        Without changing the weight, if you do the exercise slower it becomes much more difficult.
                        This is useful when you don't have many different weights on hand


                          I spent a good amount of time on horseback today and couldn't help but wonder if I'd look cool or stupid on my feisty pony. Probably the latter. I mean, I have a Dackel wearing a jacket sitting in front in the saddle...
                          If I saw someone riding a horse with a Dackel wearing a jacket sitting in the saddle, I'd think "that's pretty freaking cool"

                          I really enjoyed catching up on your thread.


                            Ha, thank you, Chaotic for another ego boost and your kind words. I'm glad to read from you again, too, was wondering a bit how you were doing but saw in your thread that you're doing quite well, which is great.

                            I think Ironborn is a bit different from what I usually do. I'm lazy with changing weights all the time, I have to admit. Maybe I should change that. Or I follow the advice from Fremen and do my workouts slower. But then it takes longer... I will have to experiment, I guess. Thanks for the input, you two.

                            Day 271
                            Ironborn 2
                            Floof to Run Day 15
                            1 Minute HIIT Day 10 on Level 3
                            15 Mins Rowing

                            Am I the only one thinking that the HIIT program seems a bit easy, almost like Level 2? Sure, tomorrow when there's High Knees I think differently, but the last days felt almost too easy. I'll probably do 30 Days of HIIT after that and curse my decision afterwards.

                            Weekly weigh in. Yes, I remembered. +600gr bringing me to 51.2kg. And while my goal weight is somewhere around 55kg, I start to wonder if this isn't going too fast. In other words, I get worried. I'll try to trust the plan and keep going, but I catch myself taking a closer look in the mirror from time to time. Makes me wonder if I start getting vain.


                              Day 272
                              Ironborn 3
                              Floof to Run Day 16
                              1 Minute HIIT Day 11 on Level 3
                              15 Mins of Rowing

                              Spoke about my stupid worries regarding weight gain at the dinner table today. Got laughed at, got my hair ruffled, got told not to worry, I still don't weigh enough and should trust the plan. So I'll do that.
                              A lot of riding and a lot of standing and/or sitting still at work today. Was kind of boring.
                              Btw, my butt and thighs hurt from sitting in the saddle and crouching all the time.


                                lofivelcro A sore butt and thighs means you'll be walking like a real cowboy. Yee haw!