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    Today was (and still is) devoid of Darebee workouts due to my boyfriend being off work, so we're just walking all around, playing Pokemon Go the entire day. Does this count as cardio...?


      Hoooo boy, didn't update in a few days...

      - Ironborn (D4+D5)
      - Iron Will (D7)
      - a little bit of skiing in the morning, until my knee said I had had enough
      - bouldering in the afternoon - man, my arms and back felt the burn!

      - Ironborn (D6)
      - Iron Will (D8)

      - Ironborn (D7) - didn't do the lunge step ups, substituted them with a few more squats because now I find them manageable
      - Iron Will (D9)

      All in all, my knee is getting better quickly (must be because of the positive DareBee vibes! ) and I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. Hope I'll soon be able to do HIIT and cardio because I'm now determined to get those last 10kg off! (After I finish eating the Snickers I bought... )


        Darebee Vibes


          Life slightly caught up to me, whoops!

          - Ironborn (D8) - sort of did it... I substituted some of the workouts to the best of my abilities, because my aching knee was dead set against planking
          - Iron Will (D10)
          - bouldering

          - Ironborn (D9)
          - Iron Will (D11)

          - Ironborn (D10)
          - Iron Will (D12)
          - DD

          - a walk around Innsbruck with PokemonGo

          - skiing in the morning
          - Ironborn (D11)
          - Iron Will (D13)
          - DD
          - bouldering/climbing (mostly practicing falling correctly from various heights during which I was screaming and my belayer was slightly facepalming )

          - Ironborn (D12)
          - Iron Will (D14)
          - some random bits and pieces of workouts throughout the day as I worked

          One of my resolutions for this year is to finally get to my goal weight and become stronger. Unfortunately, I am still battling with occasional binges (which are much, much better than they were last year!!) when I get sad or stressed and it's super easy for me to fall into the old "starve myself/eat everything in sight" routine, which I would also like to conquer this year. It just sucks to always be thinking about food and feeling bad about it.
          I did lose my fear of carbs though, as I didn't balloon up (may have even lost some weight - fingers crossed!); although I do plan on going predominantly low carb once more when I'm finally home. I'm currently with my boyfriend in a hotel sort of rented by the ski school he works for, and there's about 20 or so (not sure about the exact number) other people who also like to cook their food in the kitchen we all share, so I'm mostly making one pot meals for my boyfriend and myself. He really likes his carbs and him being pure muscle and working physically demanding jobs all year round means I always aim to make food that fits his needs. At home I have all of the freedom (and a dishwasher!) to cook separate meals for the both of us, but here I'm limited in what I can do without making other ski instructors unable to make their own food, which is something I avoid like the plague.
          Well, all in all, I should probably put the fork down and move some more!


            Happy Birthday.



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                  Happy Birthday