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    Congrats on Square One badge day


      Congrats on badge day!


        Congrats on your first badge (of many)!




            Anek DorothyMH Fremen BlueAkbom Mianevem awesomesue Thanks everyone!! ​​​​​​​

            Great start to the new program today! My arms are sore but I feel great. Also my husband started Baseline with me, so I'm stoked to have him as a partner.
            Currently in progress:
            Baseline, day 1/30
            30 Days of Yoga, day 21/30
            Wall Push-Ups Challenge, day 20/30

            Consecutive days walked: 4
            Previous walking streak: 6


              That is very exciting your husband is joining in on the program.


                Belated congrats on the badge!


                  I saw there was some light rain forecasted for later in the day so I did my walk at lunchtime. Now in the afternoon there is a massive thunderstorm and a flash flood warning! I'm glad I got out when I did, this rain is unbelievable. Looks like there will be storms through the rest of the week, so we'll see if I can keep the walking up.

                  Baseline is going well so far. It seems just a touch more challenging than Square One, so I think I picked a good one to advance.

                  Currently in progress:
                  Baseline, day 2/30
                  30 Days of Yoga, day 22/30
                  Wall Push-Ups Challenge, day 21/30

                  Consecutive days walked: 5
                  Previous walking streak: 6


                    Just a short walk today but I made it out I'm not feeling like yoga is doing much for me, so I'm glad I'm almost done with it. I think I'm going to try to find some stretches or flexibility exercises to add in daily after I finish the yoga program.

                    Currently in progress:
                    Baseline, day 3/30
                    30 Days of Yoga, day 23/30
                    Wall Push-Ups Challenge, day 22/30

                    Consecutive days walked: 6


                      Nice walk and yoga during my lunch, workout and push-ups in the evening. I also found the idea for a workout game that I'm going to start putting together exercises for. Just need to compile a list of things I both can & want to do Thanks for the idea CarbonaraTamara !

                      Currently in progress:
                      Baseline, day 4/30
                      30 Days of Yoga, day 24/30
                      Wall Push-Ups Challenge, day 23/30

                      Consecutive days walked: 7


                        You're very welcome! I can't wait to see what you do with it!


                          Here's my first draft of the exercise game! My rule is just to roll a D20 and do 10 of the exercise listed. Simple for now, but I can add to it. Once this gets easy (or boring) I can find more exercises to add and increase the quantity.

                          1-2: Back leg raises*
                          3-4: Chest expansions
                          5-6: Side jacks
                          7-8: Punches
                          9-10: Side leg raises
                          11-12: Step jacks
                          13-14: High knees
                          15-16: Bicep extensions
                          17-18: Calf raises
                          19-20: Overhead punches
                          I plan on rolling the die a few times during my work day when I need a little pep

                          June 11th Workouts
                          Baseline, day 5/30
                          30 Days of Yoga, day 25/30
                          Wall Push-Ups Challenge, day 24/30

                          Consecutive days walked: 8

                          D20 challenges:
                          10 am: 20 Step jacks, 10 Side jacks, 10 Squats, 10 Calf raises
                          1 pm: 10 Squats, 1​​​0 Step jacks, 10 Overhead punches, 30 High knees
                          3 pm: 10 Side jacks, 1​​​0 Step jacks, 10 Chest expansions, 10 Calf raises, 10 High knees

                          * I initially had squats here, but they were hurting my knees today so I swapped it out for future games. I'll work up to squats!


                            Looking good!


                              Big day outdoors today. My husband and I met up with a mutual friend and walked around in the city for a few hours. I walked just over 4 miles today! I felt great at the time but now that I'm home I am sore. I'm drinking lots of water and stretching this evening. Also, almost through with the push-ups challenge. It's hard to believe I did 100 push-ups today! That was really tough, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to finish them but I pushed through.

                              June 12th Workouts
                              Baseline, day 6/30
                              30 Days of Yoga, day 26/30
                              Wall Push-Ups Challenge, day 25/30

                              Consecutive days walked: 9


                                Nothing trains you for walking except walking!