Black sails seen on the Caribbean sea... Yo-ho-ho! And a bottle of rum!

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    Black sails seen on the Caribbean sea... Yo-ho-ho! And a bottle of rum!

    My previous thread got too old, and many of my fitness goals I've accomplished. However, the sail is far from over, as the sea is vast and endless. I've traced new goals, took upon new challenges and now, the time for procrastinating is over. The old log, of course, I'll link it here.

    Of course, transitioning is still a goal of mine, aswell as keeping my fitness on top. I wouldn't like to fall back into the old ways because... do I really want to be that guy again?

    I won't lose time writing about how life is tough, as the rules of the game are pretty much the same. It's the mindset that has to be different. So, this is my way to make myself even more accountable. No longer it's about keeping track of my fitness, it's also going to be about keeping track of my work: writing, drawing... There will be days that I won't be doing any of that, but as long as I just draw a single line, or write just a sentence, I'm good with myself. I'll figure out the format later tonight.

    If anyone does not know me, I'm a MtF transgender woman (not on hormones or anything) on my mid to late 20s, measuring at around 1.76 Mts high (5'9") and weighting inbetween 66 to 69 Kgs. (145 - 152 lb). I used to be overweight, but now I feel comfortable with my weight. I tried many things throughout my fitness journey, including industrial and belly dance, but for now I'm sticking with kickboxing, krav magá and bodyweight. Right now, my fitness goals include to learn new techniques and improve the ones that I know, increasing the difficulty of the workouts, and learn to do One Arm Push-ups this year. This, of course, will change depending on how my journey goes, as I learned the hard way that plans are just a guideline, for the road will always have unforseen obstacles.

    A new log for a more cheerful (yet dark) themed journey rather than the more dystopian one. Though I haven't ditched Cyberpunk, the Pirate theme is something that I've been enjoying more to write lately. Less setting focused and more character focused.

    New Log! We will be here to cheer you on - The Sails are set for conquering 2021.


      Well, this year is starting with one hell of a news: there are two volcanoes in the Caribbean that are recently becoming active, and they just spewed ash. One is located in Martinica, and the other is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Both places are at the north east of Venezuela. I've read that if those volcanoes erupt it means tsunami, and this time there won't be many islands to protect the coast. Still, considering how far are the volcanoes from the west, I think we'll be ok. The coast is probably the one that'll suffer the most around here.

      Anyway, on the bright side, something that was worrying me for a while I got it solved on the first try. It usually takes a lot of tries, but I managed to do it in one go. That's actually good, and one less thing to worry about. Dealing with government websites is a bitch, but with patience and perseverance, any appointment can be made.

      I drew today, and I wrote too. One drawing daily, it seems, and I just did 1096 words, which is great. I still haven't figured out things, but for now, I realized I can switch genres to keep my writing up. About the drawings, well, I'll see where I go to.

      It's a good start, even with the dooming news.

      January 1st, 2021

      The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
      Praising Odin: 5 minutes of meditation
      Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Jumping Ts +EC
      Count: 249 - 247 +EC

      Reboot: Day 1 - LVL III +No Rest
      Fireheart: Day 1 - LVL III +30 Sec Rest

      WoD: Jump Start - LVL III +No Rest
      Classic Abs +EC +Reps Doubled
      Triceps +EC +Reps Doubled
      3 x 1 Minute of Stomach Vacuum

      Ab: Day 1
      50 Squats a Day: Day 1

      Done a drawing today
      Written today. 1096 words.


        Leet post. It's not the early 00s, but 1 c4|\| r35157 2 U53 h4x0r LiN6O. Ah, teenage memories...

        My drawing beat me today, though I did sketch something. I'll fight again tomorrow. I took a reference picture of myself for it because I couldn't find anything, so I'm more than ready. However, I couldn't write today. For a split second I thought what happened early last month started to come back, but I guess that's solved for now. I'm still alert on that. Besides, I was busy the entire morning, so I didn't do anything until after I trained.

        Lots of powercuts too. That is troubling...

        January 2nd, 2021

        The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
        Prayers to Odin and Baldr: 5 minutes of meditation
        Daily Dare: 30 Side-to-side Lunges +EC
        Count: 250 - 248 +EC

        Reboot: Day 2 - LVL III +No Rest
        Fireheart: Day 2 - LVL III +30 Sec Rest

        Crop Top +EC +Reps Doubled
        3 x 1 Minute of Stomach Vacuum

        Ab: Day 2
        50 Squats a Day: Day 2

        Sketched something, so I did draw today.
        Nothing written today.


          Nice start on your sailing adventure


            Wishing you smooth sailing in the year ahead!


              Yay for the new Thread Sólveig Wishing you a lucky journey and a lot of new achivements!! 👍🍀🥊💖


                New thread indeed, guys. And I couldn't post last night. Funny thing: I fell asleep at 11 PM, but then I woke up at 1 AM and went to bed (I was in the couch). Only slept for one hour and I was fully awake until 6 AM. Nothing I did was enough to make me sleep again.

                I ended up sleeping from 6 AM until 12 PM from today. I didn't do much of a workout yesterday. Only the programs and challenges, and I didn't draw. Today, I did some sketching, but not much of writing other than one script and a couple of outlines. Little time to do things thanks to that insomniac night. I don't know what happened. But when I woke up, I skipped The Right Side and went straight to my short day. Not much done...

                January 3rd, 2021

                The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
                Daily Dare: 30 Crunch Kicks +EC

                Reboot: Day 3 - LVL III +No Rest
                Fireheart: Day 3 - LVL III +30 Sec Rest

                Ab: Day 3
                50 Squats a Day: Day 3

                Nothing drawn
                Wrote 1955 words

                January 4th, 2020

                Prayers to the gods: 10 minutes of meditation
                Daily Dare: 30 Jumping Lunges +EC
                Count: 252 - 250 +EC

                Reboot: Day 4 - LVL III +1 min rest
                Fireheart: Day 4 - LVL III +1 min rest

                WoD: Arms & Shoulders - LVL III +EC
                Monday +EC
                Fighter's Warmup
                Fighter's Stretching +EC
                Triceps +EC +Reps Doubled

                Ab: Day 4
                50 Squats a Day: Day 4

                Just a thumbnail that wasn't cleaned up (0/7)
                Completed a comic strip script and did some outlines (1/7)


                  Your "not doing much" looks still like a lot was done!


                    Anek It was more the illusion that I wasn't allowed to do much because I woke up really late. The Arms & Shoulders workout I did it while I was watching Youtube, and the Monday workout I did it while waiting for lunch to finish cooking. Day 4 of the Ab challenge was just 20 of everything, so I spent most of the day just cleaning up a joke (the comic strip) and making some short stories outlines that I'll write at some point.

                    But now that I see, I crunched up everything into a tight schedule, so maybe I had a lot of free time left


                      Well, insomnia is a bitch. I still don't know why I lost my sleep that night, but, just like yesterday, I'm feeling very sleepy again. So, I'm just going to post and head straight to bed, skipping any writing plan I had for tonight. Same goes for drawing, as my entire morning was wasted being outside and doing absolutely nothing.

                      Tomorrow won't be as wasted, but I'll have yet to see if I squeeze some time into any of that. I mean, right now I have time to do those, but my head is shutting down. I'm not stressing myself into understanding what caused me to lose sleep on Sunday, however, it pisses me off that I lost it. Doesn't matter anyway...

                      January 5th, 2021

                      The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
                      Prayers to the gods: 5 minutes of gratitude meditation
                      Daily Dare: 30 Single Leg Deadlifts +EC
                      Count: 253 - 251 +EC

                      Reboot: Day 5 - LVL III +No Rest
                      Fireheart: Day 5 - LVL III +No Rest

                      WoD: Valkyrie - LVL I +EC
                      Shredder: Ab Edition +EC
                      3 x 1 Minute of Stomach Vacuum

                      Ab: Day 5
                      50 Squats a Day: Day 5

                      Nothing drawn today (0/7)
                      Nothing written today (1/7)


                        I'm slacking off on my writing (as I usually do now), but I did draw something good today. I had an Araki moment, so I just looked for a random fashion magazine and use a photo for a reference just because, and I was quite happy with the result. I also baked bread today. Sweet bread, to be precise, but... uh, it didn't turn out good. I mean, the flavor was alright, but I think either I didn't use enough yeast or I killed it by warming the milk too much. I thought it got to room temperature, but it was probably still too hot for yeast to do its thing... I mean, the numbers on that recipe are all wrong. Not only the pieces were smaller than expected, the dough was really dry at first, looking more like cookie dough than bread dough. We actually had to add extra milk just so we get the right consistency.

                        The oven doesn't help either, as it only heats on the bottom (it's electrical, and the resistance from the top is broken), so the sugar used on top to decorate actually melted and caramelized all over. I was so disappointed that I didn't take any pictures of it whatsoever. Of course, I won't stop trying, but I think I'll check the numbers to see if they're correct, plus making sure the temperature is alright next time, and using enough yeast and milk. But at least I know that, with between 500 to 600 grams of flour I can bake 16 of these.

                        I'll make sure to write tomorrow. I got a new idea after seeing a broken toy, but I also have some stuff to edit. I'll have to get on to that. Not tonight, though. I'm going to sleep as soon as I'm done posting.

                        January 6th, 2021

                        The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
                        Prayers to the gods: 5 minutes of meditation
                        Daily Dare: 40 Seagulls +EC
                        Count: 254 - 252 +EC

                        Reboot: Day 6 - LVL III +1 min rest
                        Fireheart: Day 6 - LVL III +1 min rest

                        Time-crunch Cardio +EC
                        Booty Builder +No rest between exercises +No rest between sets
                        Triceps +EC +Reps Doubled
                        3 x 1 Minute of Stomach Vacuum

                        Ab: Day 6
                        50 Squats a Day: Day 6

                        Something was drawn today! (1/7)
                        Nothing written today (1/7)


                          Aww, it sucks when bread fails! I hope it's still edible and that you find the right combination next time!


                            Nothing done outside of the programs and challenges. It was pretty much a lazy day, honestly. I did write, but I didn't count how much. Only around... 2K? I don't know. And I also drew a sketch, but that was it. I'm not even proud of it. I only did it to clear something on my head when I was writing, to have a visual.

                            Uninteresting day... Reboot was hard without rest!

                            January 7th, 2021

                            The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
                            Prayers to the gods: 10 minutes of meditation
                            Daily Dare: 40 Scorpion Twists +EC
                            Count: 255 - 253 +EC

                            Reboot: Day 7 - LVL III +No rest
                            Fireheart: Day 7 - LVL III +No rest

                            Ab: Day 7
                            50 Squats a Day: Day 7

                            Nothing great, but I'll count it (2/7)
                            Around 2K written today (2/7)



                              Well, there goes another one to the list: 100 Crunches, 100 Flutter Kicks, 40 Sitting Twists. Three times and that's it. The entire workout in just one set. For a moment I thought I couldn't do it, but I think I can do it again to failure and get even bigger numbers.

                              So today was pretty much that. The only circuit I properly obeyed was Fireheart's, and I didn't rest. It's my way to compensate a bit for "not doing" anything yesterday when I was supposed to work harder. I don't know what was harder from Reboot: doing 70 bridges 5 times in one set, or holding the bridge counting to 70 five times... Either way, I did it, and my inner thighs were punished.

                              I also skipped my morning stretches because I woke up to get water right away, with no warning. Of course, I slept, but I was not going to allow the same thing that happened on Monday to repeat itself.

                              January 8th, 2021

                              The Right Side + 10 Decline Push-ups
                              Prayers to the gods: 10 minutes of meditation
                              Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Tricep Dip Hold
                              Count: 256 - 253 +EC

                              Reboot: Day 8 - LVL III +Megaset
                              Fireheart: Day 8 - LVL III +No rest

                              Crop Top +Reps doubled +Megaset
                              Core Twister +EC
                              Triceps +No Rest +Reps Doubled
                              3 x 1 Minute of Stomach Vacuum

                              Ab: Day 8
                              50 Squats a Day: Day 8

                              Nothing drawn, but the time was spent more in art theory (2/7)
                              Wrote two jokes and one script (3/7)