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    awesomesue Thankfully it did at about 11 PM, though at that point I was like "nah. we're not working out. we're not doing more. no."

    Day 22 - Challenge, done!

    Zero hero, day one, level 3 with march steps - DOOOOONE. 100 March steps done in one go! I think Nomad primed me for some of this ahahaha.

    Today was my first day back at the office. It felt... Odd. Like not much changed, despite two new people (one being directly behind me) there. I just hope the one behind me doesn't get mad at me for doodling and whatnot after I'm done with my work ahaha, I'm in a different department than her and I'm kind of notorious for finishing stuff quickly...


      Day 23 - Challenge, done!

      Zero hero, day two, level 3 - Done! With... Lots of shoulder popping. why it do dat. It's just my left shoulder. I've never had an injury there. Sometimes my right shoulder pops but not nearly as often as my left. Do you guys have any stretches or remedies for this? It's... So friggin' weird.

      I have a new task at work that's luckily getting me up and walking a lil' bit to the copier, so that's good at least. I can't exactly do desk exercises with someone behind me but... I'll figure something out. I'm smart.


        Day 24 - Complained about my shoulder on facebook. Buddy gave me some rotator cuff injury exercises that I'll be doing, but a coworker also suggested I boop into her office tomorrow since she might have had a similar issue and knows how to pop stuff back into place? Dunno how well it'll go since I've been having this issue for ages... I'm just more concerned about it now as I'm, in general, more concerned about my well being.

        This is what my homie sent me. I do actually have a bokken I can use for the wand stuff, so hey! The impulse purchase I made as a teenager is gonna pay off for me HAHAHA. I'll do these for a few weeks and if they don't work, I'll go to my doc. I think that should be enough time to figure out results? Anyway, so if I encounter some stuff that may strain my shoulder for zero hero, I promise, I'll take it easier or do fewer reps for those.

        Level 3 of Zero Hero - Done. Dad came in while I was doing the balance lunges (I find them more enjoyable than normie lunges, is that weird?) and said he was proud of me, which really meant a lot to me. Don't get me wrong, I've never once doubted my dads pride in me for other stuff, but he works out quite a bit (goes to the gym, goes hiking, golfing) so for someone with experience being prideful? Yeah, I might tear up a wee.

        Challenge is done too. I think high knees are my favorite days lmao.


          Day 25 - Completed challenge. Just leaving it at that because I don't know what I did last night but my legs hurt a ton so I did the climbers slowly.

          Talked to coworker about the shoulder thing. So what she does is she faces a wall, puts her arm against it flat at a 90 degree angle so it makes an L shape, and she can do something to her shoulder through that? But either I really suck at it or it doesn't work for me so we just both concluded I might not have what she had. What happened with her was an accident in tubing where she hit the water really friggin' hard and i just... I just got this through sitting. I thought about that for a while, like, the idea of this stuff just randomly happening to my body freaked me out a bit? But the more I thought of it the more I realize...


          Like, oh my GOD. Since I was a lonely kid I spent a long time online from the time I was thirteen and now that I'm 28... Well... Old habits, I guess? I fee like my posture has just never been good and that might be a contributing factor to this! I might not have a trauma story like my coworker does but I sure have probably done a lot of damage over time. I'm not kidding y'all, I've really only recently started to really care, I've had depression for a looooong time and so my habits aren't great. So tomorrow, I'm going to start on the 30 posture challenge... And then maybe I just, won't stop it after, take elements from that and incorporate it into my routine of existence.


            Day 26 - Challenge done, day one of posture challenge done.

            not too much exciting here except for after a month of work I finished dads cross stitch! I’ll post a photo in my next update but. Oh my God. I am free. Never do an eight inch hoop with a pattern consuming all of it on a deadline again kids. JUST DONT DO IT

            also I saw dogs today at the farmers market and while I got ice cream. It was the best.


              Day 27 - Challenge done! Posture challenge day 2 done!

              also have the cross stitch

              And behold as I go to bed early, for once. You know, I find it funny. I'm getting close to working out for thirty days straight during pride month.

              (ba dum tss)

              (I'm panromantic and asexual I am allowed to make that joke)


                Day 28 - Challenge and posture day 3 done.

                [url=]I think listening to this helped me with the challenge today![url] Share the wealth <3

                For my shoulders... I know in some work outs here, it'll have me do punches. I was thinking in the car today that straight up punches right now might be a super bad idea. So what I've decided is... Slow punches! Just... Slowly extending my arms in a punch to stretch them out. Can't do them very well at work though as there's someone behind me but... I can at least do it at home. Shoulder taps and bicep extensions don't seem to bother 'em too much, so I'll do those when I can! Already did some today eheheh. I'm really grateful for this site, honestly. You're all amazing.


                  29 - Challenge and posture day 4 done.

                  Nothing exciting here. I woke up today with the crushing weight of depression so I'm going to bed soon lmao. If anyone has any tips on working out when depressed I'd love to hear them. I'd love to do more than just... Two things but right now I am being crushed. At least I'm doing something but. yeah.


                    30 - NEW BADGE LET'S GO

                    - Did daily challenge, 30 twists I can do! Looking back on my logs I've done the daily dare thing 3 times. None with EC tho.
                    - Did monthly challenge
                    - Posture challenge day 5 done
                    - Did some squats and bicep extensions.

                    *chanting* new! badge! new! badge! new! badge!


                      Congrats on 30 days of exercise badge


                        Thanks bud!

                        31 - Did June challenge, did posture challenge, also did some bicep extensions and arm circles...

                        And I also helped dad bring a bureau out of my Grammy's house. Dunno what to count that as but I did it. I saw Magician on the front page and figured, hey, I'll just make a sticky note on my laptop of stuff I wanna do. Hopefully it shouldn't be too rough on my shoulders.

                        OH ALSO!! I'm getting a week's vacation in July. Y'all, I'm gonna walk SO MUCH. It's gonna be LIIIIIT.


                          32 - Forgot to do posture challenge this morning like a genius.
                          - Arms of steel, chair edition day 11 - Done
                          - Monthly challenge, done!
                          - Zero hero day 4, level 3 - Done!

                          You know I love how there's a joke about not skipping leg day but given how my shoulders suck so bad I had to do AoSCE slowly I kind of have to do leg day all the time LMAO


                            33 - Only did monthly challenge on here.

                            But I did a crapload of walking today, I went to a local con (masks required, all de time) and WHEW.


                            Seeing my friends again was nice, but the fact that I got my first hug today from outside my family since the beginning of the pandemic? messing me up rn


                              34 - Still tired and sore, but I did the monthly challenge!
                              AoS chair edition day 12, done!

                              It's... Too hot to do much else. ;A; I AM NOT BUILT FOR HEAT I LIVE IN MAINE


                                35 - Only could do challenge.

                                Holy crap. I... It's not like I don't ever experience heat but this is crushing. We still don't have the ACs in so I'm gonna be a bother about that. I feel pathetic for only doing the one thing but this is insane.