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    No piano today, but tons of writing. I did fix the drawing too, but I'm not convinced. Still, I'll leave it the way it is for now.

    The Ab challenge is way too hard now that the month is almost over. And I wish it was the Planks that were the hard part, but no... It's the Sit-ups. Since I've hit the 50 mark, I've been splitting them into sets, because I can barely go further than 50. I did went to 60 in one go, but I don't remember which day was that...

    Speaking of hard stuff, I guess Death By Burpees got easier. Still on LVL I with full rest, but I didn't have that much of a hard time today, especially since I did extra 10 Burpees on Set 1 without even realizing it. It was after I finished that I realized that. Burpees, man... The workout is easier, but doing Burpees doesn't get any easier...

    As you can see, Death By Burpees totals up to 200 Burpees on LVL III, 160 on LVL II and 120 on LVL I. That's still too much to my eyes. One set of this workout is already too much. You can tell how much I hated it because I tried to change the workout, I tried to go for something easier. I would rather do Volleyball Pro than this, but I picked this because I wanted to challenge myself with this again. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I did, and I'm pleased that this time it was easier, but I'm not amused. I don't hate Burpees like some do, but damnit, my life was better without knowing about their existance...

    Then again, my life was worst than it is now before working out.

    Anyway, senseless rant over. Finished the second third othe three parter I talked about yesterday, and I'm having mixed feelings. I love DOS, and I love DOSBox, and I love WordPerfect and the current tools that transforms its files into other formats, but it's still too primitive compared to any modern word processor. That's the only thing that I hate: either lack of functions, or the use of many macros that I yet haven't memorized. Still, using WordPerfect, to me, is far much better than just typing in anything else. It's even better than those apps dedicated for writers to kept them concentrated. All I do is ru DOSBox, put it on fullscreen, and just run WordPerfect and type. Switching the blue to black is also easy on the eyes, and since it's just a black screen, there is nothing I can do but write. It even takes a while for DOSBox to go back into Windowed mode, so it's all good.

    I kind of want to keep writing, and do some other stuff that I organized too, but I better go to bed. I have to work tomorrow, so...

    January 27th, 2021

    The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
    Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Elbow Plank +EC
    Count: 275 - 272 +EC

    Reboot: Day 27 - LVL III +Megaset
    Fireheart: Day 27 - LVL III +Megaset

    Death By Burpees - LVL I
    Breathe Easy
    Triceps +EC +Reps Doubled
    3 x 30 Seconds of Stomach Vacuum

    Ab: Day 27
    50 Squats a Day: Day 27 +5 kgs weight

    Fixed one drawing... a little bit (3/7)
    Second third of a three parter was finished (3/7)
    No piano today (1/7)


      Lazy day. "Lazy", to be precise. I didn't do anything today, and what I did... Well, I didn't do it as usual.

      Fireheart was a Megaset, but everything was done throughout the afternoon. Reboot was just a normal circuit with 30 seconds rest between sets. Really, I was not feeling like doing +100 Climbers in one go.

      I did the Workout of the Day and that was it for fitness. Boring day.

      All I did was play with DOSBox. I got Windows 3.1 running over there with Microsoft Office 4.2. Now I can run WordPerfect documents on Word, save them as .doc documents and export them out of DOS so I can edit them in a modern software, even though I already have a converter that converts WordPerfect to DOCX. Why should I overcomplicate things? Why should I install Windows 3.1 on DOSBox, of all things? Well, I have one reason: simply because. It's absurd, it's pointless, it's weird, and I love it. I love that I can just complicate things more and more with primitive tools.

      So yeah, no drawing today... although I almost did it because I was close to install CorelDraw on Windows 3.1 and toy with it. My dad always had that program, but none of us knew how to use it. And piano... I gave class, but I didn't play like last week.

      I've been lazy this week. I should change that. But at least I've been writing a lot.

      January 28th, 2021

      The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
      Daily Dare: 30 Butterfly Sit-ups +EC
      Count: 276 - 273 +EC

      Reboot: Day 28 - LVL III +30 seconds rest
      Fireheart: Day 28 - LVL III +Megaset Throughout the Afternoon

      WoD: Lazy Bear - LVL III +EC
      3 x 30 Seconds of Stomach Vacuum

      Ab: Day 28
      50 Squats a Day: Day 28 +5 kgs weight

      Nothing drawn (3/7)
      Three parter is finished, and now I want to do a fourth story as a bonus (4/7)
      Class, but I didn't play (1/7)
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        Another busy day. I almost skipped my morning routine because the water FINALLY came, but I still got it. Considering the DD were Squats, I did them with the books as a weight. I ended up doing 42, so after the timer ran out, I did the extra 8 to get it to 100, since I did the DD after doing the 50 Squats a Day Challenge. If I add to that number the amount of squats the Workout of the Day had it totals up to 296. Snowfight flashbacks.

        And don't get me started on the push-ups. 196 from the WoD, and adding the 45 from today's Fireheart gives me 241, and it was really difficult to do them. Working out was hard today, and I'm not sure if that's because I spent so much of the morning walking around, carrying weight back and forth and just... busy, overall. I didn't do anything today. I only wrote a little...

        I'll start a long program next month. Considering that I might get busy on March, I figured I should do something more generalized. That doesn't means I'll be putting combat to the side, as I love doing it. But, right now, I don't feel like planning stuff up, so I'll take the to-go route on the next three months with 90 Days of Action. Who knows? I might end up picking running back up, but that means I need to get my running shoes fixed..

        Tomorrow will be another busy day aswell. But now I'm not sure if I'll be running around or not.

        January 29th, 2021

        The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
        Daily Dare: 60 Seconds Squats +EC +5 kgs weight
        Count: 277 - 274 +EC

        Reboot: Day 29 - LVL III +Megaset
        Fireheart: Day 29 - LVL III +Megaset

        WoD: Push, Squat, Repeat - LVL III +EC
        The Prep
        Butt Lift +EC
        Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings & Calves
        Triceps +Megaset
        3 x 30 Seconds of Stomach Vacuum

        Ab: Day 29
        50 Squats a Day: Day 29 +5 kgs weight

        Nothing drawn (3/7)
        Wrote a little today (5/7)
        So far not so much piano this week (1/7)


          Badge day: Reboot and Fireheart were finished, and so the 50 Squats a Day and Ab challenges. I'll be starting Ab II and Iron Glutes tomorrow, with 90 Days of Action.

          Today was a pretty busy day outside of the house. Right now, I'm really tired. No time to draw, play the piano and I barely edited something. Right now, all I want is some sleep.

          I had to repress my dysphoria too, so it was awful. I only ended up with an idea for writing, but it hurts when I go back to it. It hurts because it triggers my dysphoria...

          January 30th, 2021

          The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
          Daily Dare: 60 Seconds Tucked Side Star Plank Hold +EC
          Count: 278 - 275 +EC

          Reboot: Day 30 - LVL III +Megaset
          Fireheart: Day 30 - LVL III +1 Min Rest

          3 x 30 Seconds of Stomach Vacuum

          Ab: Day 30
          50 Squats a Day: Day 30 +5 kgs weight

          Busy day, but I might have ended up with a commitment (3/7)
          Edited a little. I don't really consider it for the count, but I'll count it anyways (6/7)
          Yeah, I forgot the piano this week. Today it's the only justification... (1/7)


            Wow, you're doing great, congrats on completing 2 programs and 2 challenges! You're inspiring.


              Happy multiple badges day.


                Congrats on finish Reboot, Fireheart and challenges!


                  Congrats on programs and challenges


                    Congrats on the programs and challenges!









                        Congratulations on REBOOT and FIREHEART 💜🔥 and 2 Challenges!!


                          Congrats on mutli-badge day!






                              Considering what day is today, it's probably for the best that I start new projects now. I hope to end up with something good for December, so I ran GraphicsGale again today and did measurements. I also drew a dirty shovel that ended up looking nice. Still, I'm not sure if I should sprite with outline or not, but considering for what I'm going for, it might be a good idea to use an outline. Added today to the drawing count.

                              Overall, though, lazy day. Just some editing, and some outlining... and just started 90 Days of Action, and that's it. I didn't do much on the fitness department. Tomorrow might be a different story, though.

                              Completed a week of writing everyday!

                              January 31st, 2021

                              The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
                              Prayer to the Gods: 10 minutes of meditation
                              Daily Dare: 10 Cross Body Push-ups +EC
                              Count: 279 - 276 +EC

                              90 Days of Action: Day 1 - LVL III +1 Min Rest

                              Everyday Yoga
                              3 x 30 Seconds of Stomach Vacuum

                              Ab II: Day 1
                              Iron glutes: Day 1

                              Pixel pratice with very basic drawings (4/7)
                              More editing and outlining (7/7)
                              Yeah, I forgot about the piano (1/7)


                                I am very curious about 90 Days of Action, please tell me how you are on the way