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      Healing vibes


        Healing vibes!


          I'll start this with saying that I really need better routines when my niece is here visiting. Especially now that she will be visiting every weekend since my sister needs to study for her university thing. It's hard to find a half hour alone to train.. perhaps I should just get up earlier to train before she wakes up

          Other than that I have mostly done yard work this last week, as soon as the snow melts everything happens at once

          But I have done Fireheart day 16 3 sets 1 Minute rest
          Core strength day 6 3 sets 1 minute rest

          Thank you


            Fireheart day 17 3 sets 1 minute rest
            Core strength day 7 4 sets 1 minute rest
            And the stretching routine I've liked before.

            This weekend was full of work (hello new calfs) and yard work. My roses came Friday and I managed to plant one Friday evening and one Saturday morning. So my dream of a rose garden still lives much to my dad's annoyance. But I have been nice and planted the one with thorns away from where we usually sit. โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹


              Today was a good day. I managed to train, walk the dogs and do all the work I planned on doing.

              Fireheart day 18 3 sets 1 minute rest
              Core strength day 7 3 sets 1 minute rest
              Dog walk 6,9 km
              And two hours of digging with a shovel in my greenhouse


                Fireheart day 19 3 sets 1 minute rest
                โ€‹โ€‹Core strength day 8 3 sets 30 seconds rest

                The tomatoes is in the greenhouse, and give it a month and I'll have my own tomatoes again.


                  So I got bored with my training and sort of quit Fireheart. At least for a few days

                  So I started the Batcave challenge.

                  So right now I've done Fireheart day 20,21 and 22
                  And I've done Batcave Challenge day 1-4



                    I'm back! I think. Well I haven't stopped training this summer, but it's been mostly walking and swimming and other unregulated stuff.

                    Today I started Carbon and Dust. So day 1. And hopefully this will be the start of me doing regular training nagain!


                      Welcome back


                        Welcome back.


                          So Carbon and Dust day 2. Some additional weight on one of the 10 plank raises. My niece decided that I would make a decent pony and climbed up so that was 17 kilo extrabut after one set she decided that she would rather watch instead.

                          Other; me and my best friend decided to visit a garden center and just have a look. But nothing really struck our fancy and we left empty handed.

                          Thank you Fremen and TheLibrarian


                            Day 3 with Carbon and Dust. I really like this format for training.

                            Other, My ankle hurts. I slipped on a spot of mud and now it hurts a bit. Hopefully tomorrow it will feel better. It rained all day so the dogs decided that we would not go on any walks today


                              oh no, all the healing vibes for your ankle!


                                Carbon and Dust day 4 I did the strength part, but my ankle was not happy with burpees so I only did 20 of them. I think I'll say this chapter is done and do the next tomorrow anyway.

                                Thank you! Rissa

                                Other; Blueberry picking with my niece and with that a jog through the forest. (Amazing that my ankle said nothing then).