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    Nice progress! It seems your mood is better. I hope that’s the case. If not, healing vibes.


      Day 150!!

      Feeling great and getting stronger every day. Planning on continuing to increase weights and adding more weight exercises too.

      Today I did my push-ups on an incline bar at the park. I know I'll be sore tomorrow! Also hit my Fitbit steps, my goal is to make it every day this week. Wish me luck!

      That being said, I did tire myself out today so I'm skipping Foundation for the day

      October 4th - Day 150
      Wall Push-Ups x4, day 21/30
      4000+ steps, day 1/7


        LizardFriend95 I didn't see your message yesterday- Yes I am feeling better, thanks! It comes and goes, but I'm in a positive time right now. ❤️

        Oh man my arms and chest are SORE from the bar push-ups yesterday! Glad I did them but I'm suffering for it.

        I think I'm going to drop the push-ups for now since they haven't been a focus for me lately. I've been wanting to add squats to my routine so in planning on starting the Punches and Squats Challenge tomorrow.

        October 5th - Day 151

        Foundation, day 20/30
        Wall Push-Ups x4, day 22/30 4000+ steps, day 2/7

        Arm day, 10 reps/5 sets:
        Band Pushdowns with 25# resistance band
        Overhead Tricep Extension with 25# resistance band
        Compound bicep curl to shoulder press, with 8# weight


          Finished the last 1k of my steps today by pacing around my living room while reading on my kindle. Walking in circles made me a little dizzy, but I've gotta make do without a treadmill

          October 6th - Day 152

          Foundation, day 21/30
          Punches and Squats, 1/30
          4000+ steps, day 3/7


            There are also march steps that can be done without circles🤪


              Had a happy hour with my coworkers yesterday! It was the first time we'd been together face to face in 19 months!! Had a really good time

              Went over my step goal yesterday, but way under today. Oh well, I took it easy today since yesterday was a late night. Looking forward to the weekend as always!

              October 8th - Day 154

              Foundation, day 23/30
              Punches and Squats, 3/30


                Just a quick post so I don't get behind!

                October 9th - Day 155

                Foundation, day 24/30
                Punches and Squats, 4/30

                Arm day, 10 reps/5 sets:
                Compound bicep curl to shoulder press, with 8# weight


                  An uneventful weekend, pretty lazy but did my workouts 👍🏻

                  October 10th - Day 156

                  Foundation, day 25/30
                  Punches and Squats, 5/30


                    My arms felt so weak today! I can only assume I'm feeling the effects of skipping the resistance bands recently. I'll add them back in on Wednesday.

                    October 11th - Day 157

                    Foundation, day 26/30
                    Punches and Squats, 6/30
                    4000+ steps, day 1/7

                    Arm day, 10 reps/5 sets:
                    Compound bicep curl to shoulder press, with 8# weight


                      Stressed and depressed today, just did the bare minimum.

                      I'm taking Thursday and Friday off from work to go on a little vacation with my husband, hoping that will be a nice reset.

                      October 12th - Day 158
                      Wall push-ups to fatigue
                      4000+ steps, day 2/7


                        Have some great free-days lying ahead.


                          Quick workout once we got to our hotel tonight. I'm looking forward to using the fitness center the next two days!
                          October 13th - Day 159

                          Wall push-ups to fatigue
                          Punches and Squats, 7/30
                          4000+ steps, day 3/7 - almost 8k!


                            Great day and great workout! Lots of walking around a cute small town. The hotel gym didn't have much, but I got to try heavier weights. I did 4 sets with 10# and 1 set with 15#! It was really challenging but I got through it 💪🏻

                            October 14th - Day 160

                            Foundation, day 27/30
                            Punches and Squats, 8/30
                            4000+ steps, day 4/7 - over 14k!

                            Arm day, 10 reps/5 sets:
                            Compound bicep curl to shoulder press, 4 sets with 10# and 1 set with 15# weight


                              Home 😊 It was great to get away for a couple days and I'm glad to be back.

                              October 15th - Day 161

                              Foundation, day 28/30
                              Punches and Squats, 9/30
                              4000+ steps, day 5/7 - over 7k


                                It is nice that you were able to have a little get away; enjoy your weekend!