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    I recommend the book "Never Split the Difference" by Chris Voss to learn better negotiation. Even if you aren't negotiating with terrorists or to save hostages, it has a lot of good information about asking the right questions.


      Thank you Rainbow Dragon . I will spend most of my time in Bretagne ; I have access to my parents's small but cozy appartment in Paris for quick visits for work (though it looks like telecommuting will be the rule for quite a while), and for signatures and appartment visits afterwards - but more and more things can be done online today, even first appartment visits (I would never buy without visiting physically, but it should already rule out a fair amound of not-quite-right places). At least until end March I am firmly in Bretagne.

      And thanks a bunch, daejamurrachan , I am buying it for Kindle immediately, it sounds like something that can always be useful! Appartment, loan, insurrances, work contract, lots of things in life need to be negociated so it is one of those life skills not taught at school, LOL.

      Today Day 17 of easy cardio chalenge, 2*10 one legged bridges, half moon with block, 2*15 crunches and a yoga session focused on handstand prep. Even if at the end of the month I can't do handstand, I will have learned some important stuff from it, so on we go.

      327 consecutive days of working out (300 days on December 21st).


        Adding my week's summary. 7 days of meditation, stable weight, no knee pain at all (so putting back the one legged bridges being careful to fire up the quads works good), and back's behaving. I walked quite more, due to being in Paris and being able to run some errands or walk instead of take the subway, nothing extrordinary but it was nice.

        48.5 mins of intense to max HR exercise, and 79 mins of exercise with moderate HR so total of 127.5 mins of exercise at least at moderate HR. Not quite the recommended lengths, but that's OK. I actually find my HR was doing pretty good this week, maybe I can amp up the cardio exercise of Monday, and replace Wednesday's rest with cardio, specially as I am not waking outdoors right now. This ticker tocker will not be left alone to weaken in its own little corner, no mister, not after having invested so much in it, LOL!


          Originally posted by PetiteSheWolf View Post
          no knee pain at all

          Originally posted by PetiteSheWolf View Post
          my HR was doing pretty good this week

          Lots of great work on your part to get yourself here, PSW!


            Good work and an exciting development for you, PSW! I wish you wisdom indeed!


              Thanks Rainbow Dragon and thanks Colin too, can't wait to tell you about my new lodgings!

              Yesterday Easy Cardio challenge Day 18, 2*15 leg raises, 2*10 one legged bridges, half moon asana and handstand prep, and for cardio day

              It was a good one, with reasonible HR. So Level 3 for cardio may be possible, we will see in further workouts.

              Today Easy Cardio challenge Day 19, 2*15 flutter kicks, 30 secs wall squat, half moon asana and handstand prep, and yoga.

              329 consecutive days of working out (300 days on December 21st).


                Today Easy Cardio challenge Day 20, 2*15 leg raises, 2*10 assisted pistol squats, half moon and handstand preps, and at level I because it was quite long:

                Nice one! On the second round my heart rate went quite up, but proper breathing restored it for round 3. .Jaskier, you can sing about all my qualities now

                330 consecutive days of working out (300 days on December 21st).


                  That looks like a tough workout, I don't think I have seen it before.
                  What did you swing around for the sword, or do you have a sword hidden away?


                    That workout looks like a blast. Looking forward to it someday!


                      Looking good!


                        Thanks Anek and CODawn !
                        Evil Elvis , I have a bokken (a wooden sword shaped like a Japanese katana) from a trip to Japan (one of the most memorable trips of my life ... Gosh, if it weren't for the 12h flight and roughly 8 hours time difference, I'd go back so fast!). There is a whole Katana week here, at Darebee, if you want to have some fun! Some people do it with a broom handle, no need of fancy stuff ; but I really enjoy feeling thee wood and the shape.


                          Hahaha, you got me! I was only joking, but you totally beat me. That is way cool.
                          I never thought of the sword workouts. I have a couple of lengths of stainless steel laying around but they would probably be too heavy.
                          I will have to look into this some more when I finish up my current routine, thanks for the idea.
                          It does look fun, probably totally freak out the family if they saw me doing that.


                            Evil Elvis , as long as the swiping movements do not break any furniture, they have no reason to freak out And tell them it is to better protect them, LOL!

                            Today Easy Cardio challenge Day 21, 2*15 crunches, wall squat, half moon and handstand preps, and a good yoga session focused on balance.

                            331 consecutive days of working out (330 days on January 20th).

                            And... today is the anniversary of my heart surgery. Better today than a year ago, lemme tell you! So, that's my other birthday, my heart-versary. Let's bring out the champagne!


                              Happy Heartversary PSW! You have done so much amazing work over the past year!


                                Happy Heartanniversary!