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    Fortune favours the bold


    22 days into daily workouts, I am starting to feel lonely - I'm doing an exchange abroad, I live with 8 other students and none of them watches out for his/her weight or training program Since I'm already using darebee a lot, figured I'ld just do some accountability around here^^ Glad to join you guys, let's train the hell out of each other XD

    Starting numbers:
    96.9 kg

    Todays numbers:
    93.8 kg
    Morning workout - check;
    Day 26: no coffee or coke

    May 2nd:

    Introducing long term goals I'll update them here, once in a while
    30 days of workouts streak
    60 days of workouts streak
    100 days of workouts streak

    Run 1km

    Loose 5kg of fat

    7 days of daily book reading

    7 days - no phone (texts, social media etc.) before 10AM
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      Welcome and good luck !




          Welcome to the Hive! Congrats on your daily workout streak of 22 days, that's awesome!! Keep it up


            Welcome! Congrats on the 22 days streak!

            Ps.:I really like the quote you are using on the title!


              Hello and welcome!


                Good luck!


                  Thank you for the warm welcome!
                  Sunday recap, here I come!

                  Todays weight:
                  93.2 kg

                  Weekly average weight:
                  93.4 kg (- 0.3 kg)

                  Weekly average dietary energy:
                  1877 kcal

                  Weekly average active energy:
                  872 kcal

                  Also:COMPLETED NINJA CHALLENGE
                  2 days on easy; 24 days on hard; 4 days on brutal
                  I now plan to start the challenge over, while aiming to always hold longer than I did the previous time.

                  Problem: sesamoiditis of my left big toe. Trouble walking, exercices involving stretching toes are out of question for now. I hope the situation to come back to normal around Tuesday tops.

                  Journal entry:
                  A bit disappointed by this weeks results. Of course, I know it's about consistency, I know plateaus are a thing, but then hitting a plateau as soon as week three is kind of annoying XD Measurements don't seem to move either. I would like to do more strength workouts, I really hope my kettlebell will arrive soon (delivery has been delayed -.-), as bodyweight exercises aren't my favorites for now (the excess weight, I guess).
                  Plan for next week - keep going. Morning workouts everyday, with intense sessions three times a week. Going for a walk (or bike, depending of that damn toe) each day after class. If by the end of the week I still see no change, I might implement a 5:2 fast.

                  No coffee or coke: day 32
                  Daily workouts: day 28

                  Stay fit


                    Congrats on ninja challenge well done


                      Good job with the Ninja Challenge!

                      Regarding disappointment, I feel ya. It happens, and there are times where what we get doesn't equate to what we put in. Only solution is to keep going, and keep putting in the work.


                        Congrats on Ninja Challenge!


                          Congrats on the challenge!


                            Congrats !


                              30 days of morning workouts!

                              In order to celebrate, the scale suddenly dropped 0.7kg XD

                              30 days of gravity: day 2