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    This Book Belongs To The Half Blood Prince ;)

    Ok, so finally I've decided that I will begin checking in. At first I was reluctant to do this because firstly I'm not a good writer :p and secondly I didn't think I would be able to check in everyday. But of course that's not necessary at all, right? I always wanted to share with someone what I did, how I felt about a workout, how I felt doing a challenge, the DDs, and all that. So I think this is a good place to do that. Also, I had begun with the 90 days of action and now I wish I had written somewhere at what level I had done each day so that after completing this program I can redo some of the workouts and check how much improvement has been there. So this thread will be really helpful for accountability purposes. I can write how easy/difficult the workout was, what are my current stats (pull ups reps for example) and all other things so that after a few months, or maybe after a year, I can re-read these posts and know how much progress I have made. I have been working out for over a year now and I'm still not sure if it has been worth it. Of course I have made some progress, but I believe I could do more. But yes, the workouts were not good enough, and now I don't need to think at all what to do. These programs are really awesome!
    lol I wrote quite a lot, I had no idea how to begin writing this :p OK then! Let's see how this goes.

    Day 60 : Stretching day, pretty easy but the inchworms were not at all enjoyable. And the chest expansions feel really good after all those push ups yesterday. 2 months are over and I already feel pretty good! Just 1 month to go for this program to finish, and then I will get my star :p Seriously, this is a really looong program. It must have taken a lot of hard work to make this........ DAREBEE members, you are awesome.

    Upper Body Sculpt workout: I do this on stretching days because there is no back, biceps workout in 90 doa. Not too tough, but yes I was a little tired after the last set. I finished it with 15 reps of concentration curls to hit those biceps. :flex: And I replaced the lateral raises with wide rows because they are too tough and I can't do 20 reps of that! I used two dumbbells, 3 kg each.

    Day 24 of 1000 push ups challenge : 40 secs plank 3 times a day. I did this right after the Upper Body Sculpt workout with 30 secs-1 min rest b/w sets. I was shaking so much !! :p

    Daily dare : 60 secs side leg raise hold. No EC on this one...... My hip flexors are VERY tight and holding that position for just 5 secs felt like I would get cramps. However, done in many sets of about 5 secs :p I hope the flexibility week will help me!

    Ummm...... yep, that's it for today. If there are any suggestions on improving my log so please say

    WOW!! This is difficult! :duck-2: I hope this wasn't a bad idea..... It took a lot of time.... I re-read my posts so many times!


      Daily Dare: 200 high knees. Done with EC. It wasn't very difficult, but the last few reps were a little tiring.

      90 doa: Day 61 cardio HIIT. I always hated these days but it happened! I always did it on level 1, and that too, you know, dragging myself. But today I completed it on level 2!!!!!! 10 rounds! It happened so, maybe because the exercises were easier, squats, half jacks and climbers, pretty easy. But yes, I KNOW that my breathing capacity has increased. Yehhhh! :happy:

      1000 push ups challenge: I repeated day 24, 40 secs planks 3 times a day. I did it this way: 80 secs, few mins break, then 40 secs I repeated it because tomorrow is strength day in 90 doa, which contains 15 push ups in one set! So saving energy

      I also did 100 squat punches to help in the weekly quest, and later found that Stubbay had done 1000 punches the previous day! We had already won, and I was hitting the corpses LOL.

      Tomorrow I will do L-sit challenge, nope I can't do an L-sit yet, so I will do the alternative, i.e., "Sit on a chair and lift yourself up, let your legs hang from the chair (feet DON'T touch the ground)". I hope I can do that at least for a minute. :p

      That's it for today.


        DD: 100 hobbits. Hobbits? That's a cute name. Done with EC. Pretty simple.

        90 doa: Day 62, Strength Workout. So this workout contained 15 pushups in 1 set, and my max is 20. Earlier there was a similar workout which consisted of 15 push ups and I was not able to complete it. I somehow managed it to level 1, had to take too many breaks in the 3rd set. So I had expected something similar today. Therefore, i decided I won't do full push ups, I mean, I won't go completely down. Just half-way so that my elbows are at 90 degrees. I was very nervous today about this workout and was wishing i could do it at least on lvl 1. So finally I begun the workout, and after the first set itself my quads began burning. I guess yesterday's workout made them sore. BUT! I managed to do the 3 sets pretty effectively. The up and down planks were punishing. And then I decided that I can do 2 more sets, and WOW! I did it to level 2!!!!! So yes, I'm happy that even though I didn't do full push ups, I pushed myself to do 5 sets of that. i will try this workout again someday with full push ups

        1000 push ups challenge: day 25, 90 push ups. So from the workout I got 15x5=75 and then later I did 18 push ups in one go 5 days to go......

        L-sit challenge: I decided to first do my workout and then later attempt it (the alternative). 35 seconds in one go. Not so impressive, but I know my core strength has improved compared to last year. How? I did a 1 millisecond L-sit and earlier I could not even raise my knees from the ground, lol :p

        Pull ups/chin ups: There is a place where I can hang outside our building, so when nobody is watching I do them. :p I've been doing them for about a week, everyday, but yesterday my back and biceps were sore so I didn't do them. So today I did them this way (throughout the day): 1 pull up, 3 PULL UPS!!!! First time! Although I don't lock my elbows , but yes, I went all the way up, so yeah pretty good form. and then 3 chin ups. So total 7 today

        Hmm.....anything else? Donno. That's it for today


          Heeeeeey glad to see you're checking in! It's kinda awkward to get started writing the posts, I know, but dude, you're kicking ass out there! Seriously though, pulling out all those workouts in one day, you gotta be some kind of Rambo! Good luck with the rest of your journey, 90 Days of Action seems pretty tough!


            :rocky-4: Oh Thank you Punisher. Those are really kind words. Wow, Rambo! Dude you just made my day I'm glad you liked it


              Great job, man, you're awesome! Keep that good training! :bunny9:


                Thanks Artorias! Those words mean a lot to me. God today is a good day! :smiling: Tomorrow I'll kill those abs :cool:


                  Originally posted by Mr. Bilal View Post
                  Thanks Artorias! Those words mean a lot to me. God today is a good day! :smiling: Tomorrow I'll kill those abs :cool:
                  That's the spirit! Btw that HP reference, niiiiiiiiiiiiceeeee


                    Doing great Mr. Bilal Keep on going :up: :gogo:and I'm glad that you finally decided to post your journal.Wish you the best


                      DD: 20 Cross and Pass, done with EC. I should seriously do them again later. I can touch my fingers with my right shoulder up, but with the left shoulder up, no.After doing this DD, the exercise became a little smoother. So nice!

                      1000 pushups challenge: Day 26. 2 sets of 45 secs plank. Done just before my workout with about 30 secs rest.

                      90 Days of Action: Day 63, Ab Workout. It was SO DAMN intense. Within the first set itself my abs were screaming and the form became bad. But yes I 'somehow' did 3 sets so done on level 1. I might have been able to push myself to level 2, but with that form, I felt it worthless. And after the workout, my abs looked so good!

                      Pull ups/Chin ups: 3p, 1c, 1c, slept, 3p 1 fp (quite shaky), 2p, 4 CHIN UPS!!!! PROGRESS !!, 2 fc . Tomorrow onwards I will do full ROM reps. Quality over quantity I'm making progress pretty quickly! So 17 reps throughout the day.
                      p-pull ups, c-chin ups, fp- full pull ups (elbows extended and chin above the bar), fc- full chin ups.

                      Weekly Quest: 200 climbers for the domination of Kaiju

                      And thanks a lot Elektra for those words. They made me happy

                      Yep, that's it for today


                        DD: 20 Two Point Balance. Pretty easy, so done with EC.

                        90 Days of Action: Day 64, Bodyweight Workout. I........I am..... I AM AWESOME!!! Since it was a bodyweight workout, and there were those creepy plank jump-ins, I thought strength-wise it will be easier but my aerobic capacity won't let me make it to level 2. Though strength-wise too my legs felt those lunges a lot! So I was expecting myself to do it on level 1 and somehow push myself to level 2. Then I began my workout......after the first set I took 3:30 mins break as Azaan was being called out and we are supposed to stop everything and listen to it . But the first set felt so effortless. I wasn't even breathing heavily after it. Then I thought I will do 5 more sets to make it to level 2. And then my super darebee strength took me all the way to level 3 !!!! I did 8 sets of that workout. So no doubt at all I have made PROGRESS Yehhhhhhhh. After the workout I was dead, though. Shaky and feeble :p But I am Very happy with my performance today.

                        1000 push ups challenge: Day 27, 100 push ups. I was VERY exhausted after the workout so I didn't go to failure on any set. Did them in 10 sets of 10 reps

                        Pull ups/Chin ups: I did one full pull up and 1 full chin up last night, and then thought it was best if I took a day rest for this today. When I went outside, I felt like the bar was calling me....

                        Weekly Quest: 80 climbers from the workout and then I did 20, so 100

                        That's it for today


                          DD: 50 Saves. Very easy so done with EC ( rhyme ). I tried doing one clap in front of me and second clap behind me and then catching it, but failed. I didn't get a chance to try it again later because Lord of The Rings is a really long movie! :p I watched part 2 today

                          90 Days of Action: Day 65, Stretching day. Easy day, the chest expansions felt good after those push ups yesterday. Those calf raises felt slightly difficult towards the end. Pretty quick workout. Tomorrow is 200 climbers throughout the day, I will attempt to do them in one go.

                          Pull ups/Chin ups: 2p, 2c, slept, 4c!, 2p and then 5 freaking chinups!! IIIII AAAM HERCULEEESSSS!!!!!!! Seriously that last rep felt awesome Above all, I did all the reps with full ROM. So 15 reps throughout the day. Woah, I am progressing daily!

                          Back and Biceps Workout: Did with 5 kg dumbbells in each hand. The bicep curls were pathetic, maybe because of all those chin ups today. The rows felt Awesome with those weights! Nice After the workout I added 3 sets of 10 reps of skullcrushers using one dumbbell and then 10 reps of concentration curls on each arm and then 20 reps of curls using one dumbbell (so that became close grip curls). I placed my back on a chair while doing the scullcrushers to gain more ROM.
                          1000 push ups challenge: 2 sets of 60 secs plank. I did this after the Back and Biceps workout. They felt so tough! I was shaking ridiculously. lol :tongue3:

                          I also joined the star plank challenge today. I can't go very low, so lets see how I do it.

                          That's it for today


                            That's great, man! Good progres with the Pull-ups/Chin-ups, it really makes you feel like a super human every time you do one more than the day before, right? Also, don't be so harsh with yourself about the planks, you're doing like a lot of things simultaneosly and you're forcing your body, so it's natural to feel tired even with the "easy" exercises. Keep going and don't give up! See you in the Star Plank Challenge!


                              Wow! You recently commented on my workout log that I was going for it, but I can see now that we are kindred spirits and you are going for it 100%. . . you are doing 90 days of action, the daily dare, pull ups, extra weights workouts + the 1000 push ups challenge.

                              I take my hat off to you Mr. Bilai.