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    nemalo girl... Like Mr. Bilal said "rise and shine", and like Rahx also expressed, if there's something we can do just let us know. But I think it would be a good idea if you visit a professional. Sounds to me like a pretty bad deppression, and don't feel bad about it. Most people get the Christmas blues also. Just keep pushing yourself, take things easy and rest. Get well soon.. Here have a cookie and a chocolate, that should help.


      Mr. Bilal, that's okay, I'm glad you dropped a line! :joy:

      Elektra, I've been to a professional a few years ago, but that left a rather bad taste in my mouth, seeing as the experience wasn't all too pretty (nothing drastic or horrific happened; it's just that the person wasn't helpful at all). I've been kind-of-sort-of diagnosed with a mild case of depression and it was determined that I didn't need any medications and that it would pass eventually; so I'm kind of hoping you're right when you're saying it's just the Christmas blues. I'm used to feeling down, it's just that it usually come and goes in somewhat quicker periods (don't know how to explain it better; I feel like my brain is operating with less than half it's usual capacity lately).
      I think I will grab something sweet, yeah.
      I have to say that I'm really thankful for the Hive's existence; I don't have to put anything down, just reading the posts others write and seeing the overall positivity and general helpfulness makes me feel better.


        That's good to know nemalo . Remember that we'rr just a click away .


          Haven't updated in a long, long time. Whoops?

          November 14th:
          Loki, L3; casual training

          November 15th:
          The Roaster, 3; casual training

          November 16th:
          Day 3 of the Micro HIIT; casual training

          November 17th:
          Bad Day, L3; casual training. Also did Day 1 of the 1400 Burpees - contemplated my life while doing it. And it was only 10 burpees...

          November 18th:
          Push, Squat, Repeat, L3; casual training

          November 19th:
          No working out, but did a lot of walking

          November 20th:
          Sherlock, L1; casual training. I was feeling REALLY lazy, so i decided to take it easy.

          November 21st:
          Altered Carbon, L3; casual training

          November 22nd:
          Bring Me Some Pie, L3; Cookie (2 sets); casual training

          November 23rd:
          Plan B, L3; casual training

          November 24th:
          Torch, L3; casual training

          November 25th:
          Big Bang, L3; casual training; a lot of walking during the day

          November 26th:
          No working out, did a lot of walking, jumping and generally goofing around in the woods

          November 27th:
          Gambit, L2 (in the morning due to lack of time, completed the last two sets in the evening); casual training

          November 28th:
          Chase, L3; casual training

          Dash, L3; Cookie (2 sets); casual training (currently on day 23 of the upper body challenge)


          I'm on a mission to get rid of the last remnants of my belly, so I think I'll start being more rigorous about what I eat again and I'll pick harder and more frequent workouts. That might force me to plan my time better, seeing as they'll take up a bit more time than usual, since I try to finish my workouts in around 40-60 minutes.


            Welcome back


              Thanks! I should make a better effort at keeping track of my workouts here...


              Addendum: Today's workout was 30 Days of HIIT Advanced, day 1, L1. I thought I was about to die after that. I know I could have done up to L2 and maybe, maaaaybe even L3, but I was pretty low on time in the morning. The rest of the day I did some casual training in between everything else, and I also did the Six O'Clock, L3 in the afternoon. Yip.


                Mkay. So, today was day 2 of HIIT Advanced, and since I didi it in the morning before I had to make a mad dash to uni, I did it on L1. It kind of made me irritated because I know I could have done this one on L3 without a problem. Ah, well... I'll do it some other day, just to feed my ego. I did do a lot of walking, though - since my university is very conveniently located up a hill, I decided that the best thing would be to walk to it. And walk down the said hill after the class was over. So there's that. The evening exercise consisted of 500 jumping jacks - I'm a sucker for gingerbread (give me a tray of cookies and I guarantee it'll be demolished in less than 10 minutes <3 ), so I naturally had to pick the gingerbread star for the DareBee tree! Also did day 1 of the advent calendar and the Daily Dare.
                I have no idea why I have so much energy, I'm contemplating on doing some more working out, but there's actual client work and homework to be done.


                  My daily reports are anything but daily.

                  December 2nd:
                  HIIT Advanced, L3, day 3; Advent Calendar, day 2; did another walk up to the campus; 400 jumping jacks for the ginger star

                  December 3rd:
                  Went on a trip, o the only thing I did was a few squats and lunges

                  December 4th:
                  Came back home from trip; did 500 jumping jacks for the ginger star

                  December 5th:
                  HIIT Advanced, day 4, L3; Advent Calendar days 3+4+5; 500 jumping jacks for the ginger star (thus completing everything, yay!); casual training

                  December 6th (aka yet another day when I shovelled chocolate into my face - but went REALLY overboard this time):
                  HIIT Advances, day 5, L1 (THE BURPEES WERE MURDER. I can't wait for the day when I finally conquer them!); Advent Calendar, day 6; Micro Wave (2 sets); casual training. Baked around 7 trays worth of gingerbread cookies. Considering I had to lift the tray to and from the oven, had to use the rolling pin and was walking back and forth from oven to cooling rack; that also counts as working out, right?


                  These last few days I've been demolishing chocolate around the house. Can't say I'm really proud of it... I always slip up during December because I can't get into the holiday spirit (you can call me Grinch) and I still feel low in general, though I kind of think I'm only using both of those reasons as an excuse to shove chocolate and baked goods into my face. The pounds haven't crept back on yet and I've gained muscle, but I'm only waiting for those sweets to do me in despite all of the clean eating around it.


                    nemalo this is just a really tough time of year for that! Between everyone being extra-busy doing holiday stuff AND all the extra holiday goodness around, there's just no safe place to turn... If you are finding that staying away from the sweets isn't working, then write it off--no sense feeling guilty about it (I'm good personally with a little productive guilt, but anything additional is useless!). You're doing really well working out, and I know you will continue to do so even after this season. Also, in about a month most of that temptation goes away for a while!


                      You're right, nappunkitty, and seeing as how a few of my friends have birthdays one after another... I contemplated that maybe, just maybe I should stop baking sweets for some time, but then I found myself in the kitchen, baking. :/
                      I should probably work on my willpower too, hahaha!


                      Proceeding with the log:

                      December 7th:
                      HIIT Advanced, day 7, L3; Advent calendar day 7; Micro Wave (3 sets)

                      December 8th (aka the day when my legs and glutes were on fire):
                      HIIT Advanced, day 8, L1 (didn't have enough time in the morning); Advent calendar day 8; 500 jumping jacks; walked up to the campus, walked down from said hill, took another walk across town

                      (Well, I decided to take it a bit easy today since my legs were killing me in the morning, but now that it's evening they're much better again! My back is sore now, though. Again.)
                      HIIT Advanced, day 9, L3; Advent calendar day 9; Daily Dare with EC
                      Last edited by nemalo; December 10, 2015, 06:19 AM.


                        Great job!


                          December 10th:
                          So, our professor took us out for lunch (it was pretty heavy and greasy and it didn't sit well with me, but oh well) and later on I was given a few shots of liquor to try while I was picking out gifts for friends and family. Got home and after I started my workout, I felt absolutely sick. There was cold sweat, I was shaking and I felt like I'd vomit out my soul. So I went to bed early.
                          Managed to complete Advanced HIIT, day 9 on L1 before it felt like I'll die any moment - and I also realised that I did a mix up of the workouts days in threads before this one, but oh well, too lazy to correct it.

                          December 11th:
                          Felt much better.
                          Advanced HIIT, day 10, L3; Advent Calendar, days 10+11; casual training


                            Geez... I suck at this. Hah.

                            December 12th:
                            Advanced HIIT, day 11, L3; Advent Calendar, day 12; casual training

                            December 13th:
                            Advanced HIIT, day 12, L3; Advent Calendar, day 13; Daily Dare (with extra credit!); casual training

                            December 14th:
                            Advanced HIIT, day 13, L1; Advent Calendar, day 14; casual training
                            Did the Advanced HIIT on L1 because I didn't feel like doing anything and wanted to curl up in my blanket. Better something than nothing, right? :/

                            December 15th:
                            Advanced HIIT, day 14, L3; Advent Calendar, day 15; Daily Dare (with extra credit!); casual training

                            December 16th:
                            Advanced HIIT, day 15, L2; Advent Calendar, day 16; Daily Dare (fell once, so I guess no EC ); took a VERY long walk; casual training

                            December 17th:
                            Advent Calendar, day 17; casual training
                            This is the day when I ate everything and anything that came my way. I'M NOT EVEN SORRY.

                            December 19th:
                            Advanced HIIT, day 17, L3; Advent Calendar, day 19

                            December 20th:
                            Advanced HIIT, day 18, L2 in the morning + L1 in the evening; Advent Calendar, day 20; casual training; took a walk
                            Today was actually pretty awesome; a friend of mine invited me for a walk and we walked from the outskirts of our town to the town nearby (not too long a walk; took us only an hour and a half or so) - and it was AWESOME. It was sunny, it was warm (what the fudge, December? I should be freezing!) and we went for coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Mmmmm. Coffee.


                              Well, I'll be going away for New Year's and right after that I'll be on my way with the parents on a vacation (snow and mountains are pretty nice), so better update this now. To be perfectly honest, I'm not really looking forward to either of those things; my feelings are still up and down and all over the place, which I hope will end soon; I feel somewhat drained and irritable and am torn between not wanting to eat and devouring everything in sight like a swarm of locust.
                              I think I'll go and draw something with push ups and climbers in between.

                              December 21st:
                              Advanced HIIT, day 19, L1 (dear sweet lord, my arms ache); Daily Dare; Advent Calendar, day 21; casual training

                              December 22nd:
                              Advanced HIIT, day 20, L3; Advent Calendar, day 22; casual training

                              December 23rd:
                              Advanced HIIT, day 21, L3; Advent Calendar, day 23; casual training

                              December 24th:
                              Advanced HIIT, day 23, L1; Daily Dare; Advent Calendar, day 24; casual training

                              December 25th:
                              Advanced HIIT, day 24, L3; Advent Calendar, day 25; Christmas Rockout; casual training

                              December 26th:
                              Advanced HIIT, day 25, L3; Daily Dare; casual training; also took a very long walk

                              December 27th:
                              Advanced HIIT, day 26, L3; Daily Dare; casual training

                              December 28th:
                              Advanced HIIT, day 27, L1 (again - my arms ;-; Daily Dare; casual training

                              December 29th:
                              Advanced HIIT, day 28, L3; Daily Dare; casual training

                              December 30th:
                              Advanced HIIT, day 29 (L1) + day 30 (L2); casual training


                                Sretna nova godina moj prijateljski susjedstvu more zmija !! :party2: Neka ova nova godina sve vaše snove pretvoriti u stvarnost i sve svoje napore u velikim postignućima .
                                Da , googled ja . Hehehehehe. Nešto od mene previše, možda ćete uvijek ostati sretni : D
                                I Čestitamo na popunjavanju HIIT Advanced :cheeron:​

                                To je 12 tamo , zar ne ? Također, ne zaboravite uživati ​​u vašem odmoru i što je najvažnije , držati se smiješi !

                                (I hope the translation in correct :p)