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    NoctaneVixen's Workout Log

    Hi Darebee!
    My name is NoctaneVixen, but y'all can call me Nocta for short! I'm a transgirl from Tasmania, Australia, who's sick of being 95+ kg and wanting to finally take control of her body, with the aim of weight loss! My current goal is to get myself below 90kg (I'm currently averaging 95-97 for reference)
    I'll be using this thread to keep a reminder to myself to try and get an exercise in every day, and I hope y'all can help me keep on track!
    I've known about Darebee for a while, but the last few times I tried sticking to a program, I had given up about 5 days in at the latest, and I'm hoping to fix that this time.

    So, to start this thread off, here's what I've done for the past 3 days since beginning to exercise again, just to get this logged:

    Saturday - 9/1/21
    Classic Warmup - My usual go-to for warming up
    Foundation Day 1 - Level 2 - Wanted to start on Foundation as I'm way more out of shape than I used to be, and I wanted to ease myself back in.
    Easy Cardio Challenge - Day 1 - Running this alongside everything else, as cardio is one of the main things I'm wanting to focus on, seeing as my main goal is weight loss.

    Sunday 10/1/21
    Classic Warmup
    Foundation Day 2 - Level 1
    Easy Cardio Challenge - Day 2
    Victory Lap workout - Ran this as part of the Assassin Training Plan, for the High-Burn/HIIT slot in Day 1.

    Monday 11/1/21 (Today!)
    Classic Warmup
    Foundation Day 3 - Level 1
    Easy Cardio Challenge - Day 3
    Daily Dare - 60 seconds Squat Hops - Initially tried to do this in one set, got 30 seconds in before I had to take a rest, managed to blast the last 30 seconds out, though now my legs are on fire!

    I'll continue this format of keeping up-to-date with my exercise as the days go by, I tend to exercise as soon as I get home from work!

    Great start, you've got this! Badge day will be here before you know it




        Sounds like a great start! Welcome to Darebee.

        You've got this.


          Hello and welcome!


            Thank you all for the warm welcome! I really appreciate it!
            Just got home from work, so it's time to build-up another sweat-fest!

            Tuesday 12/1/21 (Today!)
            Classic Warmup
            Foundation Day 4 - Level 1 - I really felt this by the end of it, holy crap
            Easy Cardio Challenge - Day 4
            Wild Card workout Level 1 - Did this as part of the Assassin Training Plan, for the Combat Workout slot in Day 3 - This one really had me sweating by the end of it, definitely keeping this one in my "to-keep" list!

            Have definitely been feeling better for the past few days since I've started doing this, I think this is my motivation to keep it going, I love feeling this good!


              Yay for good feelings!


                Wednesday 13/1/21 (Today!)
                Classic Warmup
                Foundation Day 5 - Level 1
                Easy Cardio Challenge - Day 5
                Victory Lap workout - Ran this as part of the Assassin Training Plan, for the High-Burn/HIIT slot in Day 4.

                Between the fact that Foundation Day 5 is Cardio, along with the Cardio Challenge and the Victory Lap workout, I've built up a LOT of sweat today, really feeling it!
                I think I may be able to bump myself up to Level 2 on the Foundation Program soon, will see how I go doing so tomorrow!


                  Thursday 14/1/21 (Today!)
                  Classic Warmup
                  Foundation Day 6 - Level 1 - I tried going for Level 2, but Ab workouts are my weakness atm, I feel the burn from these so easily.
                  Easy Cardio Challenge - Day 6

                  I normally run Daily Dares on my Rest/Casual Training Days for the Assassin Training Plan, but between the Ab workout in Foundation Day 6 and the Cardio Challenge, I am very sore xD

                  I'll try and make up for that by running a Daily Dare on top of tomorrow's training after work!


                    I've been a bit silent here for a while, mainly because I wasn't able to get any exercise in the past 2 days, had a lot of stuff going on.
                    Managed to sneak some in today though!

                    Sundau 17/1/21 (Today!)
                    Classic Warmup
                    Foundation Day 7 - Level 1 - my arms hurt lol
                    Easy Cardio Challenge - Day 7

                    Kept it a bit lower-intensity than normal due to not waking up too great, but still feeling good about being able to get some done today!


                      Heck, only just realized I miss-spelled Sunday yesterday, oh well (fun fact, i nearly miss-spelled it again here xD)

                      Monday 18/1/21 (Today!)
                      Classic Warmup
                      Foundation Day 8 - Level 1 - and now my legs hurt lmao
                      Easy Cardio Challenge - Day 8

                      Kept it a bit shorter today as I need to focus on some house-cleaning, but hopefully gonna start upping the intensity soon-ish.


                        Hey there! Good going. I started with Foundation too and loved it so much that I did it thrice.


                          Happy Birthday 🎉🎈🎁🎂


                            It's been a while since I've been here, things were hectic in my life for a while, mainly with moving.
                            Now that I'm settles though, I'm gonna try getting back into the swing of things!

                            I have been thinking that the Foundation program was a bit of an easy start for me, so I've dropped it for now to start the Hero's Journey program!

                            Tuesday 2/3/21 (Today!)
                            Hero's Journey Day 1 - Level 1 - I immediately feel the pain from this one, this is a good start!

                            Forgot to warm up before starting since I hadn't done this in a while, but I'm gonna try and keep on top of warming up before working out in the future!
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                              Had to wait a couple of days before following up, been feeling a bit sick the past few days and have been working from home, but I'm feeling heaps better today!

                              Friday 5/3/21 (Today!)
                              Classic Warmup
                              Hero's Journey Day 2 - Level 1 - I chose to get involved with the stranger at the crossroads, curious to see what Karma effect this gives me!

                              Lot of cardio in this one which I am all for, seeing as my main goal is weight-loss currently! ^.^
                              Last edited by NoctaneVixen; March 6, 2021, 02:50 AM. Reason: Listed the wrong level for Day 2, only did Level 1