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    So... I've decided to go with the following, It's probably got some flaws in programming, but for now I just want to do this. I don't have a way to add weight to squats without hurting, so this has to be it. About the splits, idk. I just had to add something and would like to train that a bit. Today is day 4, just to make it easily align with the week.

    I'll need to add some sort of nutritional plan or something, no clue which one yet. Suggestions?
    Day Focus 1 2
    1 Cardio Squats For Reps Splits Routine
    2 Strength Floor Bench Press (DB) (3*5+) Sit-Ups for Reps
    3 Cardio Squats For Reps Splits Routine
    4 Strength Over Head Press (DB) (3*5+) Leg Raises With 2kg (3*max)
    5 Cardio Squats For Reps Splits Routine
    6 Strength Push Up (Plate) (3*5+) Sit-Ups for Reps
    7 Cardio Dance (Because it's fun!)
    The last set OHP was 20, then I just stopped. the weight needs to go up. The physio told me seated dumbbell OHP's should be fine, since I don't have a rack or anything (at home, gyms are still closed).

    Edit 2: the leg raises are lying leg raises btw, so don't worry.

    Edit 3: Leg raises were done using 2 * 1kg ankle weights. I did 9-12-14... Now my back hurts. hm...


      I did 61 Squats


        I did 14 push-ups in my last set and 66 sit-ups.