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I do cardio but nothing seems to be as hard as running and boxing

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    I do cardio but nothing seems to be as hard as running and boxing

    does anyone have any suggestions?

    Slowing down
    When I first started running, I tried to run at the same speed as other did. But that's not the way to start running.
    Instead try to run as slowly as possible (just slightly above walking speed) and add a few minutes every time you run (5 minute increments)
    Do that once a week

    For the other training that week, run as fast as you can for a hundred meters, walk for a hundred and repeat this 5 times.

    Don't overdo your training


      There are loads of muscles involved in such complex movements as running and boxing. Not to mention tendons.

      Several of those muscles will be weak or not neurologically optimised for the exercise yet. So naturally, despite a good base fitness, those will be hard for you because muscles working at their maximum capacity is exhausting.

      As you start slow and steadily progress you will find that your muscles grow stronger and adapt to the movement, so that it becomes easier and easier. The added benefit is that all those tiny support muscles which are suddenly getting a workout will happily support your body in other areas of life as well, making you healthier and more resilient against joint issues.