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Balancing Work and Fitness

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    Balancing Work and Fitness

    So, I haven't been around much. Hello Bee-fam from the underworld! Or something like that...

    Since my last update, I've gotten a job in town (not a very well paying one, but a job nonetheless) as a cashier at our local hardware store. So, I don't have a ton of time to be online. And its been an adjustment for me to get used to it, because the hours are something I'm not used to. Its 7:40-5 mon-fri and 7:40-1 on Saturdays.

    Bearing in mind that we stay a whiles out of town, I usually get home at 17:30 every evening to a husband that needs love (and gives lots) and dinner and a bird baby that furiously demands attention ect ect.

    Its taken some time to get into some sort of routine, and fitness has taken a backseat, hence the name of the new thread.

    I've done SOME things during this time, but nothing regular by any means. I'm doing my version of 1&1 diet wise (diet is starting to get much better since I started taking a 5-htp supplement) with down-diet-days every third day.

    I'm not actively trying to lose weight... I'm actually just doing 1&1 because I enjoy the freedom I have with food the next day.

    Exercise wise, I did a lot of yoga in the beginning to cope with work stresses. But even that's tapered off. I have like small 10-15minute yoga classes I try to do after work on my normal eating days. I'm starting to do HIIT workouts on my diet-days. On Sundays (and sometimes Saturdays) I do longer yoga sessions.

    So its not bad, its just not regular. Some nights I just want to do nothing but sit beside hubby. I spend so much time away from them these days that I want the workouts to be short, which is why I chose HIIT. The yoga is more for my mental health than anything else, but I must say, learning to breathe has helped me through some tough workouts.

    Anyway, that's what's been happening in a very long nutshell and I salute you if you've mustered up the strength to actually read this far.

    TLDR - I've been away because I got a job 3 months ago and I haven't actually spent much time on the internet since...This new thread's purpose is to try to get me into some sort of regular exercise routine again. And also, for community Bees ...


    Hey, welcome back!


      Welcome Back!


        Welcome back


          It’s nice to hear you are doing well.
          Welcome back!!


            Welcome back


              Welcome back dear! I admire you still trying your best to be healthful despite how busy you are. We're all here for you.


                So I have some free time in my lunch hour that I can use to give an update. It'll be about the previous day. Yesterday I did 40 minutes of yoga for core. I actually got myself two yoga blocks and I'm chaffed with that because I can keep some poses longer using them!

                We had spaghetti bolognaise last night... and some chocolate for our anniversary.

                My workplace is cold and dark. And I don't spend time outside anymore during the week. (Not great) So I soaked up some sunshine yesterday and just listened to the birdsong.

                One of the grocery stores had awesome specials on different dried fruit & nut mixes so I bought a couple of pouches. I have this habit where I take a handful of dried fruit and nuts and 2 blocks of chocolate to work. Its my little pick-me-up hehe.

                Have an awesome week, Bees


                  Yesterday was supposed to be my down-day but I ended up feeling too down to have a down-day too. 😂

                  I have this deep muscular pain in my upper back between the shoulder blades, so I just did some quick yoga for that.

                  The day was super cold and today is even worse.

                  I'm on a down-day today. Will just do yoga tonight as well. I'm quite low energy as I'm having some IBS symptoms. I know I skipped a day of logging again... habits habits...

                  Peace Bees


                    Yuck. I hope resting helps you feel better.


                      I've been bad at updating again. Sorry guys.

                      I guess I'm leaning more towards yoga at the moment, as I feel like my mental health needs it more than "regular" exercise. Its especially healing for me since I connect to the spiritual side of yoga as well.

                      So, I guess the only thing I can update about is changes I'm making to my habits.

                      I've taken the day off from work tomorrow, just so I can recalibrate my mind. By the way, its freezing cold here. I'm wearing like 2 longsleeve shirts, 2 sweaters and a jacket.

                      Oh, guys! You should totally try Date syrup. Its stupid simple to make and a great replacement for sugar.

                      I'm also attempting to form a habit of using affirmations. Specifically these ones:

                      I am enough

                      I have enough

                      There is plenty for everyone, including me

                      And then, I did a power yoga sequence yesterday of 30 minutes, that focused quite a bit on the upper back. I'll try to link to the videos I did when I can...


                      Okay, now that I've told everything in a very all-over-the-place manner... here are some habits I'm trying to form.


                      • Stay away from energy drinks (bad for heart and kidneys - super bad habit I'm trying to break) 3/30 ☆
                      • Stay away from sugar and sugary snacks (because tooth decay) 1/30 ☆
                      • Morning affirmations 2/30 ☆
                      • Hot lemon water instead of coffee (because I replace my water intake with coffee and because its cold, I drink even less water, because water is also cold.) 1/30 ☆
                      • 7-10minutes daily meditation 1/30 ☆


                        Oh! I forgot one habit,

                        • Have your Main meal at Lunch 1/30 ☆


                          Hot lemon water is a great idea for replacing a hot fluid of any kind. Can you drink herbal teas, at all? I find them very soothing for my anxious mind, and sort of meditative


                            I love herbal teas! Its a shame they're so expensive here... but I see a range of Rooibos tea products on the shelves right now that are great... some with chamomile, or mint, or ginseng etc. I currently have a cup of Apple Rooibos tea most days which is delicious!

                            Okay so I had a fail with the sugar today. I ate some gummies.

                            Only 3 though...

                            Am I being harsh? I think so. Seeing how much sugar my co-workers consume makes me feel super healthy 😂 ... 6 teaspoons in 1 cup of coffee (drinking about 3 a day - with junk food inbetween) ... here I am moaning about me using half a teaspoon in one cup.

                            Okay and I ate my main meal at dinner. Because... well, I tend to forget what happens at work -

                            I'm too nervous to eat too much at work... then I skip the food...get home starving at night and overeat. Or I DO manage to eat the food...and get home wanting a bigger meal anyway simply because its grounding and calming.

                            Same day changes again, I know.

                            But okay lets stick to these habits instead:

                            •No energy drinks (1 habit I absolutely, undoubtedly MUST break, this stuff is a health hazard)

                            • Yoga and meditation daily

                            • Morning affirmations

                            • Hot lemon water replaces coffee

                            • ADD MORE NOURISHMENT - remove restrictions. (I'm making this an affirmation, I'm removing food restrictions, but focusing on ADDING more nutrition. The irony is that when I actually succeed at convincing myself to give up restriction, I end up wanting "bad foods" less - weird hey?)


                              DorothyMH oh! One thing I also want to incorporate into my fluids is definitely bone broth! Super good for you.