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    OHSWEETGOODLORDYES. This is the most beautiful thing I've seen today! :rocky-3: You're reeeeeally making me want to eat pizza... But I'm not complaining! :lol: What was inside this beautiful basket of deliciousness, Elektra?


      Well nemalo ... It was full of red onions, peppers, mushrooms, ground beef, pepperoni and lots and lots of cheese. Yumyyyy


        Oh my... Yes, yes, yes, all of the ingredients mentioned I absolutely adore!

        Workout update:
        Well, yesterday I wanted to do the Power Mode workout, but I realised I had to run to university, so I only did it on L1. When I came back home in the evening, I did 2 sets of the Two Minute Workout. Not really all that much, all things considered, and I really felt it.

        Today wasn't much better - so far, I did one set of the Two Minute Workout (I hope to squeeze in more) and I did the Ultimate Burn workout on L3. That didn't take much more than 20ish minutes or so and I didn't find it very challenging (I can feel my glutes a bit, but I've been doing various exercices whenever I could). I can't wait for the weekend when I'll have more time to do the workouts I really want to try! I know I'll be crying then. :phew:


          I've been feeling down these last few days, I don't know why... Plus, I've been shovelling chocolate in my face as a result of feeling blue as well. today is the first day i didn't do it, so that's kind of a good thing.
          As far as the workouts are concerned... I had to force myself to work out because honestly, I didn't feel like doing anything - but I'm glad I still did.

          22nd October
          The Roaster on L3, plus casual training. I was short on time, so I decided on another cardio workout I knew I'd complete quickly.

          23rd October
          Make me a Sandwich, L3, casual workout and the Two Minute Workout (one set).

          24th October
          Decided to give The Wrath of Odin a try. Holy... Did it kick my ass! I only managed to do L1 because I felt like I was close to becoming rubber. Though that could have been due to the fact that on that day, I felt the worst.
          Did 5 sets of the Cookie workout and casual training.

          The Chase, L3, 2 sets of the Cookie workout and casual training. The lack of time is making me feel frustrated.


            We all have days like that, so don't get frustrated. Jut listen to your body and if you feel like you need a couple days off, take them. Might become better for yourself and your performance. Have a great day.


              whoa! same pinch! Even I had some dull days lately, but today was a litte better. And even after having bad days you are staying consistent with your workouts. Marvelous! I'm skipping so many days
              Well done, well done


                Thanks guys, I haven't even realised how much having support actually meant. I'm still feeling slightly sad and down, but I'm managing to somewhat curb my ravenous appetite for all things chocolaty and sugary since I'm starting to feel better and the workouts don't seem to be that much of hassle anymore.
                You guys are the best! :thanks:


                  Ghost Buster, all 5 sets plus some casual training. Didn't have much tome for anything else.

                  Zombie, L3; plus casual training.

                  I'm dead tired. I should probably try and manage my time better...


                    Phoenix Burn on L3 was surprisingly easy and I didn't feel tired or anything afterward. Casual training, as always, included.

                    I think 'Ill go and crash into my bed now.


                      Hoooo, let's see... Didn't have much time to log my workouts again.

                      November 3rd:
                      Respawn, L3; casual training included (I also started the Upper Body challenge a few days beforehand, so that was day 3 of the challenge as well; from now on the Upper Body challenge goes alongside the casual training remark since I'm too lazy to type it every time ).

                      November 4th
                      No training - went on a trip for the entire day! Lots of walking around, though.

                      November 5th:
                      Only the Upper Body challenge on day 4 with a bit of casual training.

                      November 6th:
                      Confessor, L3; casual training.

                      November 7th:
                      Sculptor, L3; did a lot of walking.
                      I didn't really feel like working out that day, so my workout was a bit half assed, I'll admit. Still feeling sad and generally low in spirits.

                      November 8th:
                      Power 15; Micro HIIT day 1; Stay Awake workout (one set before I realised that nothing would help me stay awake); casual training.

                      November 9th:
                      Monday Workout; 2 Minute Workout (2 sets); casual training.

                      November 10th:
                      Bad Day workout, L3; 1 Minute Workout (3 sets); casual training.

                      November 11th:
                      2 Minute Workout (7 sets with a minute or less rest between sets); Paladin (reps on L3, sets on L1 because I didn't have enough time to do more); casual training.

                      I'm still feeling quite low and I've been feeling like that for the last two weeks, give or take. I don't know why, there's not a specific reason for me to feel that way; I just don't want to be near anyone, I don't want to work out, I don't want to eat, I don't want to sleep, I don't want to anything really - other than maybe cocoon myself in a blanket and be unaware of everything indefinitely. But I force myself to work out, eat and sleep regularly because I know I'll feel even worse if I don't do it. I'm thankful for that little bit of rational thought in my brain that still hasn't left me.


                        nemalo sorry to hear you're struggling at the moment. It's incredibly hard to keep going sometimes, but if you can keep that little bit of rational thought it can help. If it's becoming too hard, is there anyone you can speak to/see for help?


                          I think I do, Rahx, but I don't want to bother others with an insignificant thing when they already have a plate chock-full of their own problems. This hasn't been the first time I've felt this way, so I at least know it'll kind of pass eventually, so there's that, at least...


                            nemalo okay, hopefully you can work through it. If we darebees can help in anyway, let us know.


                              Will do Rahx, the Hive's community spirit always puts me at ease.


                                :bunny20:Heyyyyy:bunny21orry I didn't know what to say, but just wanted to reply. :p HeheheUmm.... (what to say.....) Ok. Rise and shine now. Here's some pixie dust for you.:bunny8: And smile now