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    Belated happy birthday!


      Belated Happy Birthday!


        SheWhoMustNotBeNamed CaptainCanuck DorothyMH Montserrat Whirly NancyTree - thank you for all the support! (:

        HellYeah Montserrat TheLibrarian Anek JCU Fremen DorothyMH NancyTree SheWhoMustNotBeNamed BlackButler Silent Wolf Whirly - thank you for the kind birthday wishes! (: I hiked to the top of a mountain on my birthday, it was very chill.

        Summer update 2022:
        Visited Bosnia & Herzegovina
        Hiked to the top of Krofička (2083m)
        Hiked the hard trail to the top of Donačka gora (884m) with my sis
        Went to InMusic Festival 2022
        Climbed the Furlan way (C/D) ferrata to the top of Gradiška tura (793m)
        Visited my friends around my home country
        Went to Exit 2022

        I basically transformed myself into a hiking party animal (if that makes sense) to fill up my happiness bar at least a little bit. I know some of you must have played Sims at some point. Do you remember if you didn't allow your Sim to have any fun it would become all depressed and would wave at you? That's more or less how I was feeling throughout my previous contract.
        Needles to say, I caught covid so at the moment I'm just recovering, laying in bed, spending time with my cats. Unfortunately for everyone, I will live and continue to wreak havoc. (: The first couple of days of the illness were incredibly tough but ever since I've been starting to feel a bit better, I've also started working on redesigning my portfolio website. I've also sent out a couple of job applications.
        My next contract will start at the end of July but I'm approaching this with a different mindset. I'll also dedicate time (again) to work out and rebuild my strength. I feel that I've lost quite a lot of strength and stamina due to covid but that's alright, I'll bounce back.
        I'll see you guys around!


          Hope you get better soon!
          And good luck with your new contract


            Sounds like you are having a fun summer! Hiking can do wonders for mental health and happiness.

            Sending you healing vibes as you recover from covid


              You sound very positive! All the best wishes for your recovery!


                NancyTree Whirly Montserrat - thank you!

                I've started feeling good enough that I feel my body wanting to move but I promised myself I'll wait with any exercise until I'm fully recovered.
                So I've turned my energy toward my "professional development". I've sent out 5 job applications (yeah that's still happening).
                And my portfolio website has some bones now (you're welcome to give me feedback). Looking at everything, I understand now that I need more material. Quality material, not the bs I'm shooting/editing on board. But I have a plan for that. (: Also, I'll be adding some of the travel vids I shot in Bosnia and Slovenia.

                May the odds be ever in your favor, bees! (:


                  Glad you had a great hiking time, and that you're feeling better now!


                    Anek - Thank you! (:

                    Alright, another update:

                    Summer vacay is basically over, I'm back on board and working. I need the money, that's why I'm here, but I'm still actively searching for another job. I also have a bacterial throat infection & I'm on antibiotics, so I'm trying to keep things chill.

                    I have to account for the last 10 days of my vacation: I tested negative from COVID on the 19th. I had a nice 2-day trip of Postojna with my mom and then I did a short 3-day trip of Soca Valley with my best friend. I wish my vacation was longer because I entered my third contract still tired and then (fast forward to today) I got sick again. In the meantime I actually did get a reply (but unfortunately no further development) from a potential employer. I'm a bit sad that didn't go through because I found myself actually really wanting that particular job but I'll keep my head high and keep working at everything.

                    All in all, life is not tragic but I'm still craving for more. Here's the action plan for the near future:
                    - keep sending job applications;
                    - edit my summer vids for social media portfolio;
                    - start a new workout plan as soon as I recover;
                    - continue to read and meditate.

                    Wish me luck!


                      Best of luck!!

                      And healing vibes for your infection!


                        Good luck!


                          …healing vibes and good luck on the job search


                            Best of luck 🍀
                            Healing Vibes


                              Get well soon and good luck on the search


                                JCU Anek mavie Gandhalfit SheWhoMustNotBeNamed - thank you all! I'm off antibiotics and started feeling much better. I am still very tired and I'm slowly trying to accept the fact that rebuilding strength will take some time.

                                Progress report

                                5-minute meditation

                                5-minute meditation
                                Sent out 4 job applications

                                5-minute meditation

                                5-minute meditation

                                5-minute meditation

                                5-minute meditation
                                Did some maintenance on the big screen so I did some light climbing.
                                Energizer - DONE
                                Intermittent Fasting Day 1

                                I got my first rejection for a job I really wanted. Trying to take it like a champ. (:
                                Moving forwards, I'll try finishing some of the challenges and programs I started working on (60 Days of Cardio & 1-minute plank challenge - looking at you two) and then I'll start with a new workout plan. I'll be focusing on running and cardio + some weight training as well.

                                Consecutive days: 6
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