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    Mr. Bilal - I'm a chocolate sniffing bloodhound. Ever since I stopped smoking two/three years ago (dammit, I'm horrible at remembering things and marking the passage of time), my sense of smell became much, much better. It's the cross I have to bear... (and the distance between the hallway and the place where the chocolate was being eaten is not that far away anyway, hah!)

    Anyway, onwards to belated updated...

    11th February (chocolate binge - and the day when I tried to at least partially outtrain all that I've eaten)
    Sun Salutation (L1); Plan B (L1), 30Days od Strength, day 5 (L3); Sprint&Halt (L2); casual training

    12th February
    The weekend at my cousin's began. That also meant wine, cheese and a lot of unhealthy food in general, because we went out to eat. And dessert. Did 3/0 Days of Strength, day 6 (part 1, L3) before departing though, but didn't manage to do part 2

    13th February
    Still at my cousin's. Had a greasy pizza that made me nauseous. Managed to squeeze in 30 Days of Strength, day 7 before everybody woke up in the morning.

    14th February (chocolate binge)
    30 DoS, day 8; TNT (L3); Monday Workout (4 sets); casual training

    15th February
    Yoga class, 30DoS, day 9 (L3); Achilles (L2); casual training

    16th February
    Sun Salutations (14 sets throughout the day); 30DoS, day 10 (part 1, L3; part 2 modified a bit due to lack of pull up bar); casual training

    17th February
    Sun Salutations (8 sets); 30DoS, day 11 (L3); Haywire (l3); casual training

    18th February (chocolate binge)
    Sun Salutations (8 sets); 30 DoS, day 12; Slayer (L3); casual training

    19th February (chocolate binge)
    Sun Salutations (8 sets); 30 DoS, day 13 (L3); casual training

    20th February (chocolate binge)
    Sun Salutations (8 sets); 30 DoS, day 14 (part 1, L3); Big Bang (L3 - two times); casual training

    21st February (chocolate binge)
    30 DoS, day 15 (L3); Cookie (20 sets); casual training


    So, for some time I've been having post lunch chocolate binges. That sucks. I've been feeling bloated, tired, irritated and nauseous after every such binge. Why do I still do it? Today was the worst one of the lot - I currently feel so horrible it's not even funny. I seriously need to get myself in check. I feel low, disgusted at myself and honestly can't look at myself in the mirror. I've been restricting my food intake, been really paranoid about the types of food I'd ingest and then I'd blow it all up with chocolate. I know I have to stop obsessing over what I eat because it'll lead me nowhere, and I know I need to stop hauling chocolate in my face.

    I'm going to bed now because I feel too horrible, physically and emotionally. And that stupid belly fat will never go away if I keep doing this.


      Congrats on giving up smoking! I'm surprised! Very few people can give it up. Well done, well done.
      And that chocolate eating.... I'm afraid you might be getting addicted to it. I don't know, no pro here. But I have a (****ing) addiction, and the way you described it in the last para, I can relate to it.
      Well, when you can give up smoking, you can definitely give up this. And stop the binges!
      Ms. Chocolate sniffing bloodhound (OMG >| ), check this out.
      And this.
      I use it mainly for 'brushing twice a day' habit.
      And don't worry too much about chocolate. All the workouts you've done must have nailed it.. 20 sets of cookie?? Wow!

      Ok enough with dumb talk, how did you do 14 sets of sun salutation?! You can do a handstand?
      And stop feeling horrible my friendly neighbourhood sea serpent (that's a long name!). Or else...... or else...... I'll cry!


        Mr. Bilal it wasn't that hard for me. I just decided I'd stop and that was the end of the story, hahaha! But it's not the same with sweets (or rather, food, in general - I like to munch on stuff!), I'm afraid... The chocolate binges I've had for yeeeears. Ah, well...
        Cookie is very easy, with EC or no (and that's why I like it, hhaahhaha!), and it's done quickly, so yeah, 20 sets. I manage to squeeze that between work and whatnot, ha!
        Oooooh, habitica looks very interesting, thank you so much!
        Aaaah... no. I can't do a handstand. I never mastered that because I was too afraid. I do however hope to do it, alongside the cartwheel! I always regretted not learning those as a child... That's also why I'm trying to get my upper body strength in check.
        You can just call me nemalo and I'll answer! And don't cry, nooooo! D: I'll make us cups of hot cocoa, that ought to make everything better.

        Anyway, workout log update time!

        22nd February (pffff, chocolate binge because ASDFGHJK)
        Morning stretch (Sun Salutations: 8 sets; Wake up and make it happen: 2 sets); 30 DoS, day 16 (L3); Inferno (L3); yoga class
        That was also the day I realised I could almost make a full bridge! I'm so close to having my back go in a perfect arch. ^^ And I tried it for teh lulz in the morning. Go figure!

        23rd February (chocolate.)
        Sun Salutations (10 reps); 30 DoS, day 17 (L3); Cookie (5 sets); casual training

        24th February
        Sun Salutations (8 sets); 30DoS, day 18 (part 1 - L3; part 2 substituted by various workouts); Ultimate Burn (L3; done two times); casual training; yoga class

        25th February
        Morning stretch (Sun Salutations: 8 sets; Wake up and connect: 2 sets); 30DoS, day 19 (L3); Ultimate Burn (L3; 2 times); casual training


          Nah that name's awesome! I love it. Btw is nemalo your real name? Or just a username like elektra. ( Sorry if it's a dumb question. Hehehehe )
          Aah yes, cartwheel. I want to do that too! It's on my to-do list. But before that I need to work a lot on my flexibility.
          And congrats on the bridge!
          One question, how do you feel after yoga? I mean are you seeing any benefits? Does it improve the shoulder flexibility (overall actually) and improve posture? (Yep, one question)
          Now..... give me that hot cocoa cup!!
          Last edited by Mr. Bilal; February 25, 2016, 09:03 PM. Reason: One question


            I don't believe in dumb questions (okay, maybe there are dumb questions, but I don't encounter them all that often) and I believe that people should always ask when they want to find out, so don't feel the need to apologise to me for asking absolutely anything. No, nemalo's not my real name, my real name is Matea (in case you were wondering! ) - nemalo came as a sort of online nickname from when I was a kid and I had a conversation with my mom. Truth be told, "nemalo" is a legit word meaning "a lot" (which 5 or so year old me didn't know). I guess it's a good nickname because I almost always go overboard with things, hah!
            And you, what about your nickname?

            Well, I was moderately flexible before, and that only improved with yoga (though, I'm in a beginner's class since I never did it before in my life, and everything we do is extremely easy for me). As for benefits - physically I think I's a bit too early to say if I see anything serious, other than improved flexibility; emotionally and mentally, I'm still an anxious, stressed out and hot tempered mess that I was before, but I'm hoping that will change with time. I've enrolled in the yoga class after my snowboarding instructor suggested that, to be perfectly honest. He said it would improve my balance and coordination, and so I decided to go. Plus, if I want to do krav maga and parkour in the nearby future, I'll need both!

            Here's the cocoa cup! ^^

            I'm not a fan of marshmallows, but maybe you are!


              Ok ok, Matea. Well... nice name! And my name is Bilal. The Mr. shot up in my mind because I liked the way Agent Smith calls Neo "Mr. Andrewson" in The Matrix. That's it?! Yep. At first I though it was mega stupid, but then I liked it. It's kind of respect giving. Hahaha
              Yoga looks cool. Many people benefit from it. I'm planning to do it in May. I love doing the downward dog.
              And you'll do parkour!! I so loved it. I had practiced the roll for about a month, till I hurt my bone and left it for the future. I even used to kick the wall, trying a wall run like Altair. xD Pfft hahahaha
              Marshmallows with coffee? Really? Never even thought about it. I'll try it.


                AAAAAA!!! LOVE the Matrix reference! *HIGH FIVE*

                Yeah, I'd love to do parkour, but I'm a bit intimidated by it, to be honest. While university is in progress I have little to no time to run outside, so I'll do that once summer vacation starts, and I hope to build up my upper body strength as well. (I'd love to be able to one day be like Altair and Ezio, ha! )
                I can't wait for my yoga class to become more challenging... The thing is that there are many people there who haven't done any exercising in a long time, so even the stretching we did caused them to have sore muscles afterwards. And because it's a group, the instructor, of course, has to set the level so everyone can follow it, which is normal and expected. At least it forces me to get some much needed stretching, so on the days I have yoga class I push myself a bit harder with the strength training, hahaha!

                Nooo, that's cocoa! But I never thought about marshmallows with coffee either.. Ah well, won't even consider trying it since, like I said, I hate marshmallows.

                Anyway, todays's log! And I had a chocolate binge. Again. *sigh*

                Sun Salutations (8 reps, I think, lost count :/ ); 30 DoS, day 20; Set to Stun (L3; two times); casual training


                  Yep, Altair and Ezio, parkour in the street like a boss! Like them
                  Pfft! I never knew coffee and cocoa were different. Hahahahaha


                    So, when you say cocoa, is it a drink made with chocolate/cocoa and milk, or chocolate/cocoa and water? I ask as there's supposedly a distinction but I can't remember which is the milk based beverage and which is the water based beverage. (plus, if you're going to add marshmallow to a beverage a hot milk based on seems better than a hot water one).

                    Btw, my real name is Jess, pleasure to meet you Matea and Bilal.


                      Nice to meet you too, Jess!
                      I mean made with cocoa/chocolate and milk, yeah. Never tried making it with water and to be perfectly honest, I had no idea there was a distinction! I'll Google that one up, though.

                      Mr. Bilal
                      I've seen that video and it. Is. AWESOME. I wish I were that agile and strong... *wistful sigh* And not afraid of heights.

                      In between anything and everything else, here be the log too:

                      28th February:
                      Wake up & make it happen (3 sets); Cookie (6 sets); Huntress (L3); 30DoS, day 22 (part 1 on L3; part 2 swapped with other workouts due to lack of bar); casual training
                      I think that somewhere in my posts I wrote the program days wrong; so this is on the correct order again. Eh, no time to check right now.

                      29th February:
                      30DoS, day 23 (L3); Daily Workout (6 sets); casual training

                      1st March (hello chocolate my old friend):
                      Sun Salutations (18 sets throughout the day); 30DoS, day 24 (L3); Assassin's Workout (L3); Ultimate Burn (L3); casual training

                      2nd March:
                      Sun Salutations (10 sets); 30DoS, day 23 (L3); Daily Burn (13 sets); casual training


                        3rd March:
                        30DoS, day 26 (L3); Ultimate Burn (L3); Yoga week, day 1 (3 sets)

                        4th March:
                        Sun salutations (10 sets); 30DoS, day 27 (L3); Raven (L3); Yoga week, day 2 (L3, 1 set -> I DIED. After the upper body day on 30DoS, this one destroyed me)

                        5th March (ate a ton of chocolate again ) :
                        Sun salutations (10 sets); 30DoS, day 28; Free Fall (L3); Yoga week, day 3 (L2, 1 set -> ouch.); casual training

                        6th March:
                        Sun salutations (16 sets); 30DoS, day 29 (L3); Daily Burn (6 sets); Yoga week, day 4 (2 sets); casual training

                        Yoga week is a bit harder than I expected, but that makes it all the more exciting! I already knew, however, that my lover body was strongest and that my upper body wasn't as strong. I should work on my arms more, methinks. :/ Especially if I intend to go with Military fit... That seriously piqued my interest, but it seems like bloody murder and frankly, I'm intimidated!
                        I also decided to eat a bit less and resist the damn chocolate temptation. It's the only "junk" food I eat. And to be honest, the chocolate I mostly eat is the 80% to 99% cocoa range - with an occasional more sugary one, I'll admit - but still, dangit, I'm able to devour an entire 99% cocoa chocolate bar in one sitting! I prefer the darker ones, so I mostly buy those, but it's still not good to eat two or more damn bars at once... ASDFGHJK. I should also eat a bit less fruit, since I'm a fruit fiend as well. We have a counter in the kitchen that's literally filled with a mountain of various fruits (I'm tempted to include a photo), which I stock up on weekends when I go to the farmer's market, but man, I'm the only one in the family eating fruit and it barely lasts me until the middle of the week. And I seriously want to get rid of the damn belly. I just have to beat my sweet tooth and portion my sizes better... *sad sigh* And definitely train smarter and harder. I think I should up the ante with the intensity a bit.


                          Today when I was thinking of which movie to see after exams, a thought came to my mind.....
                          "nemalo and the chocolate factory" Hahahaha that would be epic. "chocolate of the world..... fear me!" Hahahaha
                          You train a lot hard, really. All of that must be burning down that chocolate. But reducing it a little would be wise. Good luck! An entire dark chocolate bar in one go? That's a scary EC. I can't do that. Haha
                          Oh, and CONGRATS on completing 30 dos!! And good job with the yoga week. You're doing great!
                          I'm sure you can do the military fit, or even avatar upgrade. Good luck!


                            That would be horror movie, mwhahaha! Y'know, maybe we should make a production or something. I wager we could earn a pretty penny. WE'D BE RIIIIIIIIICH.
                            Well, yeah, it does burn down the chocolate... I seem to be eating at my maintenance mode currently - it's great that I've found what my maintenance is! It's kind of depressing, however, that it's more than what my father and brother would eat. I only have those last few kilos to lose and dammit, those are the hardest. Well, portion reduction, here I come...
                            Thanks! Tomorrow is the last day of 30DoS, can't wait to have that milestone behind me! I think I'll take a week's break and focus on martial exercises before trying myself out with Military fit, though. Hoooo boy. That program really scares the living daylights outta me.


                              You read these?


                                Yeah, read all of the articles. Well, I'm not aiming to lose THE last 5 kilos; what I meant by that is that I need to sort the darn stomach area out, which is, of course, the last to go. Eh.
                                I need to employ some more appetite control. But the call of the fruit and chocolate is so strooooong... Ugh. I can do it. I CAN DO EET.