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Haladeen Daily Log - The yoyo nemesis

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    Haladeen Daily Log - The yoyo nemesis

    This post will be the foundation of this log, and I hope the first of many
    I’ll start with an introduction, thanks to those who will read it entirely

    I’m a late 23 years old medical student. This is very important because my daily life is almost entirely defined by my worK.
    In the past, I’ve done many differents sports but often for a short period of time, except for hockey that I used to do from my fifth year until last year.
    I’ve always been the healthy one in a family of mostly overweighted poeple, but since I’ve started university 7 years ago I went from 78kg to 96kg in 5 years.
    In 2019 I was desperate to loose some weight, and I had already used this website for a while so I decided to start a daily log, my worst enemy being my consistancy in training (I am motivated but when I train alone I always abandon after 3 weeks tops). My dream was to loose 11kg and go back to 85 (I’m 1.90 meters tall)
    After keeping my daily log for 2 months, and eating better (I eat really bad), I went from 96kg to 88kg. It was definetly the time I felt the most happy in my body and it impacted many aspect of my life in a good way

    In september 2019 I also had to stop hockey because my studies took me so much time that I wasn’t consistent in my team.
    After that, I went trough a hard beakup after 5 years of relationship and that plus the university work became my whole life. I completely stopped exercising and never went back to it.

    Today, all I have left to do to finish med school is 1 years of intership. (I have just finished 6 month of it, in Belgium we have to do 18 month of internship, 3 month in each specialty to finish med-school)
    I’m very very invested in my work, even if the medical side of it isn’t my passion, I’ve discovered that the management side of the medical world was my absolute dream so I’m actually taking every responsability I can toward the organisation of my faculty and the hospital I work in. Next year I’ll like to start a specialisation to become an ER specialist.

    During COVID-19, my life was entirely dedicated to my work, my studies, and my family. I haven’t workout in almost 2 years, and today I weight 98kg. The 100kg bar is my worst nightmare, and now that my schedule is a little bit cleared, I have more time to look at myself in the mirror and see how disapointed I am.

    Since nothing else than this forum ever worked for me, I’m back. I’m determined, I’m motivated, and most importantly I’m more mature than last time, since I already went trough this road.
    My goal is to loose 13kg and to reach my 85kg dream, but this time with a more balanced training so that I don’t get hit by the yoyo effect that much.
    Last time I went from nothing to 7 days of training a week, 1 hour of training at least a day, and hard diet. That was too brutal and even if it worked it wasn’t realistic to hold in the long term.

    Voila, it’s all I have to say to dress the picture, I hope that this will be a new start towards me being as healthy as I advice my patients to be !

    Day 0 - Plotting my revenge

    Actual state
    - Size : 1.89 meters (6,2 feets)
    - Weight : 97.9 kg (215,83 pounds)
    - No sports at all
    - Bad diet

    Long-term objective
    - Size : No more please
    - Weight : 85kg (187,3 pounds)
    - Sport : 4 days a week
    - Diet : More balanced, but I don’t want to be maniac about it

    Short-term To-Do :
    - Build a workout schedule (my dream is to train in the morning before going to work but I never managed to achieve it, I leave at 7H45 in the morning so that’s not unrealistic)
    - Find the workout(s) on the website I wanna start with

    I’ll post my findings tomorrow, and I’ll start training on monday, see you then 🔥🔥





        When I was checking out this site, I would do a single set of say 6 workouts instead of doing 3 sets from 2, just to give myself more exposure to what was available. It might be helpful if you are looking to experiment with what would fit in a routine.


          Welcome to the hive!


            Hello and welcome!


              Prelude :

              As planned, I used my free time this week-end to prepare
              I bought a smart scale that I can use to keep track of my weight and my body fat percentage
              I chose to pick the One-minute HIIT program and to couple it with the Workout of the day every day. I'll plan to workout 6 days a week, 5 if I can't find the time.
              I also chose to start an 16 fast routine again, maybe like 3 or 4 days a week.
              Last time I started this kind of journey I was obsessed with my weight. This time I plan to only use the scale once every month, or two weeks tops, and take picture to help me keep tracks of my progress

              Here are the numbers I got yesterday evening from my scale (I had two big family dinner this week-end so I know this was the worst time ever to go on the scale. I did it on purpose to boost my motivation)

              Weight : 99.45kg (219.25 lbs)
              Body fat : 18% (It seems below the actual number in my opinion, based on what I know about it)
              IMC : 28.1
              Waist : 104 cm (40,94 inches)
              Hip : 101 cm (39,76 inches)

              Now that the foundation are set, let's go with the daily logs


                Day 1 - Where it all begins

                16/8 Fast (First meal at 1:00 PM)
                2 Liters of water
                2 Meals, 1 snack, no snacking in between

                One-Minute HIIT - Level II - Day 1
                Workout of the day : Big Bang - Level I

                It already feel so amazing to go back to old habits. I feel less guilty, and even tough coming back to weight loss is often harder, I'm willing to see through this


                  Day 2

                  16/8 Fast (First meal at 12:00 AM)
                  2 Meals, 1 snack, no snacking in between

                  One-Minute HIIT - Level II - Day 2
                  Workout of the day : Setting Goals - Level I

                  Today I went to the restaurant in the city center, and for the first time in a while I wasn’t feeling guilty when looking at my plate. I was just happy that I did my workout today and to know I’ll do the same tomorrow
                  It’s all about that feeling 🔥🔥


                    Day 3 (yesterday)

                    16/8 Fast (First meal at 13:00 AM)
                    2 Meals, 1 snack, no snacking in between

                    No sport today, work was harder than exepected so I had to take a day off (already)​

                    At first I felt so guilty not training today, since it's so early on in my program, but I finally tought that instead of guilt I should focus on doing better the next days. Let's get trough this first week already


                      Day 4

                      No Fast today, I ate a piece of toasted bread with cottage cheese this morning
                      2 Meals, 1 snack, no snacking in between

                      2 Liters of water

                      One-Minute HIIT - Level II - Day 3
                      Self-chosen workout of the day : Toughi - Level I

                      I'm only focusing on finding a pattern here, every week I'll add a concept to this log and try to make it more and more entertaining, especialy for myself