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    Sea Captain's Log

    02132021 :: I'm new to this sort of thing, but I'm recovering from a nasty Achilles injury and have found the solo path difficult and disheartening. Thus, I have sailed here through oceans of other websites in search of a supportive community and some much needed accountability.

    I'm not sure how often I'll post here, but my goal is to do so on a weekly to biweekly basis. Wish me luck?

    In Progress:
    Square One
    Cardio Go!
    Zero Hero
    □ Doable Daily Dares

    Working up to and Saves for later:

    • So Many...

    • Reboot
    Runner Prime

    Queen of Hearts
    Flexible Today
    Hang In There!



      Ahoy, Matey. Weigh Anchor and Hoist the Mizzen!


        Hello and welcome!


          02132021 :: The Report - Due to a recurrence of my regular intruder, Insomnia, my sleep schedule has been rattled, and it has filled my past several days with headaches and strange sleeping hours.

          Anyhow, doggo got a 45-minute walk in the park, and I managed Day 1 of Zero Hero before crawling back into bed for half the day.

          Technically, I did these things yesterday, but as my bedtime was around 3PM today, I'm posting it... now.

          Also, many thanks for your kind greetings & welcomes. I look forward to engaging with you all in future


            02142021 :: Lookit me updating two days in a row here! Not sure how long this streak's gonna last

            Doggo got his evening walk/jog: 50 minutes. Then, I did Day 1 of both Reboot and Cardio Go!

            Only 152 calories over my daily goal with mostly healthy foods in the mix.

            My Achilles is bothering me, but mostly in a niggling and occasional throbbing after lengthy walks sort of way. So progress over the barely able to walk period I was dealing with not long ago.


              Hello, and welcome to the Hive and to DareBee!


                Thnx, Dorothy!

                02152021 :: Completed day 2 of Square One, Zero Hero, and Cardio Go! Then did a 15 minute stretch session.

                ​​​​​​​Reached Today's step goal, and had 274 calories less than my daily goal.

                Took Mr Doggo to the dog park today, so no long walks, and spent a lounge-y evening with my partner , so v productive day.

                My Achilles is bothering me today whenever I take too many steps at once or put pressure on that foot, so I'll be rolling out my foot and calf before bed.


                  Welcome to the Hive! Glad that your voyages brought you here to Darebee Sounds like some great plans, best of luck on your journey!


                    Muchas gracias, Tensden, igualmente!

                    02162021 :: Today was a (surprise) rest day since I woke up feeling like absolute mud. Still got an hour-long doggo walk in today, but that's p much it. Meh.

                    Also forgot to log calories today...but tomorrow is a new day!


                      021720​​​​21 :: Day 3 of Square One, Zero Hero, and Cardio Go! My Achilles started acting up in the middle of my third rep of Cardio Go!, but I was winding down anyways so I'm at least mostly understanding my limits rn.

                      Doggo went to the dog park today, so we only did a short walk today, about 20 minutes, but it was effing freezing so I think I might've still burned a regular walks'-worth of calories? (Here's hoping! XP)

                      I was 580 calories over my goal, but my partner had a low day and got donuts for us for breakfast, then I went to McDonald's with a friend for lunch so... I actually expected it to be worse.


                        I'm a bit late to the part but welcome to the Hive!


                          Another late welcome!


                            Thanks sunpetal & @stephenphillips42! This place seems so vast to me that it's difficult to think of these as 'late,' especially when I'm still on week one of being here.

                            021820​​​​21 :: Day 4 of Square One, Zero Hero, and Cardio Go! My Achilles is still achy from yesterday so I took it p easy on the workouts today. I finished up with a stretch routine from FitOn called 'Level Zero.'

                            Doggo got a 45 minute run / jog today (so I could get back home ASAP and work on a miniature book order I received today ), and I was 370 calories over my daily goal, tho tbf the donut leftovers mostly to blame.


                              Welcome! I hope we Bees can give you the support you need. Congratulations on your work so far!