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    You can do it , nemalo !


      Thanks, Gafi!

      7th March:
      Sun Salutations (10 sets); 30DoS, day 30 (part 1, L3; part 2 modified due to lack of bar); Yoga week, day 5 (L3); Set to Stun, L3; yoga class

      8th March:
      Sun Salutations (10 sets); Harley Quinn, L3; Yoga week, day 6, L3 (2 sets); Big Bang, L3

      9th March (hello chocolate, my old friend ):
      Sun Salutations (10 sets); Shieldmaiden, L3; Yoga week, day 7, L3; Extractor, L3; Daily Workout (9 sets)


        To start this off, I think it's best to say... Oh my dear sweet good lord above, I can't wait for Cardio Trim!!! I think I'll do that and some more combat oriented workouts before attempting Military Fit - which still continues intimidating me and I keep postponing it.
        With that being said, onwards to the log!

        10th March:
        Sun Salutations (10 sets); Ultimate Burn, L3, Assassin's Challenge, day 1; Bad Day, L3

        11th March (ate chocolate):
        Sun Salutations (10 sets); Darebee Birthday jumping jacks (24 for each hour); Spy, L3; Assassin's Challenge, day 2

        12th March (broke into the dried dates and chocolate stash D: ):
        Sun Salutations (10 sets); Lock'n'Load, L3; Ultimate Burn, L3; Bring Me Some Pie, L3; Assassin's Challenge, day 3 (repeated 3 times)

        13th March:
        Sun Salutations (10 sets); Harpy, L3 (this one absolutely murdered me); Body Flow, L3; Assassin's Challenge, day 4

        Today (guess who got to the chocolate once again... fortunately, the stash is almost gone, ha!):
        Sun Salutations (10 sets); Wild Card, L3 (I found out I really suck at kicking); Jump Rope, L3 (2 times); Loki, L3; Assassin's Challenge, day 5

        Okay, so, despite me still destroying all the chocolate and fruit available (I'm a weak willed person who gives in to temptation all too easily ), I'm happy to notice that I've lost some weight, that my endurance is better and that I've grown stronger! I still have to clean up my eating, though. Easier said than done, according to all evidence.
        I've also decided that I should do more combat oriented workouts... I suck at all the martial arts related exercises, and while doing Wild Card today I had some troubles with the kicks (namely, not sure if I was performing them correctly). Hm.


          That's so great to here! Congrats on all that progress. And for martial arts.... dragon week?


            Dragon Week actually intimidates me a bit... But I should try and complete it, dammit! No one ever got better at anything by avoiding stuff. Okay, tomorrow I'll give it a try! I'm deathly scared of not doing it correctly and thus, not reaping the benefits of the workouts, to be perfectly honest with you.

            Anyway, onto the log! Again.
            And I should mention now, I've been demolishing chocolate like there's no tomorrow. Seriously. I don't know how all of that hasn't made me gain weight yet, but I'm glad it hasn't. At least there's that.


            16th March:
            Sun Salutations (10 sets); Assassin's Challenge (days 6&7); Scout, L3; Frost, L3; Jump Rope, L3 (x3); casual training

            17th March:
            Sun Salutations (10 sets); Mulan, L3; Ultimate Burn, L3 (x3); Assassin's Challenge, day 8

            18th March:
            Sun Salutations (10 sets); Firestorm, L3 (didn't do the raised leg push-up, however, because I'm still too weak ); Big Bang, L3; Jump Rope, L3

            Sun Salutations (10 sets); Assassin's Challenge (days 9&10); Slow Cooker, L3; Damage Control, L3; Daily Burn


            Well, decided to take today a bit easier, since... I'M LAZY DAMMIT. However, I've managed to stop at much less chocolate than previous days, hooray! I think I'll be able to reign it all in soon enough (after I eat everything and there's nothing left to tempt me <.< Then again, there's fruits fresh and dried and many kinds of nuts around...).
            I'm going to hit the sack soon, I'm tired.


              Oh wait, I checked dragon week today and the second workout has a difficulty level of 5!! So watch out. And good job with that self-control.


                I know, I'm afraid of that...
                Ah, thanks! .... She said while munching on dried figs post breakfast. Well, I'm starving!

                Okay, so, today I went for a walk with a friend - according to my Fitbit, I did 13 km. And when I say walk, I don't mean a leisurely stroll, because both her and mine normal walking tempo is closer to speed walking than anything else. That's why I enjoy taking walks with her, others are too slow for my liking. The day was amazing so I simply had to get outside of the house! <3 I also managed to snap some photos, which was not too bad either. Hopefully there will be something for my portfolio.
                Afterwards, I did the Valkyrie, L3 and the Daily Workout before dinner.
                Last edited by nemalo; March 20, 2016, 07:04 PM. Reason: added daily workout


                  So, did my 10 Sun Salutations before breakfast; the Daily Dare with EC; Assasssin's Challenge, day 12; Black Widow, L3, Survey Corps, L3 and the Daily Workout before dinner. I like these high burn exercises because I can complete them fairly quickly even when my schedule is packed with work.

                  Also, an observation - while Black Widow isn't too difficult while one's working out, after you complete the 7 sets and decide to rest, you can feel the fatigue creeping in your bones. I didn't know I was taking a nap post exercise until I suddenly opened my eyes and the painting I'm currently working on was riddled with unnecessary scribbles. Well, nothing that an undo button can't save!


                    It's 10:30 p.m. and I came home from university exactly half an hour ago, due to my having a late class. I feel dead, but there's still work to be done... Ugh.

                    So, today I did the 10 Sun Salutations before breakfast, which I can say I quite like. Gives a nice stretch. Also completed Assassin's challenge, day 13, the Daily Dare, did True Alpha (L3) and Ultimate Burn (L3) twice. I think I'll add a few more push-ups before crashing into bed and dying. Nighty night.


                      Ooookay. This is actually not that long of a pause between posts for me. Yay!

                      23rd March:
                      Sun Salutations (10 sets); Assassin's Challenge, day 14; X Marks the Spot, L3; Fae, L3

                      24th March:
                      Sun Salutations (15 sets); Assassin's Challenge, day 15; X Marks the Spot, L3; The Roaster, L3; Daily Burn

                      I'm tiiiiiired, but there's work to be done and I'm procrastinating... Ugh. Better go back to the drawing board....


                        Ugh, I hate logging like this... Ah, well.

                        25th March:
                        Sun Salutations (10 sets); Assassin's Challenge, day 16; Kunoichi, L3; Set to Stun, L3

                        26th March (my back and arms are sore and in pain):
                        Sun Salutations (10 sets); Assassin's Challenge, day 17; X Marks the Spot, L3; Assassin's Workout, L3; Ultimate Burn, L3

                        27th March (back and arms still sore, but less than yesterday):
                        Assassin's Challenge, day 18; Purgatory, L3; Cardio Hop (3 times); Jumping Rope, L3 (5 times)


                          It's 21:44 and I'm tiiiired. I'm procrastinating when I should really be working. Damn.

                          I started the Cardio Trim today! Super excited. A bit sad that I can't do the running one yet, but... Soon, I hope real soon, I'll pull that one off too.

                          So today I did the 10 Sun Salutations before breakfast, followed buy Assassin's challenge, day 19 and the Daily Dare (with EC) as a sort of a post breakfast part of stretching. Did the Cardio Trim, day 1 (part 1 + part 2 on L3; "unlocked" all 3 achievements); Homemade Back, L3; Cardio Hop (x8)

                          I think I'll go to bed after finishing my chai (sounds so posh, ha!). So damn tired.


                            Well, day 2 of Cardio Trim - done! Unfortunately, I did only 2/3 of the achievements, seeing as I can only do 20 or more knee push-ups and not the regular ones. But soon!
                            Did the pre breakfast 10x Sun Salutations, followed by some stretching and Assassin's Challenge, day 20 after breakfast. Spun the elliptical for 30 minutes while waiting for lunch to finish baking and also did Mulan, L3 and Daily Workout (2x). And now I should get back to work, even though the bed seems to be calling my name...


                              Ohhh I missed you SO MUCH girl!! Good luck with the program. You're rocking it.
                              And by chai do you mean tea? It's hindi/urdu. How on earth is that posh?
                              Anyway, take care.


                                HEEEEY! Missed you as well! So good to hear from you again.

                                Ah, I know about the meaning of the word; however there's this blend of tea and spices that a local company has and they named it "chai". It tastes pretty nice! And it's kind of posh because of the price tag they attached to the stuff, hah! Doesn't matter, had tea.

                                I've kind of missed updating here due to a lot of work with university and two injuries I had, but I'm almost at the end of Cardio Trim (today is the day before last) and I'll be done with the Push-up Ladder Challenge in around a week or so, so, yay! Military Fit, we'll be seeing each other soon. (That's terrifying )