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    Good going on your race!
    Excellent time, and so glad you had fun!!


      Wow, you were faster than Eliud Kipchoge - oh it was a half marathon
      Was only joking, my sincere congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I won't tell you how much faster you were compared to my last half marathon (a lot ) Great!!!


        Congratulations! What an amazing time!! Well done!


          Click image for larger version

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          (Because I didn't show off the finisher medal yet)

          Thank you, Gandhalfit , NancyTree , CaptainCanuck , TheGrayLynx , JCU , Beat_Samurai , Fremen , sleep_twitch , CODawn , DorothyMH , Botenlauben !

          I'm glad you enjoyed it, that's major in future training and just, you know, feeling great.
          That's true, I definitely feel motivated to continue running. But of course the feeling will wear off a bit with time.

          What is the name or the race?
          It was a yearly race called Generali Night Run Budapest. Here's the link to it, but I don't think you'll find it very useful as it's only available in Hungarian.

          Wow, you were faster than Eliud Kipchoge - oh it was a half marathon

          I watched the winners of the 6K race cross the finish line. I said then that they ran 6 km like I sprint 100 m. But I just checked my last run that included 20 sec sprints and my fastest sprint then was done with a pace of 3:21. The winner of the 6K race had an average pace of 3:19.

          Aug 2, Monday

          Early morning
          Day 10 of Foundation -- strength | lvl III | no rest
          3x20 sec elbow plank hold -- Day 2 of Re:Center
          Day 86 of 90 Days of Action -- power circuit | lvl II | 2 min rest
          1 min child's pose -- Day 2 of Re:Center
          (Σ: 23 min)

          Late morning
          Blood donation


            Thank you too, Anek!


              Ok thanks, just wanted to see some pictures.


                Awesome work Mianevem on your race and well done on the blood donation too!


                  I'm glad you enjoyed the race and congratulations on achieving your time goal!


                    Superb work on that race, grats!


                      Thank you, Julian4077 , Zastria , PetiteSheWolf !

                      Aug 3, Tuesday

                      Late afternoon
                      Neck -- 30 sec rest
                      Day 11 of Foundation -- fast pace cardio | lvl III | 30 sec rest
                      3x20 side leg raises -- Day 3 of Re:Center
                      Day 87 of 90 Days of Action -- cardio | lvl III | 30 sec rest
                      foam rolling
                      (Σ: 43 min)

                      Late evening
                      1 hr 15 min run:
                      3x: 15 min easy pace | 10 min fast pace

                      My training plan for the race was about 12 weeks long, I think. The workouts were varied, but for efficiency's sake there has to be repetition, so I grew a bit weary of it during the last weeks. I'm glad to be able to go back to an ad-hoc running schedule. I don't think I'll keep doing the Jay Johnson SAM workouts either. Maybe during the preparation for a future race I'll be motivated enough to do those diligently too again.


                        Cool medal!


                          Congrats on your race! That's a great time


                            Aug 4, Wednesday

                            It is, Botenlauben ! I'm glad that I got such a pretty one as my first finisher medal.
                            Thank you, Silent Wolf ! I hope you'll be able to go back to longer runs than mine soon!

                            3x20 sec elbow plank hold -- Day 4 of Re:Center
                            Day 88 of 90 Days of Action -- abs | lvl I | 2 min rest
                            Rambo -- lvl III | 30 sec rest
                            Day 12 of Foundation -- tendon strength | lvl III | 30 sec rest
                            1 min child's pose -- Day 4 of Re:Center
                            (Σ: 42 min)

                            Late evening

                            I haven't checked out too many yoga instructors on YouTube yet and have followed Adriene's videos mostly. But now that I'm starting to take a look at other channels too, I have the impression that Adriene's sometimes not so easy to follow. As if she was getting caught up in the narrative so much that she forgot to instruct me. And when I'm, say, lying on my back, then it's a bit uncomfortable to "peek at her".

                            I find Bre very likable so far though! The session I did today was also rather intense. I admit I dropped a few times during the side planks.


                              Congratulations on your race!


                                Love the new avatar! So pretty!