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    Congrats on many victories, and many victories to come!


      Originally posted by Mamatigerj View Post
      Makes sense to me.
      Thanks for the affirmation, Mamatigerj, feels good to the old ego.

      And thanks, huma, hope there will be a lot of future victories for all of us.

      DB PPL Legs W2D9
      AND: Lower Back (WotD) (much needed)

      Edit: forgot the weigh-in again. +100gr, spot landing on 50kg. Now that feels great.

      I realised I completely forgot the monthly challenge and the Squatwork thingy I was busy with. Sucks to be me.
      Also... I want to get better at pull-ups/chin-ups, only can do 1 or 2 proper ones. I've read doing negatives would help, but our bar is so high I'd need a ladder for this. Differences in height...

      Started a new book today and dropped it after 15 pages. Instead, took up another one by Philip K. Dick I found in my other half's shelf: The Man in the High Castle. Unlike the last book I got from there this one he actually read. There are donkey-ears on some pages, marking where he'd paused. After the first chapter, I stopped at the same point and used the same donkey-ear. Felt like I was following his foot steps in reading. Kind of nice.


        Day 251
        DB PPL Push W3D10
        30 Days of Cardio Blast Day 1 on Level 3

        I wonder about the level 2 cardio programs... If you do them as written, with one set, 2 mins pause, one set, 2 mins pause, etc, is that really cardio? For day 1 of Cardio Blast I needed 40-45 secs, rested until the minute was full, so about 20 to 15 secs and continued until I was done. Now, if I'd rest for 2 mins after those 45 secs... is that really cardio? You'd spend more time resting than moving, which seems strange. That's something I wonder about all the low level cardio workouts, tbh. In that regard, I think Cardio Go actually is the best low level cardio, because you actually move for a longer period of time, at low intensity, but it still can be exhausted. Every time I do a low level cardio workout I think about that. And I do a lot of those, because I'm lazy af when it comes to cardio. If I continue the program, I'll probably think about that every evening.

        Was at the get-together tonight again. Four old guys, me, and a woman around ten years younger than me I've never seen before. Had a godly Tafelspitz (no idea what it is in English. I got silverside rump cut) and understood next to nothing, because the discussion was very heated. I excused myself shortly after I was done with the food and drink as my brain felt fried. Still, not bad.


          My uneducated guess is that the idea is "up to 2 minutes", which makes it accessible to more ppl to do these programs.
          Also I've heard that even short bursts of cardio with pauses activate the system same way that non-stop cardio does, but I'm no expert. Maybe others like Fremen know more.


            huma thanks for tag me even if I'm not an expert

            lofivelcro my "ideal" cardio program remains Cardio Go too although i prefer to do 3 sets because 7 gets boring for me
            The problem of long breaks depends on the ability to recover, i found Cardio Blast to be much more challenging than Cardio Go and with many sets you actually get to take 2 min breaks at the end but you can always manage to reduce the pause time during the program.
            Personally I try to keep the breaks to a minimum but sometimes I have had to use all 2 minutes to recover.
            Even with long breaks it remains cardio if you keep panting while taking a break
            HIIT programs also include breaks and are useful to keep the level of effort high and if you do the math you are more time still than exercising but it works as a type of training


              I think along the same lines, huma, regarding accessibility. And I also think that Cardio Blast is more challenging than Cardio Go, Fremen, mostly because the intensity is way higher. But I have this definition stuck in my head that Cardio is something like working out with an elevated heart rate for a longer time, maybe around ~30 mins. In that regard, the low level darbee cardio workouts seem a bit off to me. If I'd just go by the idea that panting during breaks would indicate cardio, leg days with weights would be cardio for me, too. My heartrate's way up there when I do those. idk. But thanks for your insights, I always like reading what others think.

              Day 252
              DB PPL Pull W3D11
              Forgot about Cardio Blast


                Day 253
                DB PPL Legs W3D12
                No cardio, still don't feel 'it' re: Darebee workouts

                Today was the first time in a loooong while that I felt dizzy after working out. A bit funky in the stomach, too. No idea why. Will monitor.


                  Hope things get better!


                    lofivelcro belated welcome! Reading your posts is encouraging because you are not giving up! Never give up, never surrender!


                      Thanks, Anek, it was only for some minutes after the workout and during the last set. I'll see how it is on Sunday, when it's leg day again.

                      And thanks for your kind words, Lady Celerity, I'm doing my best.

                      Day 254
                      Rest Day
                      Did some stretching and the Skier workout, because it looked fun. It was, and exhausting,too.

                      The day also saw a lot of cutting up apples. I got a huge basket full of those in exchange for some rabbits, so we took the dehydrator out of storage and dried a bunch of those. My mother-in-law cooked a batch of applesauce and I baked a cake with lots of rum with an old recipe I got from my grandmother I've never met. Turned out pretty well.
                      We still have a lot of apples.


                        lofivelcro Apples! Yes, I too am processing our apple harvest. Today I'm making apple chutney. What could be better on a rainy day? Cheers! Would you consider posting your grandmother's cake recipe? Because life isn't worth living without dessert.


                          Apple chutney is a good idea, too, Lady Celerity, will look into that. And I can post the recipe, I'll just have to translate it, so probably tomorrow. Cake is dessert for you? Interesting, I always knew cake as something to have separately, around afternoon with coffee or tea. Different countries, eh?

                          Day 255
                          DB PPL Push W3D13
                          From Walking to Running Challenge Day 1
                          I actually started this because I thought it would be good for Floof. She's got much better at walking for longer stretches and got a bit bouncy, too. First day was successful, I'm interested to see how long she can keep up with the schedule.

                          Aside from that, today had been amazing. Great start into the weekend. Hope you all have a nice one, too.


                            Cake is both for dessert and a stand-alone - Israel is a mix of cultures I guess.

                            I also wanted to note that in a short amount of time you've made one dog's life much better - that's super


                              lofivelcro Cake can be breakfast, for tea or dessert. Or in place of supper if you've had a bad day.
                              Seriously though, while I don't eat much sugar I believe all things in moderation. If someone bakes you a cake, enjoy it!


                                I see, cake is a round-the-clock dish. I can live with that. Reminds me that my grandparents on the motherly side told me they grew up with cake for breakfast.

                                And thank you, huma, I'm a bit surprised myself how much more Floof already moves. In the first days, all I got was a lazy waddle to the feeding bowl, but now she's moving a lot more. It's fun to see.

                                Lady Celerity, here's the recipe. Maybe it's a bit wonky, I had to consult the dictionary a lot. The original is written with glasses as a measuring unit, I had no idea what kind of glasses, so I used a block of butter for reference and over the time found the right ratio. Hope it makes sense, if not, feel free to ask. It tastes the best after two days, btw.

                                grate ~800g apples, mix with 1 glass rum (~6cl), let rest

                                preheat oven (standard cake temperature, I guess)

                                whisk 250g butter, 250g sugar, vanilla and 4 eggs until fluffy
                                mix 2tbsp raw cocoa, spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, whatever comes to mind), 250g flour, 1tbsp baking soda, 150g ground nuts and half bar of chopped chocolate and stir into the butter mixture
                                mix in apples with rum
                                grease cake mould (I use a standard round one) and dust with bread crumbs, pour in dough

                                bake for ~60 minutes, until pick comes out clean.

                                let cool, baste (coat?) with heavy cream (not whipped) or put chocolate icing on top.
                                Day 256
                                DB PPL Pull W3D14
                                From Walking to Running with Floof Day 2

                                Another good day. A lot of sun, so I took a swim in the lake. Of course, the water was cold, but eh. I think Floof really likes the lake, too