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    140 - Ah what a day... Got rear ended on my way home. My car is alright, I'm alright just a bit shaken. Stressed myself a bit more by weighing myself... Ahahah whoops. No one to blame but me for that one. But I shouldn't be hard on myself right? The important thing is that I'm trying.

    I managed cardio and level one again of Wild and Free. I hope to continue with this workout or other combat workouts to level 2 or 3 on days I have not been rear ended.

    Good thing - Well, the person who rear ended me was a nice person anyway. Didn't try to blame me or anything. We were in slow moving traffic and... Yeah lmao.


      Sounds like you had luck in bad luck. Good that nothing bad happened besides a bit of stress.


        lofivelcro I am the luckiest unlucky person you're gonna meet.

        141 - Cardio and level 2 of Wild and Free. Yay!

        Good thing - Coworkers showed their concern for me so that warmed my heart. And of course because my good things usually involve video games, I got the devil's luck today in my pulls for Granblue and got a Halloween unit I wanted. YAY


          Glad to read that you and your car are alright!



            Thanks dear <3

            142 - Cardio and... I'm leaving it at that as I feel strangely awful and sore today. So what I'm gonna do is this - On days I don't do anything but the monthly thing, I'll meditate. AND SO I DID.

            good thing - I saw a super tiny dog at the farmers market and almost began crying.


              143 - 22nd DD, cardio, Wild and Free level two.

              I talked with dad last night about jumping jacks winding me so much. He suggested I try doing them without the arm movements, but also try and work out my legs by not just doing normal jumping jacks with my legs going apart the way they usually do, but forward and back? No idea how to explain it, but it could be fun.

              Good thing - We got my doggo six years ago today and thusly gave him ice cream as a reward for being the goodest of all boys.


                You mean like Half Jacks (jumping jacks without arms) and Split Jacks? The video library has videos of those, I think


                  lofivelcro And Lofi coming in with the save! Thank you, they were on the tip of my tongue.

                  144 - So I did my cardio, half jacks and I was still winded somehow. Hmmm.

                  High knees? Fine. Calf raises? Fine. Squats? Fine. Jumping? Oh God, child Fish would be so embarrassed.

                  I'm gonna meditate before bed. Perhaps that'll help my anxiety, it's been mega rough today.

                  Good thing - My doggo went to the groomers today and came back with a cute Halloween bandana. D'aw.


                    Glad to be of help.
                    It's the other way for me, I die after twenty high knees but can do jumping jacks for minutes. Weird.
                    Hope the anxiety gets better.


                      lofivelcro Bruh there has to be a reason for this

                      145 - did cardio, still anxious, gonna meditate and teach my brain I’m safe. Especially when driving. That was my third rear ending in ten years (my first was like three months after getting my license as a teen) so I think my brain, despite us being physically unharmed, is screaming. Shhhh brain. Let’s focus on breathing. Shhhhhhh

                      good thing - I got a package today that was sipppsed to have a shirt in it. It had a pajama set. Went to the seller like “ah you want this back?” Long story short they are sending me my original shirt but they are letting me keep the pajamas. YESSSSS


                        146 - Just doing cardio and meditation. Big sad is hitting me tonight. I hope this at least makes me consistent in meditation. I need to practice mindfulness for sure.

                        Good thing - frying an egg and putting it in ramen was a good idea.


                          147 - Cardio, calf raises made a comeback and meditation! Hello!

                          Good thing - I went FRICK IT and had caffeine. It usually had a bad effect on me. I'm strangely intact. Well, let's see what this ends with... God I am so glad tomorrow is Friday, I'm getting back into the face mask making groove. I'm totally wearing these even when the pandemic is done. Like, I worked hard on em, Imma use them. Besides, those who have been to anime cons like me can confirm, people are stanky.


                            148 - Cardio, sets of squat holds with punches and also knee strikes!

                            Good thing - ramen at work yeeee. Also gonna help dad shovel tomorrow. He advertised it to me as a good workout. WELL SURE, WHY NOT. GONNA CHILL WITH DAD.


                              Shovelling is great workout. I found that I liked it, hope you'll have fun


                                149 - Cardio, and Temple run! Level 2!

                                Good thing - Hanging out with dad has to wait for tomorrow. But in good news, Anime Boston is happening next year with vaccinations and masks mandatory. So yeah, I'm pretty hype to go. Now, to get in shape for all that walking...