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    Ha, I see a lot of animals every day, but most of them don't like to be hugged. I'm going to hug my work pony tomorrow for you.
    And congrats on another commission!


      lofivelcro WORK PONY!? YESSSS

      193 - Foundation light day 28 level three, December fit day seven level three, more chest and back light!



        194 - 31st DD, foundation light day 29 level three, December fit day eight level three, more chest and back light.

        Good thing - Despite an absolute garbo day, I put lights on the little Christmas tree in the room I do my crochet work in at home. And it makes me happy, dangit.


          195 - Chest and back light, December fit day nine level three, foundation light day 30 level three!

          So... I want to do the ornaments. I'll try for the side kicks. 800 divided by 5 is 160 so 160 side kicks for five days is manageable! I was considering punches until I remembered I need my arms to do my job.

          Anyway so foundation light is done! I kept the less than two minute rest thing consistent... Until tonight where my mom came upstairs and I talked to her for a few minutes then I went back to it I SWEAR. What, am I supposed to not talk to my mom? BADGE DAAAAAAY! Now... What should I do next? I literally chose foundation light since I randomly clicked on it on lofivelcro's badge list... ... Hey Cro! Come over here!

          Oh! And I didn't stop for one day, a thing I've been... Previously guilty of. For the last few days I've been trying not do it all at once, like I'll do chest and back at the top of one hour, do some crocheting, then at the top of the next I do December fit, etc. It's been helping me tooooons.

          Good thing - Finished a commission today!



            You can do Baseline which is nice, until the last few days which are a little daunting. But good sports anyway


              huma Thanks buddy! I think I will after the ornaments!

              196 - Phew... Those 160 side kicks took a ton out of me, ehehe. I did only level one of today's December fit, my knees began hurting and my left thigh felt a bit uncomfortably stretched? I don't know if I did something with the side kicks but... Yeah. I wanted to do all three levels every day but nnnno.I doubled up on chest and back to make up for it though!

              Good thing - Got pizza for coworkers today. They were happy.


                Little sore in the legs today. But that's not enough to deter me!

                197 - 160 side kicks, giving us 320 in total right now. December fit day 11, level three. Doubled up again on chest and back, since I did it yesterday and I feel fine.

                good thing - lots of vibing happened today. Ye.


                  198 - Up to 480 side kicks. 32nd DD. Day 12 of December fit, level 3. Day 12 of not doing jumping jacks. I WILL DIE ON MY HILL OF PETTINESS, I WANT TO SEE IF I CAN DO IT

                  Good thing - Hung out with the homies today to finish up Christmas shopping. My poor wallet needs a break...


                    199 - Up to 640 side kicks, completing tomorrow. Day 13 of December fit, level 3, which somehow winded me. It might not just be jumping jacks that wrecks me, it's jumping! Anyway, doubled up on chest and back light.

                    Good thing - Oh hey, we're almost at 200 in a row!


                      Late congrats on finishing Foundation Light!
                      Sorry, just got back into the Hive again, but I'll agree with huma, Baseline is a good one. Gets a bit boring in the end, but good, nonetheless. Zero Hero is fun, too
                      If jumping is winding you, how about building up a bit with bouncing on the spot whenever you have the opportunity? Just an idea.


                        lofivelcro BUDDY! Glad to see you again! I think I'll start Baseline tomorrow <3

                        ... Oh my God, that is a good idea! Once again you're a genius!

                        200 - 200! Finished my kicks, No Jumping Jacks Ever fit day 14 level 3.

                        Gonna be honest today was awful. Found out I was scammed (someone claiming to be homeless online, long story short, gave them some cash), have a cavity and also the ram I've had since starting on Wurm died so I KNOW IT'S JUST PIXELS BUT... ... Having that happen at the end made me sad.

                        But I at least know I am loved, and that is a good thing.


                          201 - Alright, let's begin Baseline! Day one, level three! And I thusly continue with How Long Can I Go Without Jumping Jacks day 15 level three. I'm also gonna try and keep my rest time low with Baseline.

                          good thing - I had bubble tea today from the place I almost always order at. Alas they are closing but I’m glad to have helped them a little more through my order. The owner is retiring so that’s at least better than her straight up losing enough business to tank


                            202 - Baseline day two, level three. No Jumping Jacks Ever, day 16, level three. Walking in Walmart with a friend day 1, level 3 as I BOUGHT ONLY THINGS I WAS SUPPOSED TO.

                            Good thing - Vibin' with my buddy at Walmart was nice. <:


                              203 - Baseline day three level three, Please I Hope I Can Do The Challenge Tomorrow So I Don't Need to Do Jumping Jacks day 17 level three. My right arm did most of the work with the plank rotations and shoulder taps, I held myself up with that one. Lefty can move, I just don't want to use that as my pillar. I was doing these downstairs today and my poor dog was so confused as to why I was doing... Any of this. But he tends to question most things I do, he has a very goofy concerned face. I couldn't do complete plank rotations admittedly, but I tried my hardest. That counts, right?

                              Good thing - I got my booster shot today for Covid. My arm is sore but let's see how I am when I get up. I don't wanna break this streak!

                              Oh and I dodged some snowballs. Thanks guys.

                              BUT I CAN SQUAT ALL DAY, KEEP EM COMING.


                                It surely counts!