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    This is still an attempt to getting my life together. (:

    May update:
    I just need to survive this f*ckng month. Also, I ran a very angry 5k and bested my time. On treadmill.

    Running goals:
    Run a sub 35 min 5k
    Run a sub 30 min 5k​
    Run a 10k

    Hiking goals:
    Walk the Archaeological trail of Maribor
    Forma Viva
    Maribor’s Villas
    The Monastery Trail
    A lot of these trails are also just explorations of my hometown and its surroundings. I'm trying to set realistic goals that I can do with restrictions in place. Once I do most of these, I'll be adding new ones.

    Biking goals:
    Bike 25k
    Bike 50k

    Self-improvement goals:
    Read 15 books (10/15)
    Read 20 books​
    ​ Read 25 books
    ​ Read 50 books

    New skills:
    Be able to do 1 regular push-up with good form
    ​ 5 push-ups with good form
    ​ 10 push-ups with good form
    ​ 20 push-ups with good form

    Professional development:
    Update CV - next step is to do a 2.0 version with links after my website and reel are done
    Update reel
    Apply for funding - CE
    Send 10 job applications
    Send 15 job applications

    Currently doing:
    60 Days of Cardio all levels
    1 Minute Plank Challenge
    50 Days of 5 Minute Guided Meditation
    30 Day Easy Push Up Challenge

    Completed in 2021 - link to post
    2022 Monthly Update Dump - link to post
    Completed in 2022

    2-Minute Workout
    Balance & Coordination
    Better Sleep Yoga
    Classic Warmup
    Five Rites
    Hand Workout
    Hips & Glutes Stretch
    Lower Back Chair Edition
    Man Down
    Movie Night
    Office Boxer
    Office Push-Ups
    Post-Cardio Cooldown
    Power Switch
    Quick Warmup
    Stiff Neck
    Stress Buster
    The Final Bell
    Universal Warmup

    Back and Core Program
    Baseline - all levels
    Hal Higdon's 5K training: Walkers
    Hal Higdon's ​Beginning Runner's Guide - 30/30 Plan

    10.000 Half-Jacks
    50 Squats a Day
    Cardio HIIT Challenge
    Easy Abs​ Challenge
    Easy Arms Challenge​
    Flexibility Challenge
    Knee Push-Ups Challenge
    Posture Challenge
    Walking Challenge​

    Personal Challenges:
    ​ Run a sub 35 min 5k - treadmill
    Fighter Training Plan - 6 weeks
    Guardian training plan​ - 5 weeks
    Read 10 books

    Completed Events:
    Flexibility Week

    Professional Development:
    Got promoted
    Completed a leadership course
    Completed a second leadership course
    Completed a third leadership course
    Completed a leadership training
    Completed a second leadership training
    Updated CV
    Sent CV to recruiting agency
    Sent 5 job applications
    Landed an interview

    Alright, wish me luck! (:
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      Have fun we are here to support you


        Welcome! Those look like some neat hikes.


          Good Luck on your journey!


            Hello and welcome!


              Welcome, there is a thread for running here as well as for reading


                So I hiked 4.41 km on the top of the hill, visited a hidden waterfall. (:
                Click image for larger version

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                Click image for larger version

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                  Welcome to the Hive, motionaction!

                  Looks like you've got a solid plan and some really great goals. Love what you said about having check-ins with some friends, that accountability/motivation can help so much!

                  Beautiful pictures! Seems like a great reward from the hike


                    Welcome and good luck!


                      How pretty!


                        Alright, thank you all for your very encouraging and kind words, this means the world to me. (:
                        This is my 13th consecutive day of fitness. I ran 3.82km today, as part of From Walking to Running. I combined run day and sprinting day.
                        I usually do evening runs throughout the city but I'll have to start doing it earlier because my country is entering another lockdown starting tomorrow. I'll only be able to workout in green spaces. I live next to a park so it's not a biggie, I only don't like going there when it's dark. Planning a nice jog for tomorrow. I had healthy meals today.


                          Ran 2.53 km (:


                            Had a pretty busy day today overall but I had a walk day anyway. Did a 5.15 km evening walk. I hit 15 consecutive workout days today, yaaay! (:
                            From tomorrow on, I'll be doing the 1-minute meditation challenge.


                              Congrats on 15 days!