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    Fremen So far, Day 1 was short. It felt like your everyday strength workout. I checked the whole PDF before starting, and everyday seems to be just short workouts that seem to last for as long as a Combat HIIT day... that is, if you don't take 2 minutes of rest like I am doing. What got my attention is that every week gets slightly harder, so the spike in difficulty starts sooner than the other 30 days programs.


      I like the structure of the program and taking a look at the latest workouts are very respectable, it is one of those programs that I definitely want to do


        Well, I didn't post. And I actually went to bed really late. It's just that I spent a lot of the night tweaking a story and just then I finished it. I was already falling asleep, so I went to bed without posting...

        Anyway, 90 Days of Action gave me a Reboot flashback, so I went for a megaset. At least it wasn't a lot of Climbers, right? Right?

        No, seriously, I don't hate Climbers. I just find them annoying when I have to do a lot, but I guess that's what I get when I combine all reps into one set.

        Anyway, The Pits... I haven't done that in a while, so I went for EC... And paid for it. I knew I was going to get tired working out. I planned on it... However, I did it used the shadowboxing to practice my combos, plus I added some extra moves there:

        Front Snap Kick
        Hook Kick
        Shovel Hook
        Downward Hammerfist
        Hammerfist to the Side
        Upward Elbow Strike
        Downward Elbow Strike
        Side Elbow Strike
        Rear Elbow Strike
        Rear Upward Elbow Strike
        Eye Strike
        Palm Strike

        Also, I remember the (Kick)Boxer Prime and (Kick)Boxing Week. I pretended there was a rope in the room, so I used it to bob and weave very low so I don't squat way too much. Squats were used to dodge and power Uppercuts aswell, so I usually ended up with Squat + Uppercut along with Squat + Jab + Cross and Squat + Side Kick. This final one was my way to cheat a higher kick. I did some multiple Side Kicks and Turning Kicks aswell. You know, double, triple... Hell, I managed to go all the way up to 15 as fast and powerful as I could. So yeah, those 9 movements were just a guide. It's Pandora, after all...

        February 1st, 2021

        The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
        Daily Dare: 80 Side Leg Raises +EC
        Count: 280 - 277 +EC

        90 Days of Action: Day 2 - LVL III +Megaset

        Fighter's Warmup
        Monday +EC
        The Pits +EC
        Fighter's Stretching +EC
        Triceps +EC +Reps Doubled
        3 x 30 Seconds of Stomach Vacuum

        Ab II: Day 2
        Iron glutes: Day 2

        More pixel art practice (1/7)
        Finished one work, now I'll go for another (1/7)
        This will change soon, I hope (0/7)


          Unproductive day. I went to bed late last night, only to wake up really early, like two or three hours after... probably even less than that. And, during the powercut, I fell asleep. I was expecting it to be longer, but it wasn't.

          I planned to do the second set of the Ab II Challenge on the evening, and instead of doing all in one go... I was sleeping for 30 minutes every 20 Sit-ups. Yeah, I'm not doing anything... I'll go to bed.

          Still, I was surprised to see a video of the DD on the Facebook history of Darebee. I don't know if that's going to be a new thing or not, but that was neat thing to see. It can work pretty good for those dares that are complex, like the Cross Body Push-ups or the Commandos.

          February 2nd, 2021

          The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
          Daily Dare: 30 Split Lunges +EC
          Count: 281 - 278 +EC

          90 Days of Action: Day 3 - LVL III +Megaset

          WoD: No-Equipment Biceps +EC +No Rest
          3 x 30 Seconds of Stomach Vacuum

          Ab II: Day 3
          Iron glutes: Day 3

          Nothing done today (1/7)
          Nothing done today (1/7)
          Nope (0/7)


            Congrats on the Programmes and Challenges!!


              TopNotch Thanks


                Crazy thing: I almost hurt myself today. Finally, I played the piano, and it was going good, but then my wrists started to hurt. I was doing studies that focus on agility, strength and speed of the fingers, nothing that is out of the ordinary, and I was challenging myself for it by putting some accents on certain notes. I don't really know if it was the tempo, or the fact that I did most of them in one go, but it was brutal on my wrist. If I hadn't stopped in time, I might have ended up with cramps, at the very least. Nothing a couple of stretches could fix, but I was still careful. I wanted to stop, but I carried on with something else, something that was easier on the wrists, just for a couple of minutes.

                New reminder: do not push myself too much on that. Actually, old reminder. I don't know why I was stupid enough to do so.

                Anyway, that's what I've done today. Not much on productivity. I've been wanting to write, but honestly, it's not like I don't have any idea of what to do, as I don't really feel like doing anything new, but with so much stuff to do, I don't know what to pick. I haven't drawn traditionally for a while, so I hope to change that tomorrow. I'll play the piano too, but I'll go easy this time.

                February 3rd, 2021

                The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
                Daily Dare: 20 W-Extensions +EC
                Count: 282 - 279 +EC

                90 Days of Action: Day 4 - LVL III +1 Min Rest

                Wrist Pain
                Beer Belly - LVL III +EC
                Zombie - LVL III +No Rest
                Dynamic Plank - LVL III +EC
                Triceps +EC +Reps Doubled
                3 x 30 Seconds of Stomach Vacuum

                Ab II: Day 4
                Iron glutes: Day 4

                Nothing for now (1/7)
                Narrator: she has so many things to work she can't decide (1/7)
                I almost hurt myself playing. Got a severe wrist pain. Let's not do that again (1/7)


                  Seeing how Day 5 was, I decided to not do much today, so it was an active rest day.

                  Other than that, not much to tell. Got to write, but that's it.

                  February 4th, 2021

                  The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
                  Daily Dare: 50 Plank Leg Raises +EC
                  Count: 283 - 280 +EC

                  90 Days of Action: Day 5 - LVL III

                  Lockdown +EC
                  3 x 30 Seconds of Stomach Vacuum

                  Ab II: Day 5
                  Iron glutes: Day 5

                  Nothing drawn (1/7)
                  Got to continue a short story (2/7)
                  Class with required something creative at the end (2/7)


                    No, I did not forget. I just went to bed really late as I was writing through the night. Well, struggling, more or less. There was a lot of procrastinating, so it was difficult to even post here.

                    So I ended up working until I hit half of it and decided to go to bed. I'm not proud of that.

                    But at least I got to do Power Boost. That was easier than I expected. But my wrists didn't like the Power Push-ups, however, I think that's more because of my shoes. I'm not going barefoot for a while, so my grip on the floor isn't exactly great because my shoes are very slippery. I could use socks, but there's no difference. And flip-flops are really awkward to use to hold a plank, let alone Push-ups...

                    But I did it, and I was still hungry for some more explosive strength. And here comes being killed by Burpees, and I did got killed with EC, but only at LVL I. I'm not going 5 sets of Death by Burpees with EC. Not yet, anyways. I hate them. Why can't I stop doing them if I hate them so much? I guess it's because it's an achievement to do at least one.

                    I should do the Volleyball Pro workout again.

                    February 5th, 2021

                    The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
                    Daily Dare: 50 Jumping Jacks +EC
                    Count: 284 - 281 +EC

                    90 Days of Action: Day 6

                    Classic Warmup
                    Power Boost +EC
                    Death by Burpees - LVL I +EC
                    Liber8 +EC
                    Full Body Stretch +EC
                    Triceps +EC +Reps Doubled
                    3 x 30 Seconds of Stomach Vacuum

                    Ab II: Day 6
                    Iron glutes: Day 6

                    Nada (1/7)
                    Went back to an old story and started a rewrite to update it and translate it to english (3/7)
                    I didn't hurt my wrists this time (3/7)


                      Somehow, I feel like the day was longer than usual... And I also feel like time just flew away today.

                      After doing some cleaning to get rid of the huge amount of clutter we have, I found my brother's old camera, and I'm inheriting too. I'm the photographer of the family, so I'll get more use to that. That is if I get to use it. It's a Vivitar CV35, a compact film camera, with a fixed lens. Seems to be in good condition, although it seems that it'll probably get stuck. I need some film now to test it out. All I can say is that lens is just magnificent. The specs make it a kinda slow camera, but the lens... just the lens. I find it hard to believe that it was just 12$ back when it was released, and some people pretty much set it aside with the reputation of being a toy camera, probably because the way it looks... But I can see myself taking some good photos with it. It's not like I'll be shooting something for billboards and magazines with that, but it's a pretty good camera. I'm really impressed.

                      I'd really love to put film into that camera and try it out now. I'm going to try and save for some film, as I know it's still for sale around here, and there are a couple of studios that still develops film, so I'm good. With it making a slow comeback since a couple of years ago, I do hope to get my hands on a 100 ISO film that allows me to take 12 photos just to check it out. There's one street in town that is filled with araguaneys on each side. When they start to blosom, the street turns completely yellow, as if autumn came out of season. For a street that can get pretty ugly, it sure turns into something beautiful. It's one of the best spots to take a shot, specially with that 35mm lens. It has a wide angle, so it can take everything. The trees already bloomed last month, and they usually do so twice a year, so I'll have another shot later. No pun intended.

                      I'll bring it with me overseas. It's just awesome!

                      Anyway... Training was a bit difficult today. When there are sets, I'm not a fan of the Ab II challenge. I did two, but the third one was for the evening. Also, got hit by some odd pain on my left heel just after warming up. I'm not sure what that was, but wearing shoes seem to ease on it. I just trained normally, and the pain slowly went away. In the end, I went barefoot for Splits, so there was no problem. Now, I wanted to save some time, so I cut the resting time to zero. The HIIT was easier by eliminating jumps on Burpees, although I did jump on set 14, and by set 15 I went all out with full burpees. Cutting Edge felt more like a technique practice rather than a workout, but I did it because hey, it's combat day, and I'm not missing a combat workout.

                      I'll just say that I did a lot of kicks today. 150 from Iron Glutes, as I did 50 on the morning, and I did 100 on the afternoon. I was supposed to do just 100, but by the time I did 50 on the afternoon, I realized I did all of them with one leg, whereas the first 50 from the morning was 25 each leg. Then, 60 from the DD, 140 Side Kicks and 140 Front Kicks from Cutting Edge... That gives a total of 490 kicks. 350 of them were Side Kicks. Adding the Knee Strikes gives a total of 630 hits just using my legs. And a mere total of 420 Punches, all of them coming from the Cutting Edge workout aswell. With no rest... poor ninja. They got a serious beatdown.

                      Wish I counted the reps on the HIIT workout from 90 Days of Action, but since the timer goes until two minutes, I just couldn't stop and take notes. I went all in on that.

                      February 6th, 2021

                      The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
                      Daily Dare: 60 Side Kicks +EC
                      Count: 285 - 282 +EC

                      90 Days of Action: Day 7 - LVL III +No Rest +Full Burpees on set 15

                      WoD: Cutting Edge - LVL III +No Rest
                      Anchor +EC
                      Splits +EC
                      3 x 30 Seconds of Stomach Vacuum

                      Ab II: Day 7
                      Iron glutes: Day 7

                      I must draw something, right? Right? (1/7)
                      Still working on things (4/7)
                      Well, I missed out on the piano today (3/7)


                        Boring day. Still finding clutter to get rid of. And it was also a lazy day too. I didn't want to do anything, but I did it anyway. It's not like it was something hard. Today was ab day on the program, plus the Ab II challenge was a light day. The hardest thing would be Iron Glutes today, and so far, I haven't done that challenge with any rest. I forgot to mention that.

                        I don't know for how long I meditated, but I know it was more than 10 minutes, but no more than 15 minutes. It started right after I did Serenity.

                        February 7th, 2021

                        The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
                        Prayer to the Gods: 10 - 15 minutes of meditation + Adorations to Frigga for 35 Days (1/35)
                        Daily Dare: 30 Decline Push-ups +EC
                        Count: 286 - 283 +EC

                        90 Days of Action: Day 8 - LVL III +Megaset

                        WoD: Serenity
                        3 x 30 Seconds of Stomach Vacuum

                        Ab II: Day 8
                        Iron glutes: Day 8

                        There was an attempt (2/7)
                        Nothing finished yet, but still writing (5/7)
                        This has to change next week (3/7)


                          I've finally got to meet the neighbor's new dog. She's so freaking tiny! Looks like a black labrador. She adopted her pretty much after she was born, and right now is one and a half months old. The little thing was so adorable, following me around. I almost broke into tears on seeing how cute she was.

                          I didn't do much today. Sucker Punch and that's it. And I almost didn't want to do it, but eh... I'll take a break tomorrow. Active break, though. I'll be doing some drawings in the morning, so it'll be busy. Speaking of drawings, I got to do something today... but the result wasn't... not what I was expecting? I mean, everything was good, but one specific part of that picture is getting on my nerves...

                          Oh, I also got rid of a lot of clutter I had on my bedroom. Most of it was trash, like, what the hell was I thinking? Some other stuff I'll just give it away or sell for cheap. Funny enough, I did find a belt that I got a long time ago. I never wore it because I was overweight, so it didn't fit. But now that I'm not, it needs more holes! I'm selling that thing; it's brand new! I also found a harmonica. A couple of reeds are broken, but it works. It plays the entire C scale, so I might aswell clean it up and probably play with it.

                          February 8th, 2021

                          The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
                          Adorations to Frigga for 35 Days (2/35)
                          Daily Dare: 50 Squat Hold Calf Raises +EC
                          Count: 287 - 284 +EC

                          90 Days of Action: Day 9 - LVL III +Megaset

                          Monday +EC
                          Sucker Punch +Megaset
                          Triceps +EC +Reps Doubled
                          3 x 30 Seconds of Stomach Vacuum

                          Ab II: Day 9
                          Iron glutes: Day 9

                          A drawing was done... sort of (1/7)
                          Not what I'm supposed to write, but something was written (1/7)
                          Not today (0/7)


                            Congratulations with that belt! It goes to show that all your effort pays off!


                              Bender B. Rodriguez Indeed. It wasn't long ago that I decided to be more active, and whenever I see an old picture of myself, I can't help but gasp by the fact that I was very unhealthy. What was it, like, 3 or 4 years ago? I think I got that belt at least a year tops before that.


                                Interesting and busy morning at the community center. I got motivated to do lots of things too. It all started by just doing a sign, so I did my drawing quota for the day, as I drew a bunch of letters. I also helped to decorate the place since carnival is right at the corner. It was good to have a busy morning.

                                The afternoon was boring. Not much of a workout, as I wanted to take a break... and I took it. I mean, I only did the DD on the morning. The challenges and the program were left for the afternoon, and they aren't something that make me sweat. So yeah, not much to say.

                                I saw my neighbor's dog again. Poor thing can't go outside on the afternoon. The sun is horrible, so she hates to step on the hot floor. She still clings onto me, and is so freaking adorable. I want one, but man, I can't take care of dogs now... But she's so freaking cute! She's a black golden retriever, not a black labrador as I previously thought. Sometimes, I confuse both breeds. That could explain why she's so loving.

                                A powercut hit us later than usual... but it lasted for 30 minutes? It's like they forgot to cut the power, so when they realized it was late, they just decided to turn it back on. I even saw a gecko hunting for flies in the middle of the night. I don't know why I was laughing a lot, but this gecko in particular was just doing his hunting business and, all of the sudden, it fell from the roof and hit the couch with a thud. What a fail! Probably it wasn't having a good grip, but it's fine. They can be very resistant critters, and is still alive and kicking, and probably hungry for more insects... which, seriously, we need them, because the amount of mosquitos is increasing. I even heard cicadas outside at noon, and you can only hear cicadas when it's really hot. Legend says it's their prayer for rain.

                                February 9th, 2021

                                The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
                                Prayer to the gods: 10 - 15 minutes of meditation + Adorations to Frigga for 35 Days (3/35)
                                Daily Dare: 50 Split Jacks +EC
                                Count: 288 - 285 +EC

                                90 Days of Action: Day 10 - LVL III +1 min rest

                                3 x 30 Seconds of Stomach Vacuum

                                Ab II: Day 10
                                Iron glutes: Day 10

                                So... many... letters. I drew a bunch of letters! And painted them! With paint! (2/7)
                                Just finished a draft (2/7)
                                Not yet. Probably tomorrow (0/7)