Bozkurt's Progress Report - June 2021

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    Bozkurt's Progress Report - June 2021

    G'Day to you all

    Happy Canada Day to Darebees of the Canadian Persuasion. Let's see what I managed to log during the month of June:

    - Completed Cardio and Core Challenge with a bit of modification. I constructed a tabata routine that included 4 x 30 seconds climbers and 4 x 30 seconds high knees. between each high intensity period, there was a 15-second rest. In essence, I completed the Cardio and Core Challenge twice over 30 days :-)
    - Completed a 22-Day program to improve my Push-up performance. Since I tore my rotator cuff, I was not able to do more than 8-10 push-ups without feeling pain. I found a 22-day program, and I combined the training outlined in the program with few other biomechanical cues. Strangely enough, the first 15 days of the program was very discouraging... I wasn't sure if this was going to work. Somehow, the final 7 days were exceptional. The last day of the program, I was able to complete 32 push-ups with proper form and without any pain or interruption. I will take some time off from push-ups, and definitely repeat the 22-day routine to further increase my push-up count.
    - I also incorporated a short Kettlebell routine to my daily program that served as a warm-up and cardio

    So, here is how my typical daily circuit looked like:
    - Warm-up: 15 minutes indoor cycling at 28-29KPH
    - 4 x 30 seconds Climbers with 15-second rest between intervals
    - 4 x 30 seconds High Knees with 15-second rest between intervals
    - 4 x 30 seconds Kettlebell Slingshots w/ 25 Lb. 15-second rest between intervals
    - 4 x 30 seconds Kettlebell Halo w/25 Lb. 15-second rest between intervals
    - 4 x 30 seconds Kettlebell Goblet Squat w/35 Lb. 15-second rest between intervals
    - Daily Dare/Exercise of the Day
    - Push-up routine (included two different types of push-ups per day at increasing reps and difficulty)
    - Cool-down: 5-7 minutes indoor cycling at 28-29 KPH.
    - Rehab using one of yoga, foam Rolling, Massage Stick, Stretching.

    In addition to the daily circuit training, I also alternated between road running (8-15 KM depending on the day) and indoor cycling (35-45 minutes of intervals or steady state rides at an average of 30+ KPH)

    What did all this add up to?
    - Daily Dares/Exercise of the Day total is now at 1642 without any interruption (1629 with EC).
    - 40.5 hours of training (53 separate training sessions). Biked for 267 km and ran for 163 km.
    - Burned 29,392 kcals.

    Plan for July:
    - Push-ups & Squats Challenge (I guess I will not be able to take time off from push-ups)
    - Exercise of the day
    - A 22-day program to increase number of pull-ups in one go. I would like to get the pull-ups badge at the end of July
    - Running and cycling. Planning to increase the mileage by 10% for both

    I hope that July 2021, and the summer of 2021 in general, will be good to all of us. Stay safe, and keep training.


    Hiya! Fine work, you have been absolutely smashing it i really like the sound of your circuit, kb and calisthenics give a proper well rounded workout with cardio additions! Also props on tose km's covered, nice best wishes for your summer too and have a good day sir!