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Fitness with Fun and Friends!

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    Fitness with Fun and Friends!

    Hey there Hive!
    Finally got around to starting my own check-in after already seeing so much support on this platform.

    My name's Daniel, I'm 26 and from Germany, and at the start of 2021 I started using Darebee after a kind recommencation.
    What can I say, it's been awesome so far!

    Especially the Spellbound Program.
    I'm following it's story two to three times a week together my friends
    hollowspecter leni and Mathew!

    Apart from raising my general fitness level, increasing muscle mass and lowering bodyfat, ~ all while staying motivated of course! ~
    I want to be able to do 50 push-ups in a row like I used to years back.
    So far the different challenges and Daily Dares helped me a lot with working out muscles I neglected a bit in the past.
    It greatly helps that almost all of the content is so damn nerdy, I just scroll through the workouts and be like
    'Damn this sounds awesome, I wanna do this!'

    So let's do this!

    Helll yeeaaa!!! Workout buddiesss! Welcome to the hive




        It is all kind of nerdy, isn't it? Welcome to the hive!




            Hello and welcome!


              Welcome to the hive


                17. March 2021
                My first was post here was on the 24. February, and 24. was the amount of times I had to go down for shoulders taps for today's Clover Field challenge, the damn thing didn't wanna show up for me!

                What I managed since my last post:

                Finished the Easy Abs Challenge!
                And started the Impossible Abs. Took me a little more then a month, but I finished all the days!

                Halfway through Spellbound!
                hollowspecter , leni and I paused that Program to wait for our friend Mathew who injured himself. He's back for more now and we're all hyped to continue!

                First week of Age of Pandora!
                It's so cool how AoP is designed, it really feels thrilling to run away from evil mutated animals, the exercises themselves make me sweat almost every day, and the story is already really
                engaging. The only downside to the amount of story is that it sometimes get's in the way of the workout itself because you have to sit down and read. But we keep it entertaining with reading it loudly to each other

                Finished my 10. Daily Dare, nine of them with E.C. aaaand..

                Power Up, Day 6.
                My legs are still burning and I hope I only get DOMS tomorrow and don't get shaky when I have to be at work later today

                So all in all February and march have been very successful and I feel many parts of my body improving, mainly legs, which I didn't train a lot the past years, it hurts (sometimes in a bad way, more and more often in a good way), and I like the feeling of .. carefully shredding your muscles and feel it becoming stronger afterwards.

                Wish you all a happy St. Patrick's, and great workouts!


                  Hell yeee!! Good stuff! Keep going