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    Decided to quickly smash out Day 3 of Hero's Journey today before getting stuck into my usual hobbies, feeling good for it!

    Saturday 6/3/21 (Today!)
    Hero's Journey Day 3 - I've decided to pick up the Magic Ring, and oh my god my core is sore, I think I made the right choice here


      Just smashed out another day after a fair bit of chilling, hopefully I can keep this momentum up!

      Sunday 7/3/21 (Today!)
      Hero's Journey Day 4 - My abs both love and hate me right now, omfg

      I also only just realized that there's a points system with this as well, so I'm gonna total all that up so far!

      Day 1 - 100
      Day 2 - 100
      Day 3 - Ring Day 3 - 100
      Day 4 - 150 total (100 for Part 1, 50 for Part 2)

      Total so far: 450 points


        Wednesday 10/3/21 (Today!)
        Hero's Journey Day 5 - Honestly couldn't finish this one, my legs were aching by the start of set 3 and I couldn't keep them moving. As a result, I'm choosing to not take the Dragon Egg as penalty.

        Won't be counting the points from today's failed day either, so still at 450 for now.
        Hopefully tomorrow I have better luck!


          Happy Birthday