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comming back to DAREBEE and this great comunity! :D

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    comming back to DAREBEE and this great comunity! :D

    Hi everyone! My name is Facundo and I meet this beautiful website in 2015.

    Over the years (2015 to 2018) I trainned with the workouts of this wanderfull site. Gaining confidence I started to make my own workouts, and little by litlle I left the instinct of searching new content.

    So..Now I`m here and have a lot of energy. My new goals are getting some muscles and re-gaining my stamina and VO2MAX so, I think that I have to ind a program or a trainning plan according to my journey.

    Now work out 5 times per week, Have a bike, dumbells (with adjustable weight), a pull up bar, a dip bar and a mat, My problem is on my week schedule, I was thinking insomehing like this:

    Mon: run, cycle or a hiit
    Tue: push day
    Wed: leg day.
    Thu: pull day
    Fri: run, cycle or hiit
    Sat: off or a non workout
    Sun: off or a non workout

    Hi and welcome back


      Welcome back to the Hive. Your schedule looks good. Personally, though, I wouldn't have complete off days on the weekend. Perhaps something a little more gentle and/or rehabilitative, such as stretches or mobility work.


        Welcome back




            Thanks all you guys! Anek Fremen TopNotch
            TheLibrarian Thanks for the coment, probably a little yoga or streches look good! Thanks!!


              Good Monday Bees!!!

              Today was a great day. I did 2:30 min instead of the 2:00 min in the DD, Later The High Groud Workout at Level 2, and then we played Paddle with my girlfriend.

              I want to start an add on program or a challenge, I want to bulk but without loosing VO2 max or stamina...

              See you tomorrow!


                Hi bees! Today was my puh day, I did the Red REAPER Workout, but only at lvl 1... I need to start practising my push ups resistence. And then I did de DD with EC.

                Tomorrow i think will create my own WO.

                see you!


                  Hi Bees! Good day today!!

                  Leg day:
                  - 4x8 per leg Bulgarian split squat (+20 Kg in dumbells)
                  - 4 x 8 Jump foward squad (jump as far as I can)
                  - 4 x 8 per leg rumanian deadlift (concentrating the effort in one leg)
                  - 4x 20 Frog bridges (for glutes) + a 10Kg dumbell
                  - 4 x 75m sprint.

                  I added the DD butI wish I had the time for a 1 or 2 Km run...

                  I will start to add some little Workout like Fremen do, Today I get motivated By him. Thanks!!


                    Originally posted by facuzayas View Post
                    I will start to add some little Workout like Fremen do, Today I get motivated By him. Thanks!!
                    You're welcome


                      Hi Bees!! Last Thursday, Friday, Monday and tuesday I did not post but I`ll resume it:

                      Thursday, Pull day:
                      - 4 x 12 chin Up.
                      - 4 x 8 (per side) one hand row with 15 Kg.
                      - 4 x 8 dumbell bicep curl with 10 Kg per hand.
                      - Lvl 1 Fallback Workout.

                      Friday and weekend:: Days off,
                      came my friends from other city, but we played paddle

                      Monday: Cardio day:
                      - DD with EC
                      -Lvl 1 TouchDown Workout.
                      -Lvl 1 GLORY Workout.
                      -Lvl 1 Big Bang Workout.

                      Tuesday: push day, But I played a soccer match (1hour) and i felt really exhausted (soreness the day after)

                      Wednesday: Push day.
                      - Lvl 2 Push up party.Workout
                      - some shoulder exsercise (optional)


                        Welcome back


                          Originally posted by KayraKeona View Post
                          Welcome back

                          I'll take this thursday to rest, I feel a little down in energy, but tomorrow I'll crush it!


                            Hi bees! another week!

                            Monday: cardio day
                            Today I biked 10 km with my old ride haha, so fun!
                            - no DD today, maybe before bed.

                            I know that my past weekend was a disaster but I`ll try tomake it better, I promess

                            Any Workout for leg, push or pull streght to recommend?


                              Hi bees! It is me here again!

                              Last weeks were difficult because me and my partner moved from Misiones (noth east provinve of Argentina) to Buenos Aires (the capital and the center of the country).

                              This Tuesday I trained legs with Monster Legs Workout with two eight Kilograms kettlebells and tomorrow will be upper body, any recommendations?

                              I am doing currently the iron will challenge, I want to add a program or more challenges