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comming back to DAREBEE and this great comunity! :D

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    Hi bees! Yesterday I forgot to post, but I trainned a lot hahah


    Before programs
    - 2 x 10 jump squats
    - 20 minute bicycle
    - Breath Easy
    - Standing mobility

    - Spartan Trials - Day 16 - lvl 3
    - Power Up - Day 16


    Today I only did 1 hour of cycling, and if I have timeI'll do my programs (lot of cleanning in my house)

    see you later bees!


      Hi bees! Nice sunday!

      - Spartan Trials - day 17- lvl 3
      - Power Up - Day 17

      Today I decided to start at lvl 2 the Half marathon Challenge after finishing my programs because I have my very first half marathon on 21st Aug!

      See you tomorrow bees!


        Nice challenge. Good luck!


          Good luck for your half-marathon and your training!


            Thank you guys! TopNotch Montserrat

            Hi bees!


            - Spartan Trials - Day 18 - lvl 2 (I had a little fatigue so..)
            - Power Up - Day 18 (again, yesterday was so tough)

            Today I feel a little better, so I started my day with 4 sets of Sun Salutation (my technique is so bad )
            Probably I'll do same bike bbefore my programs today

            See you later my bees! ​​​​​​​


              Hi bees!

              - Spartan Trials - Day 19 - lvl 3
              - Power Up - Day 19



              Before work:
              - Wake up and connect
              - De-Stress Strech

              After Work
              - Spartan Trials - Day 20
              - Power Up - Day 20
              + 4 x 10 dips

              see you tomorrow bees!


                Hi bees! Nice day! happy father's day to everyone!

                - I couldn't train because I arrived too late to home..

                - Spartan Trials - Day 21- lvl 2(tooooooooooooo tough!!)
                - Power Up - Day 21

                - 4 km run
                - Spartan Trials - Day 22- lvl 2

                I did not had the time to do the 22th day of power up because me and my girlfriend went to see buzz movie


                Today I had a party for father's day (too much food!, Lot of Asado (BBQ in Argentina)

                - Spartan Trials - Day 23 -lvl 3
                - Power Up - Day 22

                See you tomorrow bees!


                  Hi bees! Nice day uh?

                  Today I recovered the lost day of power up, this was a real fight for me haha, Ithink that this is the most ough program that I take...

                  - Spartan Trials - Day 24 - lvl 3
                  Today I tried to do the three excercices on one leg and then turn to the other leg at the last two sets and this was a game-changer
                  * Endurance Test : 2 minutes

                  - Power Up - Day 23
                  - Power Up - Day 24

                  And today (since 20/6 in Argentina is a festive day) I studied a lot of coding with Python (Pandas to be more presicely), obviously n a begginer level, but such a happy day!

                  See you tomorrow friends?


                    Hi bees! today I've been with a little pain in my whole body and articulations, headache and I'm tired....

                    So today is a NO for trainning

                    See you tomorrow my friends!


                      Healing vibes


                        Feel better soon!


                          Hope you get better!


                            Hi bees! thanks so much Fremen Montserrat​​​​​​​ and GentleOx for the vibes!

                            Yesterday I felt not so well again, and today I feel at 70% in a manner of speaking (I think this is a form of saying it )

                            If I can, I will work out today, but only if I feel better hahaha.. See you later bees!

                            PD: thanks again! ​​​​​​​


                              Hi bees! finally recovering! not at 100% but alredy ok

                              - Spartan Trials - Day 26 - part 1 lvl 1 + part 2 lvl 2
                              - Power Up - Day 26

                              - Spartan Trials - Day 25 - part 1 lvl 1
                              part 2 : Squat hold instead of wall sit:
                              - 1:21 minutes
                              - 1:23 minutes
                              - 1:24 minutes
                              - Power up - Day 25

                              See you tomorrow bees!


                                Hi bees! Nice sunday!

                                - Spartan Trials -Day 27 - lvl 2
                                - Power Up -Day 27

                                I'm close to finish this programs and also preparing my weekly schedule for my half marathon program

                                Today my brother did a 35Km trail running event, I am impressed about his health at 45YO

                                See you tomorrow bees!