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It's always darkest before the dawn

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    It's always darkest before the dawn

    It feels like I have to start over. But it is not. I have learned so much since my calf injury a few years back! I struggled back to running again and kept that up for almost a year and even got to run a 10k again.
    I learned in my journey, everything has to do with dosing. It’s in my character, that I always go 100% (if not more) if I do something. My mother used to make comments about it (and still does), that I can’t do things Calmly. But when I was younger, my basic fitness was way better, because I didn’t have a car and didn’t have a job. So I moved a lot during the day. And if I did anything extra, it didn’t mind, because it was not that much extra compared to what I already did on a daily basis.

    Now I got a new injury in my heel, which I took seriously in time (major improvement!), but which got me back to fitness level zero. I haven’t run or (properly) hiked for almost 2 months now. I was so dissapointed and frustrated; because I’m doing my best, came such a long way to get back my running and hiking, trying to keep that by keeping my training balanced, and still I got those heel complaints. Looking back, I think it had to do with the abrupt switch from running trails to running asphalt, because it got dark at night (and not safe to run in the woods). I thought I was doing it right, by keeping my running consistent. But it’s not only distance and frequency that has to be consistent, but other training factors have to be taken into account too. It’s so logic, but I didn’t think of it.

    After feeling lost and my effort being pointless the past months, I actually feel okay now, and it feels like there's hope. It's always darkest before the dawn, and it feels like I'm ready to move towards the dawn again.
    The core still will be balance. Not only my training has some work to do on balance, my overall life has too. Nutrition, work stress, social life..

    My goals:
    Exercise: I made a training plan, with focus on full body. I will try to do exercises for 15 min every day.
    - The basis is walking and running. Around that I plan the 1 minute HIIT program.
    - I restart IronBorn for strenghtening my upperbody
    - booty and ab workouts for my ‘running support system’.
    - On top of that, I add some stretching.

    - I need to go back to 5 days of healthy meals and be reasonable on snacks. Last months I was too tired and demotivated to keep that up. The bigest challenge will be if work starts again next week.
    - Also taking my extra vitamins should be more consistant again, especially now I’m building training up again and in the middle of recovery.
    - Keeping up my food log has failed many times now, so I’ll mention some of the meals that are ‘special’ to me (like super tasty or extra work to cook) here.

    Self care:
    - I have to be careful to go home on time at work. I love my job, but it makes it easy too to stay way too late. My work day officially ends at 5pm. So the first weeks I have to try to go home at least at 5.30pm. (last months it easily became 6 or 6.30).
    - I have to do something to wind down every day; it doesn’t matter what it is, reading, photography, crochet, meditation or drawing. It also doesn't matter how long, as long as it is meant to wind down.
    - Going to bed in time is also important.

    The last days two songs are stuck in my mind, and they are actually pretty inspirational and motivational

    And now, let's go!

    Sounds like you have a solid plan to move forwards. This is the first time in awhile that you have structured things out like this, I believe you when you say you are ready to move into the dawn. Just watch that heel, as a person of many injuries it is shorter to let it heal completely in the beginning than little bits at a time.


      Great, a new start.

      All of your training is not lost though. At the very least you have built mental strength in knowing that you can accomplish a lot.


        Lovely new home and a great plan, Nancy - I find it inspiring! Good luck as you go on!


          This looks like a good solid plan. I think you’ve been amazingly consistent over the last couple years despite injuries. Keep on going, carefully and take good care in your job, not to let it take over your life.I’ll cheer you on!


            I like your goals, and i will be cheering you on as well!


              YAY! I like your new plan! I'll be here!


                Happy new thread, happy new plans!


                  Azercord Thanks! I am really cautious with my heel, more cautious than my physio was I am way too scared that I get into the same scenario a few years back with my calf. Thanks for your warning!
                  CaptainCanuck Thank you! Yes, I know I can ˆˆ thanks for reminding me!
                  Colin DorothyMH Mamatigerj CODawn Anek Lovely to see you all here!

                  Thursday April 28th
                  ▪️ Abs 2 minute abs, with 2x1 kg ankle weights and additional 3 kg dumbbell on the sitting twists
                  ▪️ Butt Booty Builder, did half of it to not overdo it (so 2 sets of 20 squats instead of 4 sets, etc)
                  ▪️ Challenge Knee push ups, day 1. 3x5 knee push ups
                  ▪️ Challenge 1 min yoga, day 22
                  ▪️ Stretching everyday stretching light

                  ▪️ Daily gratitude : the smell of rain 😊

                  ▪️ Darebee workouts: 38
                  ▪️ Neptune: 167.25/805 km

                  ▪️ 15 min exercise ✔️ 3/5
                  ▪️ Stretching: ✔️ 1/5
                  ▪️ Healthy meals: ✔️ 1/5
                  ▪️ Reasonable snacks: ✔️ 3/5
                  ▪️ Vitamins: ✔️ 1/5
                  ▪️ Wind down: ✔️ 3/7 (meditation)


                  Although it's a new thread, I will continue with the views on the birds I shot recently with my sister in law from a photo hut 😊
                  7th bird: European Greenfinch

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20210429-200330_Gallery.jpg Views:	0 Size:	790.5 KB ID:	786030

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20210429-200452_Gallery.jpg Views:	0 Size:	756.0 KB ID:	786031

                  This last one is a female, so she doesn't look very green, but secretly is also a greenfinch

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20210429-200505_Gallery.jpg Views:	0 Size:	843.9 KB ID:	786032


                    Although it's a new thread, I will continue with the views on the birds


                      Love your plan (I read it and I was: hmmm I should to that too, and that, and that ), love your photos, and most of all love your commitment to taking care of yourself and going on no matter how many times you fall, or think you have fallen, but probably not, just stumbled a little


                        YAY! Cutie birdie pictures on your new thread!


                          I love your pictures - you're very talented! Good luck with the new thread!




                              New thread!

                              I adore all of your pictures. So beautiful! Thank you!