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    f1shtacular's f1shtast1c tra1n1ng journal

    I know. Great title.

    I'm new at this, so this won't be exciting. But I'm doing the May challenge and the Square One workout. I just finished day 3 of the May challenge and day 4 of the Square One workout. I'm tired but it's worth it. I can't exactly do jumping jacks for two minutes straight though, but I'm trying! Dunno if I'll say I completed the May challenge at the end of the month though since I can barely do a half minute of jumping jacks but...

    Again, trying. I'm trying!

    May 11 Edit - Gonna put work outs I think will be good for me below here, will update randomly. Doing this for easy reference.

    Currently doing - Square one and Nomad.



      Welcome, f1sh!

      Trying will get you very far; keep it up!


        Hello and welcome!


          Hello hello!

          - May challenge completed. The most I can do in a row for jumping jacks is 30 seconds. I try and put in the most I can in two minutes, but I am absolutely winded right now. If I can do 35 seconds by months end, I'll be very proud of myself. Also my dog barks when I do jumping jacks upstairs. I don't know if there's a dog tax here and I don't know how to link a photo so it doesn't stretch the page but just, Google a Shetland Sheepdog and there ya go.
          - Square one day five complete. Woohoo!

          Now onto the real challenge... Completing the fishing list in Okami...


            Hi and welcome to the hive


              Feeling really exhausted today/headache mode, so I took it easy on the lunges for the challenge. Meaning, I did them all, but I rested for more than thirty seconds. I have a feeling the May challenge isn't exactly for beginners ahaha... Might not be a good idea for me now that I think of it, so I should probably stop or at least reduce the amount of lunges so I don't hurt myself. What do you guys do to stay active when you're not feeling well?

              Square one is done for day six though. I think I should find something between square one and the May challenge. I think that'll be good for me.

              I hope everyone is having a great night! If you have pets, kiss them for me.


                If you feel that something hurts the bad way while you're doing the exercise you shouldn't continue otherwise I recomend keep going if it's just your muscles burning (as the challenge is about stamina๐Ÿ˜).
                But if the challenge is really too challenging for you, you could choose a more suitable one or just reduce the number of repetitions - you are free to make your own rules ๐Ÿ˜‰.
                I generally try to focus always on technical clean repetitions and if it's necessary I slow things down or take a rest day and don't obey mindlessly what the program is telling me - just listen to your body ๐Ÿ˜Š.

                I believe you're doing great! โœŒ๏ธ
                Have a nice day!


                  Hey Xal! That's a good point. All I did today was day seven of square one since I still wanna do *something* to keep in the habit you know? I do feel the burn in the muscle but with the 22 lunges and whatnot I feel like... An uncomfy pull on my hamstring? So I might reduce those at least because something in my gut told me that was a bad idea to keep going with.

                  But hey! This is seven days in a row of doing stuff, so yay!


                    Woo! Took a walk after work and just did level 2 of day eight of square one. Could I put in more numbers in that sentence? SURE. I'm gonna go to the Asian market in town tomorrow and hopefully pick up some healthy stuff.


                    Lbr I'll probably also find something to treat myself with too.


                      Day nine of Square One complete! Managed to do level 3. My biggest problem was balancing LMAO. Ah well. Still did it!


                        Day ten of Square One done, level 3. Gonna look for something to also work on my core in hopes of reducing some (read: as much as humanely possible) stomach fat so I can fit into some pants again. Aaah. Pants.


                          Went to the docs today to get a biopsy done on my skin - I just can't stop itching lmao. So it's nothing... Insanely serious just IMMENSELY IRRITATING ;A; But because it's on my arm I'm not gonna really do anything too nuts until I get the stitch out.

                          And as I was typing that, I found out that a friend of mine has done... Less than savory things that I'll omit from here lest I make people wildly and justifiably comfortable. So right now I'm feeling a lot of not great feelings and I need to take care of myself, somehow, without overdoing it in rage. I guess I'm putting this here as a reminder to myself to discuss this matter with my therapist next week, next time I meet him.

                          Just did level one for square one due to my arm biopsy.



                            Alright, back to it. Just because I'm sad and angry about something doesn't mean I can neglect taking care of myself.

                            I'm gonna add something to my routine, being that new Nomad workout. It doesn't look too crazy so... Yeah! Dunno what I'm doing with the day 12 single hip rotations and non-hold stretches... Is there a more detailed guide on how to do things? I feel so dumb for asking HAHA, just the stretches that aren't holds do I just... Hold it for a second then back down..? Anyway did level three of that with my best guesses. Did level one of Nomad too! I think it's what I need tbh. One of the reasons why I wanna work out and whatnot so much is because, well, I'm embarrassed at how much I need to rely on others. I know relying on others isn't inherently bad, but like, for example - My best friend and I go down to Anime Boston every year (when there isn't a plague) and we need to take the subway. I often need her help carrying my stuff because I exhaust quickly. While she doesn't mind this, I'm frankly embarrassed about it and I just want to not feel awful when we go down. I want to be able to carry my stuff on my own. You feel?


                              Man I'm gonna need y'alls Goku spirit bomb energy for my 3ds, I think I stripped a screw and I am a sad Fish who just wants to repair her dang o' l+r buttons...

                              Anywho - Level 3 of step one done. Level 3 of Nomad done! I might hurt in the morning but... I need to push myself. But I won't push myself to the point of what I did with the May challenge ahaha.

                              Hope everyone's doing alright.