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    Hi Bees,

    So I don't have a video for the yoga I did yesterday. I just created the sequence as I went along. Did yoga like that for 45minutes.

    Today's eating wasn't the healthiest. My brother came for a visit and bought fish and chips. The chips were a lot... so me and my husband basically had fries for lunch. And I had a tummy ache afterwards.

    I plan on having some porridge with fruits and nuts for dinner. (I know that's breakfast food)

    Today's yoga was 4 sets of Chandra Namaskar, Moon Salutations with some awesome new meditation music. It was lovely!


    • Stay away from energy drinks 5/30 ☆
    • Morning affirmations 4/30 ☆
    • Hot lemon water instead of coffee 2/30 (eh, 20%, I didn't drink coffee but had vanilla Chai Tea)
    • 7-10 minutes daily meditation 2/30 ☆
    • Add nourishment, remove restriction. 2/30 ☆