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    Anek thank you!

    There's been a couple of false starts this week, but I'm trying to take it easy on myself and not get upset about being unable to exercise every day.

    Feb 20th:
    4km walk

    Feb 21st:
    30 min walk
    Yoga with Adriene - Pranayama Potion

    Feb 25th:
    Yoga with Adriene
    Age of Pandora - Chapter 31
    - 6.6km walk from the ARC to the Mountain Men


      Mental health has taken a nosedive lately, and exercise was one of the first things to go - I've still been going out for walks, but not every day, and I didn't have the energy to record how long/far etc.

      It's not looking likely that I'm going to finish Age of Pandora by the end of March (it'll hopefully be close, but I don't want to push myself too hard).

      It's been difficult to keep up a regular exercise pattern, and trying to do it every day has only made it harder to start again, so I'm hoping that reframing it will help.

      New goal: 140 minutes of exercise a week, and at least 70 mins of yoga a week.

      Hopefully taking the focus away from 'every day' will make it easier to forgive myself and put the time in to making a fitter and stronger Rabbit!

      March 12th:
      5 mins Yoga with Adriene
      20 mins Age of Pandora - Chapter 31
      - Level I for the workout
      20 mins punching bag


        Go fitter and stronger rabbit! You can do it!


          Anek Thank you!!! I've been doing little bits each week, but I need to get back into the habit of posting here to keep me accountable!

          Fri 9th April:
          30 mins Age of Pandora - Chapter 32
          - 100 climbers
          - Level I for the workout


            Time for me to get back on the exercise wagon - motivated by the fact that the gym and pool are now open again and I have 12 weeks free again - and the fact that I spent a whole week in the Lake District for a walking holiday, and walked at least 8km every day for seven days and even managed one epic 20km hike, hills and all!

            Aim is to do at least 10 mins exercise every day with a goal of 150 mins a week total!

            Going to use Square One as a warm up and a way of gently building up strength in the upper body, and the finish off 60 Days of Cardio (I honestly can't remember when I started it, but the days are checked off up to Day 27 )

            Day 1 - May 10th
            Yoga with Adriene
            30 mins workout -
            Square One - Day 1 - Level I
            60 Days of Cardio - Day 28 - Level III
            Upperbody Tendon Strength


              Day 2 - May 11th
              Yoga with Adriene
              10 mins workout -
              Square One - Day 2 - Level II
              60 Days of Cardio - Day 29 - Level I
              40 mins swimming


                Already lost track of the days *facepalm*

                Last week:
                - 40 mins structured exercise (either gym routine or a darebee routine)
                - 120 mins swimming!

                Happy overall with the amount of exercise last week, but would like to do more structured exercise (work all those under used muscles!) but glad that I actually did some exercise, even if it wasn't what I planned!

                May 18th:
                ✔ 35 mins swimming
                ✔ 10 min workout -
                Square One - Day 3 - Level I
                60 Days of Cardio - Day 30 - Level I
                ✔ 10 mins yoga


                  Have still not got into the routine of updating this log daily, but I'm keeping up the exercise through the week!

                  Last week:
                  - 10 mins structured exercise
                  - 130 mins swimming/walking
                  - 20 mins yoga

                  Going to try and introduce a new morning routine where I do exercise and things before I start work for the day, because that worked before, when I stuck to it


                    May 25th:
                    ✔ 30 mins yoga
                    ✔ 30 mins workout
                    Square One - Day 4 - Level III
                    Upperbody Tendon Strength

                    Morning routine successful


                      Originally posted by RabbitLorna View Post

                      Morning routine successful
                      Well done


                        Fremen Thank you!

                        It's been lovely to get back into a routine!

                        May 26th:
                        ✔ 30 mins yoga
                        ✔ 20 mins workout
                        Square One - Day 5 - Level II
                        60 Days of Cardio - Day 31 - Level II

                        May 27th:
                        ✔ 30 mins swimming


                          Last week:

                          - 50 mins structured exercise
                          - 30 mins swimming/walking
                          - 60 mins yoga

                          It's slowly getting easier to make exercise a part of my routine, but I think I'm going to be taking it easy for the rest of this week as I got vaccinated a couple of days ago

                          May 31st:
                          ✔ 20 mins yoga

                          June 4th:
                          ✔ 40 mins swimming


                            Last week:

                            - 0 mins structured exercise
                            - 100 mins swimming/walking
                            - 30 mins yoga

                            I managed to exercise 5 days out of 7, which is definitely a win, even if it was just a quick yoga session!

                            June 7th:
                            ✔ 20 mins yoga
                            ✔ 15 mins workout
                            Square One - Day 6 - Level I
                            60 Days of Cardio - Day 32 - Level I
                            (I'm going to be doing a lot of DIY and moving stuff later so I don't want to wear myself out this morning )


                              June 8th:
                              ✔ 10 mins yoga
                              ✔ 10 mins workout
                              Square One - Day 7 - Level II


                                Have set myself the goal of 10 mins a day to try and push through the little voice that says it doesn't want to exercise (the annoying thing is I actually enjoy exercising when I'm doing it, but working up the energy to actually do it is a totally different thing )

                                June 9th:
                                ✔ 10 mins yoga
                                ✔ 10 mins workout
                                Square One - Day 8 - Level II