Spartan Trials - the journey continues

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    Spartan Trials - the journey continues

    And so the journey continues… :bunny8:

    After having completed my Hero’s Journey it is time for me to take on the Spartan Trials (lv 2 with 1,5 kg ankle and wrist weights).

    I have chosen the Spartan Trials because

    “It focuses on full body workouts for maximum body strength and functional muscle building. It also includes extensive abdominal routines for a natural body armor, and balance and coordination training for additional agility and a fight-ready body.”
    Besides Spartan Trials I’m doing the Ab Challenge and the Five Minute Plank challenge as well as the Daily Dare.

    The combination of these exercises is great, as I use it as a combination of hard training as well as foundation training.

    For me to stick to the daily routine of training I need a scheduled program which pushes me to the limit in a short amount of time but is also fun to do. For me that’s exactly what the programs and challenges do.

    The DD is great fun and I'm excited to see if by doing the challenges I can break my plank PB

    This will be my training diary for the next couple of weeks just to keep me motivated and keeping me stick to the program.

    Feel free to comment along the way…


    DD: Daily Dare
    ST: Spartan Trials
    ABC: Ab Challenge
    5MP: 5 Minute Plank Challenge

    Previous training logs


    Hero’s Journey:

    Sunday, August 16

    DD: 2 Minute Nutcracker
    Abs: Ab Crunch
    Day 1 (ST) – Survival of the fittest
    Day 5 (ABC) - 24 sit-ups/80 flutter kicks/50 sec plank
    Day 5 (5MP) – 45sec elbow plank
    Running program Day 37 – (12 min running/3 min walking/8 min running/3 min walking)

    5* out of 5*:
    It feels great to have started on the Spartan Trials! I felt rested and ready for the trials…


      Monday, August 17

      DD: 60 Seconds Get-Up Hold
      WOD: Daily Target "Upper Body 60" -
      Bicep curls: 2*12,5 kg (3 * 20 reps) - Push-ups: I did Riddick lv 1 - Renegade: 2 * 5kg 20/20/20
      Day 2 (ST) – Body Armor
      Day 6 (ABC) - 26 sit-ups/100 flutter kicks/1min plank
      Day 6 (5MP) – 1min elbow plank
      Running program Day 38 - 3 sets of 20 squats and 3 sets of 20 calf raises

      5* out of 5*:
      Spartan Trials focused on the abs so I chose to supplement the training with "Upper Body 60" and Riddick lv1 as the WOD, which was a good way to target the upper body.


        Tuesday, August 18

        DD: 20 Balance Squats (I did 40reps)
        Day 3 (ST) - Come and Take ‘em (7/4/3 pull-ups)
        Day 7 (ABC) - 28 sit-ups/110 flutter kicks/1min10sec plank
        Day 7 (5MP) - 1min10sec elbow plank
        Running program - Rest day

        5* out of 5*: Another great workout. I’m beginning to feel the plank exercises and yesterdays upper body workout (core/arms and shoulders)


          Gosh Sundance!:frowning: Do you think it's enough excercising?:lol: Have a great adventure on the way bud.:up::hands-clapping:. Here's some cheering for you.:bunny9::gogo::cow-cheer::cheeron::gogo2::monday1:


            Thanks for the cheering Elektra I need it

            And it is me giving Candace advice on rest time :heh:


              Oh, here you are!
              So Spartan trails now, nice!


                Wednesday, August 19

                DD: 2 Minutes Chest Expansion
                Day 4 (ST) - Balance and Coordination (no rest between sets)
                WOD - Witcher workout (no rest between sets)
                Day 8 (ABC) - 20 sit-ups/20 flutter kicks/20sec plank
                Day 8 (5MP) - 12reps superman*2
                Running program - (4 sets - 5 min running/2 min walking)
                Stretching: 6 Minute Side Splits and Stretching for runners. Done after the running program.

                5* out of 5*: Last week I signed up for the Random Workout Challenge 3.0 and I was picked today with the Witchers workout. First time I did this workout but not the last A day with a good combination of light and hard training.


                  Thursday, August 20

                  DD: 40 Balance Knee-to-Elbow
                  Weekly Quest: 300 squat punches
                  Day 5 (ST) - With shield or on a shield (no rest between sets and push-ups done as a combination of classic/diamond/staggered and raised leg)
                  Day 9 (ABC) - 30 sit-ups/120 flutter kicks/1min20sec plank
                  Day 9 (5MP) - 1min30sec elbow plank
                  Running program - Rest day

                  5* out of 5*: Another great workout. Especially my core is beginning to feel the strain from the plank exercises. Also my shoulders and arms are sore from the push-ups.


                    Friday, August 21

                    DD: 60 Seconds Side Leg Raise Holds
                    Day 6 (ST) - Body Armor (no weights)
                    Day (ABC) - Rest day
                    Day (5MP) - Rest day
                    Running program - Rest day

                    5* out of 5*: I chose to make it a light day of training because I was pretty exhausted after a long week. So I concentrated on the DD and ST.


                      Saturday, August 22

                      I had to take a break like last Saturday. It has been a busy week because of some assignments on my job which had a deadline Friday. So I chose to take a day of rest instead of pushing my body to the limit.


                        Good thinking Sundance


                          Hoo boy, Sundance, save some badass for the rest of us, why don't ya? Seriously though, what you're doing is awesome, I'm loving the Spartan Trials as well, but you're really pushing yourself to a new level. Keep it up!


                            Thanks @Punisher
                            I will - keep it up


                              Sunday, August 23

                              DD: 100 hobbits
                              Day 7 (ST) – Come and Take’em (pull-ups 6/5/4/3)
                              WOD: 20 bicep curls/20 hammer curls/20 bicep curls (2*12,5 kg dumbbells)
                              And I did 5 pull-ups just because I passed a playground during my run
                              Day 10 (ABC) - 32 sit-ups/130 flutter kicks/1min 30sec plank
                              Day 10 (5MP) - 1min 40sec plank
                              Running program - (12 min running/3 min walking/11 min running/3 min walking)
                              Stretching: 6 Minute Side Splits and Stretching for runners. Done after the running program.

                              5* out of 5*: Saturdays rest really did me good. I felt restituted and ready to take on the trials
                              So I pushed myself today with a good combination of upper and lower body workouts :rabbit4: