Training and Accountability Log - Time To Live Up To My Name

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    Training and Accountability Log - Time To Live Up To My Name

    Been struggling to keep myself accountable. You have heard the excuses....too tired, takes too long to post here to stay accountable, to whatever. All just lies I tell myself and total bs.
    So what's my plan?
    Before I leave my bedroom
    a) do a simple set of movements to warm up and stretch
    b) knee pt (only takes a couple minutes)
    c) exercise of the day courtesy of Darebee

    Now that I am awake and head down
    d) do the days exercise from a program I am working on
    add in burst of cardio such as jump rope into workout
    e) quick set of grip exercises or balance exercises - alternate days
    f) 5 minute minimum of martial arts practice

    Later in the day
    g) get a walk in at some point in the day or use my little trampoline on cruddy days or days it sounds like too much fun to resist
    h) stretch before bed

    I have held this routine before and know it is very doable. I hit a funk and well, I got some help. Posting here for accountability.

    Hello and welcome!




        Well today has been a migraine. Barely able to type this. Taken many tries. Lol ugh. Typing here anyway to get that accountability habit.

        Here's hoping head is better tomorrow.


          Welcome to the Hive. Migraines and other things happen and disrupt the best of plans sometimes. Healing vibes sent your way.


            Welcome! Working through your migraine is impressive! Good luck and don't forget to lean on us, your fellow Bees, when you need to!


              Hi and welcome to the hive


                Thank you for the welcome! Migraine is gone but my head is still sore and I am tired. However I was so excited to not be in such pain when I hopped out of bed I knocked out stretching, knee pt, and EoD EC. That felt amazing. I did stay in be a bit longer today so my workout will be during my lunch break. Today is a work from home day.

                I am restarting some programs since I took such a long break and had not been consistent. I am doing Back and Core, although that may waite or not be daily as I am doing the June Challenge with some friends which has a core focus along with cardio. I am doing the Reboot Program with Power Up. Power Up mostly to help my joints and I think I will be doing this one repeatedly.

                So what am I doing here and why? I have RA that is currently managed without medications! Hesitant to say in remission since I do have mini flares but I consider myself fortunate since it is not active. I also am sitting on the cusp of type 2 diabestes. I am right at the cut off. No thanks. I hand elevated numbers that have been going up slowly. I was higher a year ago. Dr had me come in 6 months later and it was worse. Implemented additional changes and kept working at it to return 2 months later and wouldn't you know still got worse! *BLEEP*! So I am working with a dietician and in a program to help with that in addition to doing more with my health. I enjoy working out and even when I have days I am not feeling up to it I have yet to regret doing a workout.

                I have a goal of improving my health and weight loss sure. However I like to feel physcially strong and how my body feels in general when it is moving, if that makes sense. I also want to bike commute again. I used to but we moved further out. I need and want to be stronger to ride the extra distance and tackle the hills.

                Also I noticed in doing workouts I would cheat myself by not pushing as hard as I am able to reach the higher levels. It seems I decide at the onset of where I am going to reach and will stop even when I feel I could do more. Telling those lies of time or well you can't really do it and so on. All I am doing is cheating myself.

                I will edit this with my official accountability update once it is all done.


                  A late welcome, and I look forward to seeing your progress going forward!

                  I've never regretted working out either. It may start hard, but ends up being an accomplishment.


                    Day 1

                    That last blurb was long enough....

                    a) do a simple set of movements to warm up and stretch
                    b) knee pt
                    c) exercise of the day + EC
                    d) Day 1 of Power Up and Reboot level 3 and if the high knees of Reboot weren't enough Day 1 of June Challenge!

                    e) quick set of grip exercises or balance exercises - alternate days -today balance!
                    f) 5 minute minimum of martial arts practice
                    g) long walk
                    h) stretch before bed
                    I pushed myself on the program and it felt wonderful and satisfying. I had so much fun. I feel awesome!


                      Day 2

                      Okay today was terrifying.
                      I was getting a fantastic walk in when I hear guys shouting. I look over to the car that was just on the other side of the road from me as a maniac ran out with a semi automatic gun and pointing at the car which I was in line with me. I had no where to go. It was unreal. When I called my husband I broke down into tears. I called and set up an appointment with my former counselor tomorrow because I am truly freaked. If the guy had started shooting I would have been totally exposed. When the car finally took off and they started after him I took off and hid in an alley. I did not want to be seen pulling my phone out. Someone that brazen would not be keen to see someone getting on their phone. I feel so dumb to still be freaked out....thus speaking with a psychologist to help process it tomorrow.

                      Anyway I had did all my things except stretch before bed. That will happen later.

                      Liking the June Challenge. Got EC with the Daily Dare (well exercise of the day). Did grip strength work since I did balance yesterday. Day 2 for Power Up and Reboot. I only made it to level 1 on Reboot. Wow. Still feeling it. Glad I did my workouts.

                      Not feeling awesome but I know I did awesome things for me today.


                        So glad you're okay! Do not feel dumb at all! That was such a traumatic experience; it's incredibly smart that you're reaching out for help. I hope you'll be okay in the next few days.


                          it's the only thing that matters that you're okay


                            Glad that you are ok, do not feel dump about it, that is a smart move you took. Take care.


                              Thank you everyone. Tough day to be honest but I made sure to get things done for me.

                              Day 3

                              No walk due to storms and dealing with not feeling safe. Not really having the energy to do something else. May do something later but after not sleeping well last night I am hoping to get to bed and hopefully sleep a bit earlier.

                              Knee pt
                              DD with EC June Challenge
                              Day 3 of Power Up and Reboot level 2.

                              I noticed that my range of motion was not great on my leg swings. Need to work on range of motion.