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    I'm going on an adventure!

    So, I'm on day 28 of Hero's Journey, and I'm also doing the Assassin's Challenge (day 10) and the Squat Challenge (day 6) at the moment - Hero's Journey I do every day, but sometimes I skip one of the challenges and pick a workout in their place, if I feel I didn't really kick my ass beforehand.
    My only problem is, however, that I sometimes get extremely lazy... Like yesterday. And today. Don't get me wrong, I did the workouts, but I didn't really feel like doing anything, I just wanted to eat sweets with tea and paint for the entire day. :llama-tea: Now, here is where I need someone to kick my ass into high gear and help me stay motivated! Because, unfortunately, it really shows in my performance when I don't feel like doing anything at all. And that sucks.

    Yep, there are some days when you are just 'dragging your ass' in the workout. I personally do the Energizer workout on such days, and it helps a little. Good luck with your adventure, Ranger
    And yes, checking in is really helpful for motivation to do more


      Thanks Mr. Bilal! You know, I think I'll add the Energizer to my repertoire tomorrow, I haven't tried that one yet.


        Hero's Journey (day 29) and Squats Challenge (day 8) done! Added three additional sets of pushups (10 reps) and tried the Energizer workout. I think that the Energizer has the potential to be my go to workout right after I wake up!


          Hero's Journey, day 30 - completed! Unfortunately, I didn't really have much time to do a lot today, so I added a few sets of push ups (finally progressed away from the knee push ups! ) and turned to the Energizer for a few sets again.
          And now it's finally time to crash into bed.


            Well, today was a bit of a sucky day, seeing as I didn't have much time to do anything (and that trend will continue for the next couple of weeks :bunny24 and I managed to hurt my knee a bit, though I'm sure that will pass soon enough.

            Hero's Journey, day 31 on level 3 - this is where I somehow managed to hurt my knee during jump squats. I don't know how, I don't know why, but from the 5th set onward, I cut down the number from 20 to 10, and I doubled the high knees because of that. But from the 6th set onwards, I couldn't do even one jump squat, so I just did the regular ones. The knee continued to protest, but slightly less, so I got through the end of that somehow. I'll see what's up tomorrow, hopefully the darn thing will be all right.
            The rest of the day was all centered around casual training - did 10 sets with 10 reps of incline push ups while waiting for my tea to finish brewing and in breaks between studying I did donkey kicks (2 sets, 20 reps each), side leg raises (1 set, 40 reps) and more push ups (those seem to clear my head faster than other exercises, so I prefer to do them while studying hahah! I did 4 sets, 5 reps).


              I haven't really had too much time to write a decent post and I'll even keep this one short and straight to the point - due to my studying for exams next week, I've only been doing Hero's Journey (day 32 finished both parts; day 33 finished part 1 one level 3 and finished part 2 as well; today was day 34 on level 3) and casual training in between study breaks (push ups, donkey kicks, wall sits, side leg raises...). I've also completed today's Daily Dare while waiting for my coffee to cool a bit after I brewed it.
              And now I'm off to more studying! :bunny24:Can't wait for this weekend when I'll finally have time to go for a run.
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                I've finally found some time to post an update, whew! So, my last update was on August 30th. All righty then...

                August 31st:
                Did Hero's Journey, day 35 (both parts). The first part didn't go as planned because my elbow started to hurt again and I experienced some pain in my lower back while doing sit ups - that day was pretty sucky. I did some more squats, push ups and side leg raises during the day. All in all, random parts of my body started hurting for no apparent reason.

                September 1st:
                Hero's Journey, day 36 (both parts). Didn't feel any pain what so ever.

                September 2nd:
                Didn't manage to do Hero's Journey because I was very short on time, so I started doing Age of Pandora (chapter 1; both parts on level 3). I couldn't help myself, I was so curious! And the beginning was really interesting. Did some more push ups and side leg raises during the day when I managed to find the time. Elbow was hurting.

                September 3rd:
                Age of Pandora again, due to my lack of time. Chapter 2, both parts on level 3. No pain anywhere.

                September 4th:
                Did Hero's Journey, day 37. Pain in lower back, elbows perfectly fine. I'm starting to think my body's trolling me.

                September 5th:
                Did Hero's Journey, day 38 on level 3; Age of Pandora chapters 3&4 (both on level 3) and added some more push ups later. No pain anywhere, which was pretty nice (except for my muscles being a tad sore but that's okay).

                Did Hero's Journey, day 39 (both parts). The first part I did on Level 1 because HOLY SHIT BATMAN my arms hate those exercises. Seriously. That was pure torture. Every time I came to that 20 second countdown I prayed for my arms to fall off. I did have more time today to do some more working out, but I chose to be lazy. So I spent most of the day in the kitchen, cooking and baking, which was pretty kickass (banana bread never tasted so good! ).


                  Ho hum. Life constantly keeps getting between me and checking in. Luckily I write everything down in my trusty notebook anyway. SO.

                  September 7th:
                  Hero's Journey, day 40, both parts completed.
                  Age of Pandora, chapter 5 - everything done on L3; chapter 6 (fixed the hole in the bunker wall and caught a deer).

                  September 8th:
                  Hero's Journey, day 41: part 1 (L1) and part 2 done.
                  Age of Pandora, did chapter 7, chose option A.

                  September 9th:
                  Hero's Journey, day 42: chose option B, done on L3.
                  Age of Pandora, chapter 8, part 1 (1st set L3 everything, but later on I did everything except calf raises on L1; the calf raises I continued doing on L3. I WAS DEAD.).
                  Did the day 9 of the squat challenge (my knee finally stopped bugging me, yay! )

                  September 10th:
                  Hero's Journey, day 43 completed. Didn't feel that tired afterwards. Felt awesome. And extremely hungry.

                  September 11th:
                  Hero's Journey, day 44 completed. Also hopped on the elliptical a bit (half an hour) and did push ups (4 sets, 10 reps). Did a set of 20 leg raises before going to bed.

                  September 12th:
                  Hero's Journey, day 45: part 1 (L2) and part 2 done!

                  September 13th:
                  Hero's Journey, day 46 done on L3. Added 2 sets of 10 push ups and 2 sets of 20 leg raises before bed.

                  Hero's Journey, day 47 on L2. I was so damn hungry today, it was unbelievable. I probably should have eaten lunch before doing this since I felt horrible, sick and weak during the exercise, not to mention the hunger pangs were almost unbearable. Unfortunately, I'm still short on time until Wednesday, so this was the only time when I could have done the workout.

                  I can't wait for the glorious moment when I'll have more time - Wednesday is so close, yet so far away! :bunny7:But I'm still happy I manage to find the time to at least do Hero's Journey once a day. I don't really log in all of the casual training I do since I sometimes forget to write it down in my notebook anyway, but that doesn't matter all that much. Anyway... ONWARDS!


                    SO, today I did the Hero's Journey, day 49 - part 1 on L2 and part 2 (chose the magic ring).
                    I'm really pleased to see how much stronger I'm becoming! I can do more push ups with more sets which is pretty kickass, and I've long moved away from doing knee push ups, which I see as a pretty big personal victory, mostly because before starting with Darebee a couple of years back I wasn't able to do one single push up. Not one. And now I'm doing them with mostly no problems (darn you, elbow and forearm! :tongue3: )
                    I've also been doing more sets of push ups during the day, mostly as a break between work - though how many sets I did I kind of forgot, ahaha!

                    I'm kind of both excited and sad to be finishing with Hero's Journey, seeing as it indeed was a journey, but I'm also looking forward to getting my ass kicked by the Advanced HIIT. I wonder how many times I'll curse my existence.
                    Well, back to more work and more push ups.


                      Yesterday was day 50 of Hero's Journey, which I did on L3. It wasn't that hard, but I realised, when doing alt arm/leg raises, that my coordination for that particular exercise sucks. I should probably do more of those because honestly, I was a flailing mass of limbs. And it's never funny when you're a flailing mass of limbs.

                      Today was day 51 of Hero's Journey and again, I did part 1 on L3, after which I finished part 2 - my legs were killing me afterwards so I had to strategically sit down on the couch.

                      I've noticed that my left side was generally less coordinated than my right. I'm currently on a mission to try and rectify that. I've also realised that I should probably start doing something about my flexibility, seeing as I'm a lot less flexible than I was a few years back.


                        Hero's Journey, day 52 is done! Fortunately it was an easy once since I was up and about the entire day and I don't think I would have had the strength to do much of anything too demanding. And stretching a bit is always good. Can't wait for tomorrow!


                          Another pause between logs. I should seriously try and make better time management plans during my days.

                          September 21st:
                          Hero's Journey, day 53; part 1 (L3) and part 2 done. I felt sluggish that day, so everything was done much more slowly than I would have wanted to.

                          September 22nd:
                          Hero's Journey, day 54; part 1(L3). I didn't do part 2 (the stand still for 20 minutes part) because I was extremely busy.

                          September 23rd:
                          Hero's Journey, day 55 on L2.

                          September 24th:
                          Hero's Journey, day 56 done, alongside with additional push ups, bridges and half jacks as casual training throughout the day.

                          September 25th:
                          Hero's Journey, day 57, part 1(L1) and part 2 done. I wasn't feeling terribly well that day.

                          September 26th: Hero's Journey, day 58 on L3 done. Still felt quite bad, while I was doing the exercises I felt like I was about to puke. I think I came down with something because my stomach wasn't agreeing with me completely for a few days. I switched alt arm/leg plank raises from the 5th set onwards with more slow climbers because I honestly thought I would puke my guts out if I continued with the alt raises and I also switched from jumping lunges to regular ones because my knee started acting up agin.

                          September 27th:
                          Hero's Journey, day 59 done on L1. Was tired, felt like crap and had other things to do. All in all, a pretty bad day.

                          September 28th:
                          Hero's Journey, day 60, 9 sets done. And I'm finished with Hero's Journey. Kind of makes me feel sad, really, but when I look back and realise how much I've changed in these two months, I can't help but to smile. Onwards to new challenges! And hopefully less pain.

                          I'm thinking of taking this week easy and just do the workout sheets and daily challenges, while starting with the advanced HIIT next week. I think I should prepare for that as best as I can, ahahaha!


                            Woah, CONGRATS!!! :monkey-clap: That's SO great! Good luck with HIIT advanced, and yeah, pain sucks. :unamused:


                              Thanks! I think I'll revisit HJ after I do a few other programs, I just loved it so much!

                              And Captain's Log addendum: did the Centurion workout on L3 today; it was really fun! And there were no jump squats. That made my aching legs insanely happy.