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    Another big walking day for me. I went to a small queer comic book fair and met up with some friends and we ended up walking for a couple miles after. It felt good to stretch my leg while I was out and it's just a little sore again this evening.

    June 13th Workouts
    Baseline, day 7/30
    30 Days of Yoga, day 27/30
    Wall Push-Ups Challenge, day 26/30

    Consecutive days walked: 10


      No real update today, just a sleepy Monday

      June 14th Workouts
      Baseline, day 8/30
      30 Days of Yoga, day 28/30
      Wall Push-Ups Challenge, day 27/30

      Consecutive days walked: 11

      D20 challenges:
      1:30 pm: 20 Chest expansions, 10 High knees, 10 Side jacks, 10 Punches
      5:30 pm: 20 Calf raises, 20 Side jacks, 10 Bicep extensions
      7:30 pm: 40 Side leg raises, 10 Chest expansions, 10 Calf raises


        Workouts still going strong and I'm looking forward to doing them each day.

        June 15th Workouts
        Baseline, day 9/30
        30 Days of Yoga, day 29/30
        Wall Push-Ups Challenge, day 28/30

        Consecutive days walked: 12

        D20 challenges:
        10 am: 10 Step jacks, 10 Punches, 20 Overhead punches, 10 High knees
        1 pm: 10 Back leg raises, 10 Side jacks, 10 Step jacks, 10 Calf raises, 20 Bicep extensions
        3 pm: 10 Overhead punches, 20 Step jacks, 10 Bicep extensions, 10 High knees
        6 pm: 20 Step jacks, 10 Punches, 10 Side leg raises, 10 Calf raises

        1-2: Back leg raises
        3-4: Chest expansions
        5-6: Side jacks
        7-8: Punches
        9-10: Side leg raises
        11-12: Step jacks
        13-14: High knees
        15-16: Bicep extensions
        17-18: Calf raises
        19-20: Overhead punches


          Excellent! That's half the battle when you want to do it.


            Badge day! Glad to be done with yoga, I wasn't getting much out of it. I'll try it again someday I'm sure. Other than that, kind of a busy day at work so no D20 challenges for me.

            I'm also dropping my daily calorie goal a little because I haven't lost weight in two weeks and I'm feeling frustrated. I think should start keeping track of my water intake and hours slept, since both of those contribute to weight loss as well. We'll see, maybe tomorrow!

            June 16th Workouts
            Baseline, day 10/30
            30 Days of Yoga, day 30/30
            Wall Push-Ups Challenge, day 29/30

            Consecutive days walked: 13


              Congrats on 30 Days of Yoga badge day


                Congrats on 30 Days of Yoga!


                  No badge for challenges (unfortunately :p) finished with the Wall Push-Ups Challenge today! I plan on starting it over from the beginning tomorrow and upping the difficulty. I've been doing them with flat feet and I want to do the next round up on my toes like the example picture. Looking forward to increasing the difficulty!

                  June 16th

                  Morning Stretch
                  Baseline, day 11/30
                  Wall Push-Ups Challenge, day 30/30

                  Consecutive days walked: 14


                    Congratulations on finishing that challenge!


                      Congrats on finishing the wall pushups challenge!


                        Thanks awesomesue & CarbonaraTamara!
                        Not much of an update again today. It's been kind of an off week for me, I've been staying up too late and tired all day. I'm planning on taking Melatonin for a few nights to get my sleep schedule back on track.
                        June 17th

                        Morning Stretch
                        Baseline, day 12/30
                        Wall Push-Ups v2, day 1/30

                        Consecutive days walked: 15


                          Took it easy today I actually watched all of the show Fleabag haha. Has anyone seen it? It was so good!!

                          June 19th

                          Baseline, day 13/30
                          Wall Push-Ups v2, day 2/30

                          Consecutive days walked: 0
                          Previous streak: 15


                            Congrats on 30 days of yoga and the pushups challenge


                              Thanks BlueAkbom

                              Back on the walking today. It was so hot but still felt nice to stretch my legs. I am not a summer person, I'm going to have to either force myself to wake up early for walks or keep it to after dark.

                              June 20th

                              Baseline, day 14/30
                              Wall Push-Ups v2, day 3/30

                              Consecutive days walked: 1
                              Previous streak: 15


                                After dark walk today. Just a very little one, it started to rain just as I walked outside. Won't reach my step goal today, but at least I went outside!

                                The push-ups up on my toes are no joke. So much harder! My upper back and shoulders were super sore this morning. I'm hoping I get used to them soon.

                                June 21th

                                Baseline, day 15/30
                                Wall Push-Ups v2, day 4/30

                                Consecutive days walked: 2
                                Previous streak: 15